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Windows Live Messenger to be Replaced by Skype

| January 25, 2013 More

It looks like it is about time to say “goodbye” to Windows Live Messenger and “hello” to Skype. In March 2013, Windows will be turned off everywhere but in China. Because Skype and Messenger are both joint ventures with Chinese companies, they plan to keep both there to avoid any unnecessary complications. As for the rest of the world, however, it’s time to get Skype savvy in order to still enjoy face-to-face type communication via the Internet, as well as instant message and voice call capabilities.

Windows Live Messenger was introduced to the world in 1999 and has been highly popular since that time. It began as MSN Messenger and was quite basic. In time, it added several features to include photo delivery, video chat, and games. Its increasing popularity led to hundreds of millions of users, even up to just a few years ago. In fact, WLM actually still had double the number of users than Skype at the beginning of this year. In recent months, however, that number has dropped significantly and Skype’s user base has increased dramatically as well. This increase in Skype users is partly due to the release of Skype 6.0 in October of this year. Skype 6.0 is for Mac and Windows users.

While some may wonder why Microsoft is giving WLM the “boot” rather than just keeping both programs, to others it may seem quite obvious. The fact is that with competing programs, it is difficult to efficiently and effectively market both. No company wants to take sales from one area and give it to another. They would much rather focus on one program and work to significantly increase use of that one program. For this reason, Skype is going to be the main video chat program for Microsoft.

For those WLM users who are worried about the switch, they can relax and be rest assured that it will be easier than they expect. Microsoft is offering a tool that allows users to effectively transfer their contacts from WLM to Skype without much headache or confusion. They will be able to sign into the latest version of the program with a Microsoft account and easily transfer them over.

Tony Bates, the president of Skype, wrote “”We want to focus our efforts on making things simpler for our users while continuously improving the overall experience.” One way Skype is an easier communication choice than Messenger is the fact that it is now connected with Facebook. Facebook has one billion users, so it’s certainly a smart business move. It is also nice for the users, as they can connect to others with Skype via a social media site they already use on a daily basis. Bates also wrote “We think you will enjoy using Skype, and encourage you to download the latest version, sign in with your Microsoft account, and experience it for yourself.”

Bates also gives instructions on how to merge your two accounts, both Messenger and Skype, and easily connect with your contacts. He posted these instructions here.

In addition to the Facebook connection, Skype will offer several new perks to users. Skype can be used from a computer, but it can also be set up on a television set. The great advantage of this is that you can have group chats, where everyone in the room can easily see the screen and the person on the other end. In addition, Skype will be boasting some other new features as well. Skype users will be able to instant message and call landlines and cell phones. It will also allow users to place video calls on mobile phones and use social media sites such as Facebook for video calls.

With this change in communication on Microsoft, some may be concerned. However, it looks like they will have a lot more options with the introduction of Skype as the main program of communication for Mac and Windows users. The fact that it can be used over social media sites (Facebook) is a huge bonus. And as mentioned before, Skype can be used in a variety of settings, whether on the computer, in the living room on the big screen, or on a tablet. The company’s willingness to help users easily and painlessly transfer their contacts will also help smooth out the transition. All in all, it doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal and will most likely please most users.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer for KoyoteSoft offers easy-to-use software downloads, including ISO burners, video converters, mp3 converters, and more.

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  1. Paul from Miami Business says:

    Farewell windows live messenger, I’ve been using it for how many years. It’s time for a changed. Skype is a great messenger.
    Paul recently posted..Spotting The Right property In Florida Foreclosure MarketMy Profile

  2. Vivek Bhatt says:

    Skype can easily connect with the top social networking site Facebook hence provides easy communication and is more comfortable. :) I’m happy too with the introduction of the Skype messenger.

  3. abhishek

    Skype is doing good, After facebook integrated skype for video calls facebook users increased. Yahoo messenger and live messengers looks outdated now
    abhishek recently posted..Android App That Takes Picture of Phone ThiefMy Profile

  4. Rahul Dixit

    I must say first Microsoft done a smart job by replacing windows live messenger with skype because windows live messenger sucks.

  5. Ali Rana says:

    I have been using it for how many years.This is great.

  6. Preston says:

    Its really for the better. Skype is far better for internet calls and video messaging. Wise decision for Microsoft.
    Preston recently posted..Pinterest Social Community Image Site for BusinessMy Profile

  7. Ankit Singh says:

    And what will happen to my windows live ID??? will it work perfectly with SKYPE?
    How much time will be taken to be replaced???

  8. Raj says:

    Thats a great news, but what will happen to the existing users.. will be able to use their existing hotmail or live or outlook ids in Skype?

  9. I found skype is very easy to use and its service also excellence.Same expectation from skype messenger.

  10. Ajay from Cool facebook coves

    Ya! Its time to change to Skype. Even though Windows live messenger provided a lot o service from past, it is now replaced by Skype.
    Ajay recently posted..Cool Facebook Timeline Covers To Glamorize Your WallMy Profile

  11. Preston from Intel Core says:

    I was searching if there is a way to completely transfer all contacts and infos from Live Messenger to Skype. I can’t find any. Hope they can provide one soon. Thanks!

  12. Syed Ali

    Windows Live Messenger have been getting old and its time for skype, microsft have also made their skype app for metro style, and its easy to use, but wlm is still good as i m using it

  13. Syed Ali

    I m using wlm but skype rocks, skype have become popular in these days even microsoft have made skype app for windows 8 metro. wlm is getting old but i love wlm and it rocks, thanks
    Syed Ali recently posted..Amazing Social Sharing Widget For BloggerMy Profile

  14. i am using Skype for for video chat it very helpful and more number of people using Skype.Thank you.

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