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What’s In Store With The New Google?

| November 4, 2012 More

As Google continues to move forward with their Panda and Penguin updates, and as they struggle to stay relevant on the social media networking scene with Google+, many businesses, web masters and SEO consultants alike are also struggling to keep up with Google.

It’s an ever-changing atmosphere, it seems. But not all hope is lost just yet. Based on a recent post by Traffika, which is somewhat reminiscent of Rand Fishkin’s video, “Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy” at SEOmoz, we bring you an overview of some of the newest developments from Google and what you can do to prepare for Google’s continuing dominance of the online search world:


Google+ (Google Plus) is Google’s own social networking site, launched in June 2011 and generally thought to be similar to Facebook, but with more of a business focus and more sharing functionality (circles, etc). Through Google+, Google now has their own insights into the social behaviours of online users, allowing them to see how content is shared and linked to, without having to purely rely on data from Twitter and/or Facebook as they did before. Of course, Google+ also impacts how Google ranks search engine results, permitting them to again use social sharing and networking in order to “validate” a business’s growth in search engine rankings.

What’s the solution for businesses? Get a Google+ account – and use it. Frequently. Many SEO consultants are now incorporating Google+ into their social media marketing strategies, alongside Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms.

Google’s +1 Button

Web critics and SEO consultants are forever comparing the +1 button with the ‘Like’ button on Facebook and ultimately, it has the same function: to “recommend” something to your friends/connections. The +1 button also feeds into your personal search results if you are logged in to Google and particularly if you are using Google’s personalised search function, ‘Search Plus Your World.’ Of course, the +1 button also gives the Google team insights into what’s popular, what’s happening online and if certain behaviour matches with their organic rankings.

What to do? Easy – write quality content and add the +1 button to everything you publish. The more your content gets +1’d and recommended, the more it gets shared and the more traffic you potentially acquire.

Tagging Content

Google also made it possible with Google+ to tag the content you write. What does this mean? It means you tag yourself as the original author of your content, using your Google+ account, so that as your content get shared and works its way around the web, you don’t become “lost” as the owner. The other benefit is that if your article shows up in SERPs, your Google+ profile will show up next to it, as the author. This gives your content a clear identity and can boost the amount of traffic directed towards your site.

So, what’s the answer for businesses? Tag your content! Get a Google Plus account and use it to retain authorship. Even if your articles don’t generate a lot of traffic initially, you never know how/when/where they might show up in search results in future.

Don’t Forget About Links (and Quality Content)

Of course, at the heart of all Google’s changes and at the heart of its Panda and Penguin algorithms is the desire to drive high quality content across the web and improve the organic nature of Google’s search results (and thereby outshining other search engines). For businesses and content writers, means emphasising natural and strategic keywords and anchor-text links in articles and producing quality content that aims to benefit readers, rather than rankings. Now, more than ever, using certain “tricks” to manipulate search rankings will land you and your business in hot ranking water, so the key is to stay above board and remember one word: quality!

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Thomas Hoffmanis a seasoned SEO consultant who serves a number of SEO Sydney companies. For more information on the range of marketing services offered by him please click here.

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  1. Megan

    Interesting thanks for sharing but i have to say google is pretty much doing what ever the want this day.
    Megan recently posted..GAME – HOLY WATER (NEW MUSIC)My Profile

  2. Carl

    Google is very active during the last 2 years – a lot new tools, algorithm updates and even a social network. I think it is getting more and more difficult for webmasters to keep up with everything.

  3. Rahul Kashyap

    Google is Awesome Search engine in this word and very smart. Good has been imported day by day. I like all google service especially Google+, G webmaster, Gmail, analytic, thanks for sharing this valuable and informative topic. keep it up :)
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted..3 Great Songs About That Which Sparkles and GlittersMy Profile

  4. Kal

    I also would add the official Google Channels on Youtube. I think those bring great help to webmasters, SEOs and web developers.
    Kal recently posted..Achieve incredible success with private label SEOMy Profile

  5. Victoria

    Totally agree with your point of view – social is a future of search in many senses and Google Plus certainly is especially helpful here. From my experience, both Google+ Pages for Business and Authorship help your site much

  6. Ravi verma says:

    Great point of view…I have been looking for such a thing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ravi verma recently posted..iPhone 5 Technical ReviewMy Profile

  7. Sarah says:

    I remember people telling me that having a Google+ account was a waste of time, I’m so glad I ignored them!

  8. Isabell

    Yes, using Google+ is a very effective way to promote a website and generate a good traffic. Thanks for tips!
    Isabell recently posted..New SMSCoin Payment Gateway AddonMy Profile

  9. Tom Marin says:

    There seems to be a new lengthy update on Google every day… SO ERRATIC!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Pavel from Wall Murals

    I think businesses are the one’s that can benefit most from Google + since most users of social media are still reluctant to embrace it. It does offer great search ranking benefits and the tagging content function allows you to receive the credit you are due for authoring the content. I comparing Google + to Facebook or Twitter is unfair because it’s a completely different animal, signed with a different purpose in mind.

  11. Google is improving day by day , Google seems be very active for the last 2 years ..

  12. jane from mobile laptop says:

    Google has proven time and time again that you should mess with their search enging. If your site doesnot give out useful or valuable content, they will eventually catch up on you. It just a matter of time.
    jane recently posted..Sony Vaio SVE15125CXWMy Profile

  13. Cameron says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be one exciting end of the month party in the tech world this Oct!

  14. Felicia says:

    Google+ certainly has its own advantages in the web promotion business of websites. However, if you compare the number of network you can accumulate using Facebook and Twitter, Google+ still does not compare or even come close. Nevertheless, using it and marketing through it is still relevant, after all, they are Google.
    Felicia recently posted..Gambling-Addicted Nun Accused of Stealing $128k!My Profile

  15. So many changes from google. And so many different businesses. Not sure if this is for the benefit of the end user and especially for the webmasters

  16. Alex

    Google may be only okay at first, but tons of people have their friends/pics on FB. Unless if google comes up with a way to transfer photos and friends, it will be hurting for a while. However, I believe that google will do better in the long run. Thanks
    Alex recently posted..Don’ts for a company logo designMy Profile

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  18. Ron Smith says:

    Quite a few spam comments seem to have got through above! But indeed – Google+ really does help when getting traffic to a new website, I can say that from experience!

  19. Asher from UK web hosting says:

    Google has many products in its shopping cart the only required thing is to get a good for your own need.

  20. claire from Bright Displays says:

    Whether Google+ is similar to Facebook or not, it will still be a good thing to be involved in. It would still benefit sites relying on search engine traffic from Google.

  21. Alex says:

    Nice post.Google has many new updates and new features.I love using Google+ and it is a great way to share your content with others.Google is changing itself very quickly and this will be will be beneficial to them.Also the tagging content thing is quite superb which allows you to tag your content.

  22. Terry says:

    Google has always been the top search engine but somehow they could not create the popularity with its social networking site.Google+ has been more business specific and it could not gain the popularity as Facebook and Twitter.Th circle structure in Google+ to organize your friendships is a nice way.

  23. Clarkmartin says:

    Hi Thomas

    Excellent and helphul Article. Google is a great and big search engine. Thank you, this is great! Not only can you remove them right from the list (without having to open each app’s info page), you remove multiple apps by long-pressing one and selecting additional apps.

  24. Anna says:

    I like the feature of tagging the content with my google+ profile.
    And i think it is a good sign, when a website is ranked with a google+ profile in the serps.
    Anna recently posted..VogelhäuschenMy Profile

  25. Ricky says:

    There are many things in store with the new Google and from them some are superb.I like Google+ very very much and specially the sharing functionality that they offer.Also the tagging content thing is really awesome and it helps to give you your identity as the author.

  26. phil says:

    This is a good additional means of promoting our sites. This is a big move by google and it will benefit everyone who rides in this strategy.
    phil recently posted..Noel Bazaar Grand Sale at World Trade CenterMy Profile

  27. I guess after some time the old style of link building will get vanished of and Google will consider more of social signals and unique content. After panda and penguin updates, we all can have an idea that Google has now become much more smarter than it was in past years.

  28. As a search engine Google has drawn more attraction of user than other search engine like Yahoo and Bing. Google has come up with many new techniques like Google+, Plus one button and I guess this is one of the reason why it is being so popular.

  29. Brand says:

    Google Panda has knocked the air out of many websites. Right the situation is very fluid as google search results status changes everyday

  30. Its nice to read the article, google is really awesome it is a wonderful search engine, provides tools, and now this thing. Love google. Thankyou for sharing the article.

  31. Troyeshchyna says:

    without a google is impossible nowadays),can not imagine
    sans search systems.

  32. As far as SEO, I’m taking the year off in 2013! I’ll be back when the dust settles!

  33. Manishak

    Links and quality content is the mantra I guess in today’s Internet world post Penguin and Panda.
    Manishak recently posted..5 Ways Of Ingrown Hair RemovalMy Profile

  34. Ron says:

    Thanks for the more detailed information concerning Google+. I have used it a little bit, but after reading this post I realize I should be using it much more than I do! Having a web based business it could do nothing but help. Thanks again!
    Ron recently posted..Build List For Big Profits MRR Ebook with Master Resale RightsMy Profile

  35. Adams says:

    Extremely interesting article, blog added to your favorites :-)

  36. Mark Walters says:

    Slowly but surely Google+ is gaining in popularity. It would be difficult to say that it’s ‘popular’ at the moment, but Google’s continued pushing of it will surely it see it become so one day in the next year or two. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, considering how much power they already have, I’m not sure.
    Mark Walters recently posted..Should You Exchange Links With Other Small Businesses?My Profile

  37. Jack says:

    Google search engine has become very popular but it has not been able to leave its mark for its social networking website as Facebook and Twitter did.I like the business sharing functionality of Google+ and the circle sharing thing which makes it very interesting.Thanks for sharing this post.
    Jack recently posted..Swanbourne ExtensionMy Profile

  38. Peter says:

    Google has many exciting features and the best thing i like was the Google drive wherein we can share files and folders.The social networking site of Google has been quite good but it has not been as popular as Facebook.

  39. Google+ is going to be very important in future for SEO purpose,they will study the social buzz created on G+ to rank sites..Other than that G+ will not defeat facebook
    latest mobile news recently posted..Nokia 206 Price and SpecsMy Profile

  40. I totally with you. Google has introduced a great source to in crease our brand reputations. All the features like G+, Share, tagging really very helpful. Thanks for this informative post.

    • zes from Great Destinations says:

      Well, the increase in popularity of Google plus is not as high as what Facebook experience during its introduction. Primarily because G+ might have limited use as a social tool compared to Facebook.

  41. zes from Great Destinations says:

    Its also because Google as an email and SE platform has many competitors that are also successful while Facebook has been the only one in its niche.

  42. ace says:

    I think the real measure of success of this new social platform would be realized only after a few months.
    ace recently posted..Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard gives free GCMy Profile

  43. Keith says:

    Google has many new things in store it and it has been successful largely but i don’t think the social networking website of it has made much impact.I would not call it a networking website because it has been developed mainly from the business point of view.However the sharing functionality offered by it is quite amazing and i like the circles thing.

  44. James says:

    The social networking site of Google is very business centric and little different from Facebook.I would not call it a social networking site as Keith has rightly said.The other features of Google are quite amazing.I think Google should do some work on its social networking site.

  45. muttu says:

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