Top Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

All Internet Marketers or Bloggers certainly know the importance of popups. A popup is a great tool for increasing subscription rate or generating leads and sales. Many Internet Marketers use popups to show announcements, logins, videos or optin forms. While these kind of popups can be added to our website or blogs using codes too but which is generally a hard task and may not give you desired designs or functionality, the innumerable number of popup plugins available for WordPress has made the task very easy for any WordPress Blogger. WordPress Pop Up Plugins most generally refer to plugins with add an optin pop-up to our blog. I have tried to list down some of the best WordPress Pop Up plugins so that you can compare each of the plugins and choose what fits you the most.

Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

1) WPSubscribers

WPSubscribers is an all in one plugin, which comes with several awesome features that can be used to build a effective email list. The best feature of this plugin is FaceBook integration, which allow the readers to subscribe with one click.

  • Subscription Referral System
  • Working with any opt-in email marketing service
  • Exit popup with HTML content
  • Automatically fill visitors’ name and email
  • Subscription Form on hidden content
  • Simple Subscribe Forms Analytics
  • Subscribe on user commenting
  • Add custom opt-in forms anywhere


  • $47 for 3 sites License with life time support & upgrades
  • $97 for unlimited License with life time support & upgrades

Premium List Magnet is, as the name say a premium plugin which can help you build a lot of subscribers very easily. Using this Premium List Magnet plugin, you’ll be able to easily and instantly (in 2 minutes) create your very own beautiful optin box to collect visitors’ email or present a custom message/ad to them. Premium List Magnet provides the following features which will help you to turn your blog into a List Magnet

  • Unblockable Optins & Ads
  • Zero Design & Programming Skills required
  • Works on Non-WordPress Sites Too!
  • Let Facebook Build Your List (Facebook Popup)
  • Instantly Insert Squeeze Page Right Within Your Facebook Page
  • Create Different Optins/Ads on different posts/pages
  • Different in-content Optins on different posts/pages
  • Monetize Exit Traffic
  • Delayed popups & Sliders
  • A wide variety of stunning templates
and more
Also Premium List Magnet is now offering a Free Lite version which allows you to insert top and bottom sliding optin/ad and one free slider template, so if you do not want to spend money to buy the Premium version you can try the Lite/Free version.
Pricing: $77 One Time Fee

3) Popup Domination

Popup Domination is one of the top and most popular Popup Plugin for WordPress. I have seen most of the top Internet Marketers use this plugin in their blogs. There are many great features that this plugin offers but the most impressing feature it provides is the ability to create eye catching light box pop ups with optins. Such Eye Catching Design are proven to improve the opt-in email list conversion . Popup Domination can be used in a WordPress blog as well as on any other type of website since the plugin package comes bundles with  a stand alone version. The main features of Popup Domination is the Ease Of Use, Autoresponder integration and the ability to work with almost all mailing list providers. Within the WordPress plugin you can choose EXACTLY which pages and posts you want PopUp Domination. Also PopUp Domination allows you to choose between both Exit and Delayed Popups. It has 7 Beautiful and Eye Catching highly converting themes, 15 different color combination and 8 button variations. Popup Domination Costs only 47$

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4) Action PopUp

Action PopUp is another one of the top popup plugins out there. It also has a long list of top notch Internet Marketers such as Michel Fortin, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Frank Kern, Jason Moffatt, Jack Humphrey and David Valleries, as its users. With Action PopUp you can Increase Sales By 400% and Get More Optins. Action Popup can be customized in terms of size, color, and content which makes it adaptable for almost in any site design. After a consumer has “opted in”, the program gives you the choice to redirect the consumer to a predetermined page or keep them on the current page. Like Popup Dominator, Action Popup can be used as Standalone or as a WordPress plugin. Other Features include submitting in the background, different popups for different categories, support for membership sites, on-enter and on-exit capability, and more. Action Popup is competitively priced at 47$

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5) Platinum Popup

Platinum Popup is one of the cheapest available popup plugin out there for WordPress. It may be cheap but don’t be fooled, it does not compromise with features and is very powerful and has lot of features. You can create an unlimited number of popups with this plugin. Although it does not have support for third part auto responders but it does allow you to insert any HTML code (even opt-in form code) in the WYSIWYG editor.

Some of the features that Platinum Popup offers are:

  • Use WordPress WYSIWYG editor to create popup content
  • Display a WordPress page or post
  • On page load, Link Triggered and Exit Popup
  • It has fade-in or out, fly-in or out, explode, fold, puff lightbox and more effect
  • Although the frame cannot be modified, you can sesign your popup content in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and then embed the code in the WYSIWYG editor

Platinum Popup

Platinum Popup comes in two version, Free and the Premium. The premium version costs a one time payment of $27

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6) OptinPop

OptinPop is another Premium PopUp plugin that you can use in your blog. OptinPop comes in Free and Premium Versions. Some of the features that OptinPop offers are:

  • Choice of Exit or Entry Popups
  • Effects Like Lightbox
  • Control Frequency and Time Delay
  • Work With Any AutoResponder Service
  • Rotate Multiple Popup Windows
  • Choice of Page or Posts where Popup shows

and more


There is a free version of OptinPop and a Premium version which costs 47$

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7) WP Traffic Tools

WP Traffic Tools is an independent WordPress plugin for advanced monetization at a tactical level… all at an incredibly low price. It offers  a lot of different features under one plugin. The features are as listed:

  • Advertisement Management with WP Traffic Tools
  • Link Masking & Auto-Keyword-Linking
  • Referral Based Redirections
  • Cookie Stuffing
  • Popup-Popunder Profiles
  • Top Searches
Price: 57$

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8 ) WordPress Popup System

WordPress Popup System embed customizable and unblockable DHTML popup windows and exit popups, optins etc. into your WordPress Blog.

But this is not just a simple one page or post popup window creator, this is a system with many remarkable features. With this plugin you can create as many DHTML popup windows as desired, the settings for each of them are stored automatically in the database and can be called up and changed at any time.

You can embed Aweber and GetResponse optin forms, videos (including YouTube, Transparent (pro-mode) Flash etc), images and any content desired.

Other Main Features:

  • Exit popups and footer popups in any location with any content desired
  • Modal mask (“lightbox” effect)
  • Full width and height (interstitual) ads possible in both modes
  • Multiple display options – home page, all pages with exclusions, single page
  • Standalone-mode & Advanced mode for use with Advanced DHTML Popup
Price: 24.95 EUR which would convert to 35 Dollars.

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9) Pippity

In the past, popups have been a double-edged sword. They’re an unmatched tool in the web-publisher’s arsenal, but many readers find them painfully obtrusive. Pippity sets a new bar by delivering beautiful popups in a way that’s more in tune with your readers and gives you useful analytics that show the true affect your opt-ins are having.

Your list is a huge source of business, so it pays to get this right. With Pippity, it couldn’t be easier.

  • Create your first popup in 5 minutes
  • Choose from 12 designs (+6 popup bars)
  • Easily customize images, fonts, colors and overlay to craft the perfect popup for your site
  • See your popup in real-time as you edit
  • Quickly add product images
  • Easily add bulleted lists


  • $49 for Single Site License with 1 year of support and updates
  • $87 for 5 sites License with 1 year of support and updates
  • $164 for Unlimited sites license with 1 year of support and updates.

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10) WordPress SimplePop Plus

WordPress Simple Popup ++ is not a bloated product like others in the market it offers extensive features which can increase your email subscribers, sales, likes, profits, event members,signups by more than 120% without even annoying a single visitor. Now here come the real power Simple Popup is so easy to use that even a ten year child can pop your site, one page configuration allows you to configure your custom Popup in less than 30 seconds. Simple Popup is designed for professionals who need perfect products. You can use Simple Popup as a notification bar or as an affiliate product promoter or as RSS email subscriber form the possibilities are endless.

The Main Features Are:

  • Full Control on Modal Box Content
  • MegaExit Popup(No Alert Dialogs)
  • Popup Scheduling
  • Design Options
  • Standard WordPress Content Editor for editing content of Popup
  • Automagically grow and shrink based on content
  • Complete Exit Popup Solution
  • Utilize Power Of WordPress – Fully compatible with WordPress 3.2
  • Option to hide Popup on specific posts/pages
  • Create different Popups for different posts/pages
  • Process Shortcode content
  • Options to choose the position of Modal Box
Price: 23$

11) MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet

Subscribers Magnet is a lot more than a simple popup plugin for WordPress. It pulls subscribers to your list at every possible encounter–when a user comments, with a popup, with a footer bar, and more. In this review I’ll focus on only one aspect, the popup.

To use the popup, you first add the form HTML code of your autoresponder service in the Optin Form Adder screen. The plugin will scan the code to figure out the settings of your service and it will configure itself accordingly.

Install it on your server and start using it immediately. Here’s WHY:

  • Because you can easily add the opt-in form anywhere in your wordpress blog, including the sidebar, footer, within the post itself and even in the commentsIt is like “hitting” your visitors multiple times with your newsletter/offer, and reminding them about it, in a friendly, non intrusive manner.
  • Because it works with AWeber, GetResponse, and all the other major autoresponders.
  • Because it will automatically fill the visitors’ name/email in the opt-in form on your blog, saving them time and getting you more sign-ups!
  1. 1 Blog –  $47 - You can install MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet in only one blog you personally own.

  2. 4 Blogs - $147 - You can install MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet in 4 blogs you personally own.

  3. 10 Blogs - $297 - You can install MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet in 10 blogs you personally own.

  4. Unlimited - $397 - You can use MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet in any number of blogs you personally own.

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12) WP Super Popup Pro

WordPress Super Popup Pro will make you able to easily create and manage modal, beautiful and unblockable popups, exit popups or sliding layers which can be used for creating subscription forms or to promote your products in a more profitable way on your WordPress powered website.

The main features of WordPress Super Popup Pro:

  • Multiple popup graphical themes: you can choose between 5 different popup themes (strong, slim, rounded or squared border)
  • Multiple popup types: your can choose between a standard popup (centered in the window) or a sliding layer (coming up from the bottom or coming down from the top)
  • Different custom popups: you can just create a single popup for the entire website or also create a custom popup for every single page or post
  • Email auto-load: your subscription form will automatically pre-load the user name and email if he previously left a comment on your blog
  • Real WYSIWYG: The popup content is not affected by the stylesheets of your blog: what you edit is EXACTLY what you will see inside the popup.
  • Embed everything: inside the popup you can ember a custom content, a blog page content or also an external url
  • Live preview: you can directly test any update before saving the configuration options
  • Full compatibility with any caching plugin: the cookies are handled on the client side so the plugin is not affected by issues related to any caching plugin
  • Sidebar, page and post injection: your subscription forms can also be loaded as widgets on the sidebar or inside any page/post published on the blog
  • Custom Thank you messages: if you use a mailing service like Aweber or GetResponse you can easily replace its standard confirmation page with you own thank you message
Pricing: 39.95$

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13) WP Optimum Squeeze

wpOptimum Squeeze is a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages and opt-in popups all through a simple point and click interface.

There is no tweaking of the WordPress code to get your page templates to work and you don’t have to know anything about PHP. You can even customize your squeeze items with little or no knowledge of HTML or CSS – the easy customization screens make it a cinch.

Using the same editor as WordPress uses for its Visual Editor, simply enter your content in the designated areas (main headline, sub headline, main content, opt-in header, opt-in footer). You can even place testimonial boxes , and bulleted lists, and images in your content area.

Some Features of WP Optimum Squeeze are:

  • Use Any WordPress Theme - One of the great features of WordPress is the ability – and the freedom – to alter your website’s look and feel by simply changing the site’s theme.  Unfortunately, some of the existing squeeze page products are “theme” based and restrict you to using only their product as your theme.  Not wpOptimum Squeeze.  It’ll work with any theme you choose.
  • Create “Content” Squeeze Pages In Additon To Popup Pages - Sometimes you’ll want to use a landing page as a “squeeze” page for opt-ins.  Other times you’ll want to have a popup appear on your website’s posts or pages.  Bottom line, you need a tool like wpOptimum Squeeze that will let you do both.
  • Easily Integrate With Your Autoresponder - wpOptimum Squeeze has built-in support for Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, and MailChimp.  Other providers can easily be integrated with just a few form entries.
  • Include Video Even In Popups - wpOptimum Squeeze has built-in support for .FLV, H.264, (Flash supported) MP4, and YouTube-hosted video.  Videos from other hosting sites (Vimeo, Viddler, etc.) can be added with just a few mouse clicks.
Price: 17$

14) Popup Plugin

With WordPress Popup Plugin you can grab your visitors’ attention and win them over instantly with completely new and beautiful popup templates. The main features of Popup Plugin are:

- Choose from 5 different templates
- Choose from 5 different button colors
- Choose from 5 different template color options
- Use any autoresponder service
- Easily insert popup text – add title and description
- Easily insert images of your offer
- Easily insert up to 4 bullet points
- Target any post or page on your website
- Exclude any post or page you where don’t want the popup plugin to appear
- Easily set popup delay
- Pause the plugin campaign anytime you want

Personal License: 29.95$
Developer License: 49.95$

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 15) WP LightPop

WP LightPop plugin creates a very “Web 2.0″ -like interface, where the screen itself is frozen, and a transparent black sheet (lightbox) covers all other areas of the screen and highlighting the pop-up message itself.

With Light Pop you just write the page as you’d normally do in Dreamweaver or Frontpage, and paste the code into your WordPress dashboard. You can then adjust the pop-up settings and everything else is taken care of. Since you have enormous flexibility in terms of designing the page, you can create really stunning and effective marketing messages.

A few advantages of using Light Pop on your WordPress blog:

  • You don’t need to edit the source code in multiple files
  • It’s super-easy to delete old pop-ups and create a new one
  • The pop-up is displayed on all your WordPress posts and pages
  • Unlike the traditional pop-up, these don’t get annihilated by pop-up blockers
  • Unlike “fly-in” pop-ups, these are less annoying to users even if they have to see it again
  • The page is frozen when the pop-up is displayed, so users cant choose to ignore it
Pricing: 99$

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16) MOW Pop

Mow Pop is world’s first WordPress Popup Plugin with a Drag and Drop editor. Drag & drop interface, complete HTML customization and WYSIWYG, configure different pop-ups on different pages and more — this may be the new go-to hammer in the pop-up toolbox. Easy to use for newbies. Developers will appreciate the speed and versatility. Even includes simple A/B testing so you can test different versions against your conversion. Clearly was developed by people who have real-world website & client problems that need to be solved fast, and personally I find that refreshing. Great addition to the community, and this is only version 1.0.

Some of the features of MOW Pop are:

  • Create Professional Looking and Highly Converting Popup in No Time
  • Incorporate all the feature you have ever wanted in a popup
  • Unlimited Popups in Any Number of Pages
  • Built In Analytics

Price: $27

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17) WordPress Simple Auto Delay Popup Plugin

Simple Auto Delay Popup is a lightweight WordPress plugin for easily creating modal popup windows that automatically display after a certain amount of time, defined by you.

Popup content can be the content of a page on your site or any other url.

Usage is very straight forward and it’s very scalable.

Price: 9.99$

18) Power Popup Plugin

Power Popup Plugin is one of the newest Popup Plugin to be introduced. Here are features list of Power Popup

  •              Popup Plugin supports custom HTML content with complete CSS support
  •              Easily set timer and popup delay
  •              Content Locker
  •              Traffic Generators – Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets
  •              Email Opt-in
  •              Opt for your favorite Autoresponder service
  •              Creates up to 10 different projects per website
  •              Customize your project name
  •              Enable & Disable popup plug-in
  •              Target Power popup plug-in at your homepage/post page/Single page/post/multi page/posts
  •              Enable/Disable Popup Plugin wherever you need at any page or post
  •              Trouble-free option to insert text, add title or write description for the popup
  •              Include images of your product easily
  •              Add video to your popup plugin
  •              Customization from dashboard / HTML file
  •              Set Dimension of pop up window
  •              pick different colors for button
  •              Light box effect
  •              Exit popup
  •              Scroll bar
  •              Pause any time the Power Popup Plugin campaign
Single Website: 37$
Developer License: 107$.

19) wpPopWizard

wpPopWizard is a popup plugins by Ken Sar and Ralph Pruitt. wpPopWizard focuses visitors attention on your unique offers. wpPopWizard uses virtually ANY HTML along with CSS and web graphics to create eye-poping visuals. wpPopWizard allows you to Easily create and schedule “Special” or “Limited-Time” campaigns

 wpPopWizard adds “Motion & Placement” to static banner adds to grab readers’ attention

wpPopWizard increases click-throughs and conversions of:

- Email Opt-ins

- Special Offers

- Subscriptions

- Affiliate Links

Standard License: 47$
Developer License: 97$

Free WordPress Popup Plugins

WordPress Popup Scheduler

WordPress Popup Scheduler is A multi purpose popup scheduler that blog owner can use to deliver their message effectively to their readers. The WordPress Popup Scheduler plugin allow you to fully customize the way popup is shown on your blog. You can either place your message before the first post, or as a popup right in the middle of the screen. In addition, there is also the option to either show the popup in home page only or in every single page.

MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup

MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup is made by the same people who created the Subscribers Magnet, but this plugin only does popups.It is free but you have to sign up for their newsletter to download the plugin. You can control the frequency of the pop-up. For example, you can set it to only display one time for each visitor. Also you can select the color and size and also set the effect.

WordPress PopUp

The Plugin by WPMU Dev team allows you to display a fancy popup (powered as a popover!) to visitors sitewide or per blog, a *very* effective way of advertising a mailing list. You can select the popup’s size, borders, background color, position and even font color and also set the display rules, namely:

Show the Pop Over if one of the following checked rules is true:

  • Visitor is not logged in.
  • Visitor has never commented here before.
  • Visitor did not come from an internal page.
  • And the visitor has seen the pop over less than X times

FasterIM Opt-In

FasterIM Opt-In is a free WordPress popup plugin for Internet Marketers. Because of its focused purpose, it is easy to set up but you may need to tweak it a little to make it work properly/ as wanted. The feature list include:

  1. Compatible with virtually any autoresponder service or mailing list software like Aweber, Get Response, 1ShoppingCart, Direct Responders and Free Autobot.
  2. Automatically pop up your opt-in form on the first page, all pages, or whichever pages you want!
  3. You can control how and when you want to pop up your opt-in form
  4. Your pop up operation can not be blocked by any browser!
  5. Ability to add an image, headline and mini description to draw in your visitors and make them subscribe to your list.

Simple Popup Plugin

The function of this plugin is to easily create links to simple popup windows. It supports multiple popup links on posts/pages/widgets and window positioning/centering options.


The WP-Announcements plugin is ideal for websites or blogs that would like to display a site wide announcement, featured post, important message, community notice, advertisement, survey form, email subscription form, emergency alert or anything you can publish in a post as a marquee or popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox.

WP-Announcements provides two announcement options:

  • A customizable marquee that displays an assigned post title linked to that actual post.
  • A popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox that displays the title and content of an assigned announcement post.

Scrolling down popup plugin

Scrolling down popup plugin create the popup window with drop in scrolling effect. It provides a Session option to display popup once per session.


WPEmailFeedburnerPop is a plugin based on sexylightbox, with wich you could make your users suscriptions to your feedburner quickly and easy. Beside this WPEmailFeedburnerPop works as a lightbox tool for your images galleries.

WP Super Popup

WP Super Popup makes you able to easily create and manage modal and unblockable popups for your WordPress blog. It is proved that a modal and graphically attractive popup (like the one generated by this plugin) have an high conversion! For example you can use it for creating subscription forms or to promote your product in a viral way. The popup content can be retrieved from an external URL or directly edited inline thanks to a WYSIWYG editor. The most powerful features of this plugin regards its competitors are the following:

  • Real WYSIWYG: The popup content is not affected by the stylesheets of your blog: what you edit is EXACTLY what you will see inside the popup
  • Live preview: you can directly test any update before saving the configuration options
  • Full compatibility with any caching plugin: the cookies are handled on the client side so the plugin is not affected by issues related to a caching system like WP Super Cache or W3 Total CacheI have already discussed the premium version of this plugin WP Super Popup Pro which has some more added features in the above premium section

Along with the above free plugins I have already mentioned that many premium popup plugins have a free or lite version. Let me recap those for you:


It is really hard to find the best Popup plugin from such a huge list, infact the decision more or less depends on your requirements. Almost all the above plugins provide popup features both the premium and the free ones but the premium plugins offer a lot of extra features and flexibility over the free ones. The most important advantage that the Premium plugins holds is that they are very professionally designed and thus is highly bound to attract the visitors attention and thus more conversions. The Free ones are at the most average designed and mostly buggy with little to no support. Some of my personal favorite from Premium plugins are WPSubscribers, Premium List Magnet And Popup Dominator. Although it is new, Pippity is also pretty good from whatever I have seen. From the free plugins, WP Popup Scheduler, WPMU Popup and FasterIM Opt-In are some recommended ones.

With this I wrap up this extensive post about WordPress Popup Plugins. I hope this list comes of some help for you in your internet marketing and online business endeavors.

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