Niche Blogging – Is it a perfect platform to Earn instant money

This article tells the readers about; what exactly niche blogging is and who are all benefiting from it. How people that don’t have regular office jobs, not as a result of incompetence, but due to circumstances and by personal choice, generate a source of income through it. Aside from that what’s more, it briefly tells in regards to the Key players within this business.

Blogging is generally a time taking process. If you want to become a blogger, you can’t expect instant money and I don’t accept with the bloggers who claim that they don’t blog for money. But, there might be some other bloggers who does it for passion and the passionate fellows exist in almost every field. In this article, I’d like to share some serious points that might help you to learn a bit about Niche blogging.

I don’t claim that I’m one of the top internet marketers over the web world, but still I’m trying out my ways to find out what exactly is making the other fellows to quit their day job for hunting the treasures. Yes, niche blogging is just like hunting treasures, we don’t exactly know about our fate. We might end up with loss of precious time and depression.

Niche Blogging requires greatest possible way to perform Keyword Analysis. I bet you’ll consider yourself as one of the best SEO Experts existing in the world, after performing Keyword Analysis in order to find a perfect keyword that suits your requirement to make some serious money, you must also need to have some luck going your way. I’d like to give you a small example about how you might get failed with your keyword analysis for Niche blogging. Consider, you wanted to start a mobile selling and affiliate based site and you’ve chose a keyword with 10,000 Global searches and let us consider it like sell my cell phones, instead of making it as x or y. You’ll definitely fail in this perspective, because for a new blog, you need to focus around 2000 to 4000 Global Searches and low competition without having authority sites like Wikipedia, eHow, Youtube competing on front page. The Keyword Analysis part for niche site takes around 2 – 3 days to make a perfect action plan.

Decide, whether you’d like to build a Niche site or Micro Niche site. The difference will be Niche site will have multiple keywords of a related niche, while Micro niche site will be having single focused keyword for all pages. Followed by this, once you publish your first post, just use pinging services like Pingomatic or bulkping. Make sure you post atleast 1 article every week for first month.

Here, you need to decide your ways of income. Either Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, most of the Niche sites will rely on Affiliate marketing and you need to decide which one suits you the best.

After 2 weeks, you need to start promoting your niche blog on various social media sites that sends singals for Google that something is getting influenced across the Social Media sites. After 3rd week, start building links for your blog from authority sources like Ezine Articles, Squidoo and Hubpages and not to forget, try to get few blog links either with commenting or Guest Blogging.

After first month, you can apply your black hat techniques in order to get backlinks, but restrict that to maximum of 60 – 80 links/week and also try to build link pyramids for much effectiveness and in just 30 – 45 days, you’ll see your Niche blog ranking for the keyword which you’ve focused on on Top 3 positions of Google. Repeat this process regularly to stay on the top. You’ll surely end up with earning minimum of 3 digit earnings every month.

Guest Post by Siddartha thota, who loves to write about SEO Tips and Social Media Marketing Techniques. He blogs at and you can reason some of his articles like joomla vs wordpress.


2 Jul 2012