Popup Domination Discount

This is a post that will give you information about the Popup Domination as well as provide you a trick to get Popup Domination Discount

Popup Domination is one of the most popular Newsletter plugin for WordPress websites. Popup Domination is used by more than 10,000 Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers to build lists 5 times quicker than you. If you are doing list building and newsletter/email marketing using your WordPress site and have a list then this is the Plugin for you. Popup Domination will help you increase your subscriptions by 400%.

Well, many of you may have been hearing about Popup Domination for a long time now. Some may have heard its bads and some its goods. Many would have withheld from buying or bought other WordPress popup plugins in the market because Popup Domination 2.5 was lacking few features that other Popup Plugins had started offering. The good news is that the makers of Popup Domination are now launching Popup Domination 3 with a lot of new features which can easily blow away all competition in the Popup Plugins market and enable Popup Domination to consolidate its top position as one of the favorite Popup plugin in the Market.

What is Popup Domination?

Popup Domination is one of those plugins that can increase your newsletter subscribers by almost 400-500% by displaying visually appealingly designed popups to readers who visits your blog or website. Although you can get many popup Plugins or script for WordPress for free or by paying few bucks but Popup Domination offers an array of features and customization options. It is not another Popup Plugin but in fact a powerful software in itself. Not only can Popup Domination work as a WordPress plugin but also has a standalone version which can work for any type of websites.

The previous version of  Popup Domination came with the following features:

  • Beautiful & High Converting Themes - Popup Domination comes with 8 free beautiful themes. All the themes are beautiful and convert well.
  • Works With ALL Mailing List Providers / Auto-responders & Caching Plugins - Aweber, ImnicaMail, GetResponse, MailChimp…you just name it! Popup Domination works with all the mailing list providers / auto responders. Popup Domination even supports the leading blog feed burning tool, FeedBurner!
  • Easy & Full Customization - You can configure each aspect of Popup Domination. From the schedule time, images, fields, field names, titles, etc. you can customize each part of Popup Domination.
  • Works On All Websites - Popup Domination not only supports WordPress, but it also works on HTML websites. You can use a stand-alone version to show a popup in a non-WordPress website.
  • Exit Popup Functionality - You can even use Popup domination to get subscribers from your exit traffic.

Popup Domination 3

Besides the above features that Popup Domination already had in its previous 2.5 version the new version of Popup Domination that is, Popup Domination 3 comes with some pretty cool new features which are as follows:

analysis-iconAnalytics new-tag

Get insight on how many people are viewing your PopUp, how long they are engaging it for and ultimately how many people convert to a subscriber.

ab-iconA/B Testing new-tag

Why settle? Test your messaging, offers and incentives. See what resonates with your audience ensuring you drive the best results from your PopUp.

target-iconDifferent PopUps on Different Pages new-tag

Create campaigns for specific pages or areas within your website. Coupled with A/B Testing and our Analytics tools you’ll skyrocket your subscriber conversions.

Popup Domination Themes

11 Beautiful Themes Included

Popup Domination comes with 11 Beautiful themes included with the plugin. The makers have specifically tailored their themes to a wide range of audiences. PopUps which are proven to improve conversions in masses all included. The Popups are highly customizable and can be easily optimized. Check below to see the screenshot of few of the themes they offer:

(Popup Images Credit @ Entrepreneurs Journey)

Popup Domination 3 Launch Discount

The creators of these wonderful plugin are offering a launch Discount on Popup Domination. The Popup Domination Discount you can get is 30$, yes 30 dollars on the original price of 77$. This means you can get this awesome list building plugin for only 47$ rather than the normal price of 77$ but be aware, that this Popup Domination Discount will last only for 7 days. After 7 days, you will have to pay the normal price of 77$ to buy the plugin.

How to Get 10 Dollars More Popup Domination Discount

You will see when you open the Popup Domination Sales Page, that the price they have mentioned is 47$. But here I am going to describe you few steps using which you can get 10 dollar more discount. Here is the steps to acquire 10$ Extra Popup Domination Discount

1) Click here for Visit the Popup Domination sales page

2) Click on the Close Button of the Tab on your Browser

3) A dialogue Box appears which will say “Click On Cancel Button to Stay On Page and get 10$ Discount”

4) Press on Cancel or Stay on Page to get 10$ Discount

5) Buy from this page with the discounted price instead.

After Applying Steps – 10$ Discount

You surely should not miss this opportunity to buy the best WordPress popup and newsletter plugin at almost 40$ discount. You will never come across such a chance again. The plugin makers offers 60 Days money back guarantee so even if you do not like the plugin you have nothing to lose since you are going to get a refund

15 Aug 2011