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Which Link is Best? Strategies for Link Building With Guest Posts Efficiently

| January 12, 2013 More

Any link builder or SEO worth their salt has implemented some sort of guest posting program in hopes of building natural backlinks. The general practice for link building and guest posts is to have an author bio at the bottom of the post with a link pointing back to site that is being optimized, and this is fine… but here are some tricks and tips to get more link juice from you guest blogging endeavors.


Share the Link Building Love

Guest posters working for a link building firm are so focused on getting the link for their client or for their own site that they typically just bust out an article, slap on an author bio, and call it good. This looks fishy to editors who want to pass on the best information to their readers. Link to articles or studies you cite, relevant leaders in the industry for more information, and link to internal pages on the editor’s site. This shows you’re not only concerned with getting your link, but helping everyone else out as well.


Shoot for Content Links

Bio links are fine and dandy, but in content links pass on more link juice to your site in question. Many editors clearly state that in content links must be worthwhile to the reader, and this is why deep links to a blog post or resource on your site are often best used for attempting to get an in content link. If you’re using the first bit of advice and linking to multiple sources, not just your site, it becomes a lot easier to slip in a content link to your site.


Get “Fake” Content Links

For sites who don’t allow in content links at all I’ve found a good strategy is to move the author bio to the top – directly underneath the title – and in fact, I submit all of my articles with the bio at the top. This still looks natural and Google actually views those links as content links above the fold, which is great for passing on link juice. If the editor moves the bio to the bottom then no harm, no foul. You’re right back where you started.


Mix It Up

If you are able to get a few links rather than just one, make sure you are varying the anchor text and where the link is pointing to.  For best results; link to multiple landing pages that you want to rank, and relevant deep links, with constantly changing anchor texts to create a diverse link portfolio that benefits the entire site.


Don’t Over-Do It

It can be tempting to try and load up an article full of links, but this looks spammy and any self-respecting editor will quash your dreams of publication faster than you can press a submit for review button. It also looks spammy to Google’s crawlers and algorithm, so on the off chance it does get published it could end up hurting you in the long run.

Link building through guest posts can be an arduous task, so use these tips to get the most link juice out of every post.


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Thomas McMahon is a writer living in Boise, Idaho. Currently he is writing for Page One Power, a relevancy first creative link building company. They offer link building help using Penguin proof techniques.

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  1. Jacko

    Good topic Thomas,

    You can always tell the articles that where written with the purpose of building links.

    Guest posting for TRAFFIC is the best way to go.

    Search traffic is the lowest value TYPE of traffic you can get plus you can’t control it.
    Jacko recently posted..3 ways your blog can exploit the 2013 Oscar NominationsMy Profile

    • Thanks for the read and comment Jacko.

      It’s important to keep the quality up while writing content for links.

      Guest posting for traffic is great if you can get a multiple posts on an established site. I typically write guest posts with the hopes of driving clients up the search engines for specific keywords. It’s incredible to see what a handful of quality links can do to your ranking on the SERPs. As far as value, it’s all about the niche of the site and the keywords they’re trying to rank for in the SERPs. In a perfect world, guest posts would drive traffic directly – and by increasing search engine results.

  2. Salman Ahmad says:

    A very nice article about getting backlinks.This might really help me out.

  3. mebel jepara says:

    how do I post a gan right and so we can quickly rising web.

    we post good 1hari how many times?

  4. Links in content are weighed the most by Google, but getting a content link is tough. Bio links are possible through guest blogging, while content links can be possible through article submissions.

    • Content links, especially above the fold, are what we strive to get. You’re right, they are tough – especially if the editor or webmaster is anti-SEO. However, you’ll be more likely to get content links by sharing the love and not only promoting your own site. I think article submissions to article directories are losing value. Relevancy and quality, in Google’s eyes, is becoming even more important and I think the article directories will start being penalized since a large majority are becoming nothing more than link farms.

  5. Jason

    Try to do article submissions where one possibly could get back links. Use site like slideshare to submit the best content written by you.
    Jason recently posted..How to Setup a Small Business NetworkMy Profile

    • In conjunction with what I said to Rajkumar, I think article submissions will start to be phased out for SEO purposes. But high quality, and relevant, directories are still a great option for back links as long as the content is well written.

  6. I would agree that highly relevant, well-written and mostly original content gets to be approved by owners and editors of top sites. And don’t think about copy pasting articles from other sites posting them as your own. This will eventually gets find out and spread in the blogging community, hurting you and your sites reputation and blowing all your chances of future success.
    Preston Price recently posted..Socialbro App Twitter Management ToolMy Profile

    • Plagiarizing is certainly one of the fastest ways to hurt your standing in the blogosphere, but within the SERPs as well. Google does not look kindly to duplicated content and your site can be penalized for hosting it.

  7. nishu says:

    I think good keyword can give high quality seo.
    Good tips for building links.thanks :)

  8. I new at this and this information was very informative. However, I do believe that writing well is a skill, not everyone posses that. I’m from the old school and I don’t know all the verbiage but I’m learning.

  9. Nishadha

    Some excellent points. I really like the idea of having the author bio at the top, although most webmasters are likely to move it to the bottom. When doing guest posts I always look for in content links. If a guest posting guideline says links in author bio only then I usually pass them up.
    Nishadha recently posted..Create Infographics Online With CreatelyMy Profile

    • Thanks Nishadha. I’ve found that while the bio often gets moved back to the bottom, a fair amount of editors will just leave it there and some will even move the bio down but still give me a little blurb at the top with another link – something like “Post from Thomas McMahon at (link here).”

      And good point – I always make sure to follow the guidelines as best I can, and if that means no in content links at all (even for siting sources) then I’ll leave them out. I’ve found that a lot of editors will leave an in content link to your site in if it is a deep link going to a page that is related to or helps backup the post.

  10. Tom Jamieson

    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing! I will keep this in mind on my next guest posting adventure.
    Tom Jamieson recently posted..5 More Free Tools For Serious BloggersMy Profile

  11. hey

    for building good links and traffic:
    great content
    commenting on other blogs
    guest posting
    affiliate marketing are needed

    it’s what i know as of now

  12. hey

    for building good links and traffic:
    great content
    commenting on other blogs
    guest posting(building links are very important, i’m slowly trying to get the juice outta it)
    affiliate marketing are needed

    it’s what i know as of now

    • Blog commenting won’t really give you all that link juice anymore since Google has pretty much nerfed it due to spam overload. 98% (made up number) of webmasters don’t give out follow links in blog comments anymore either, just nofollows. This means that blog commenting isn’t really a white hat SEO tactic, but it’s still useful to build a relationship with a webmaster and community which could help you get guests posts and links.

  13. Joseph says:


    I have really enjoyed the article. Your article has provided me many valuable information with regards to link building, definitely very beneficial for newbie like me.

    Thanks you for sharing the post. Sincerely appreciate the effort! Hope u will continue with the effort to supply more informative articles on links building.
    Joseph recently posted..7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Forex TradingMy Profile

  14. Phil Cebu says:

    I think guest posting is the best way to actively build links. But it just takes an enormous amount of effort and writing skill to be approved for such.
    Phil Cebu recently posted..SM Cinema Movie Tickets PromoMy Profile

  15. Hai

    Thanks for posting the nice information please keep posting those valuable information this is very interesting


  16. Thank you for sharing. I keep your points in my mind during SEO.

  17. Guest Posting is earning reputation with increasing frequency of Google updates in order to bring a healthy and qualitative information base.
    Recently launched Panda refresh 24 also focuses on the content quality and so it is advisable for various marketers to provide with the best quality content about the subject and as mentioned here, “Don’t over do it” just to build links.

  18. I think getting back links through guest blogging will be the perfect way to get high quality back links.

  19. Julzwriter

    I like the bit about including your link in the article and submitting the guest post with the author bio at the top. Hadn’t though of that.

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