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Using Google+ to Improve Your Search Rankings

| February 5, 2013 More

Social media plays an instrumental role in audience growth, providing websites with the opportunity to share more content and develop a rapport with their followers. Facebook and Twitter, with a combined 1 billion active users, have emerged as leaders in this regard, regularly introducing people to new pages and handles, which, when executed properly, inspire followers to visit the curators’ websites. After a disappointing first couple of months for Google+, Google launched “Search, plus Your World” back in January 2012, a feature that merges public search results with personalized results from the search engine giant’s recent foray into the world of social media.

With “Search, plus Your World,” logged-in Google+ users will be able to see relevant public or shared posts from their Google+ friends as well as prominent Google+ users every time they perform a search. Personalized results are marked with a blue silhouette and given preference over non-personalized results from the listing of search results to suggested search terms in auto-complete. Given Google’s popularity as a search engine and people’s propensity to stay logged in to their accounts, especially when using private computers, “Search, plus Your World” places brands and websites with Google+ pages at a significant advantage over those who have yet to join.

To improve your likelihood of appearing well positioned in a personalized search, you have to actively maintain your Google+ profile, just like you maintain your Facebook or Twitter. This means regularly updating your profile with detailed posts that use important keywords; uploading photos with actual titles and not just the standard camera-given alphanumeric name; joining as many circles as possible, especially of individuals that are prominent within your area of focus; and, most importantly, being a person with thoughts and interests rather than an uninspired page of links. Google+  is most interested in accelerating the growth of its community, so it places users with sizable followings who frequently discuss specific topics under the People and Pages section on the right side of the page to promote connections and conversations. By becoming an active participant in the world of Google+, you’ll increase your chances of appearing under the section which will allow those outside of your circles to learn more about you and add you to their circles, further expanding your reach.

Speaking of circles, Google+’s most notable feature lets users organize people into different, customizable circles, allowing users to share content tailored to the specific relationships they have with each of their circles. Circles mimic real world interactions by recognizing the nuances that relationships have in terms of subject matter and saturation points; for example, if you have a food blog, you can place vegetarians in one circle, chefs in another circl, and farmers market vendors in a separate circle, so the vegetarians don’t have to read about that rack of lamb you made last night and people aren’t inundated with posts that are irrelevant to their interests. You can further enhance your relationship with members of your circles by participating in hangouts; these multi-person video chats allow you to interact directly and in real-time with people and are significantly better than Facebook’s temperamental chat feature.

Another way to garner more visibility for your Google+ profile, and ultimately your website, is to guest blog. Guest blogging is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience while building relationships with other bloggers and sites. If you do  write a guest blog, integrate Google+ into your piece by having the site include rel=”author” with a link to your profile. When a logged-in Google+ user searches for a term related to your blog, your piece, which is now linked with Google+, has a better chance of appearing near the top, and your profile picture will accompany the link, helping it stand out from the rest of the results.

The idea behind “Search, plus Your World” is that a personalized search experience is an ideal search experience. Creating and maintaining a well-rounded Google+ profile will help you establish yourself as a person worth getting to know, and as your circles continue to grow, so will your influence.


Joshua John currently works in community relations for the University of Southern California’s Virtual Master of Social Work program, which provides social workers the opportunity to earn an online social work degree and apply for a social work license. He also loves gadgets, movies, and all things Batman. Follow him on twitter: @joshuavjohn.

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  1. Alex says:

    I’m really excited over the potential of Google+. Making it an important search factor has really given it a lot of traction in the fact of bigger social networks.
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  2. Julia Smith says:

    Google plus is very useful in increasing the search ranking as it adds a plus point to the post.
    Julia Smith recently posted..3 stone ringsMy Profile

  3. nice post and you doing a great job and your information was superb and thank to shere this knowdge

  4. pstpl

    At a recent meetup, a Google rep said that simply joining a G+ Community wouldn’t be enough to influence your search results, but active participation could be enough to indicate you have a strong interest in this area

  5. pstpl

    At a recent meetup, a Google rep said that simply joining a G+

    Community wouldn’t be enough to influence your search results,

    but active participation could be enough to indicate you have

    a strong interest in this area

  6. jjohn says:

    It has been a while since I had submitted this post, but I have also found connected your Google+ profile to your blog has been fantastic for my search traffic. Your profile picture next to a search result increases your credibility and in turn your traffic.

  7. Search engine rankings has become more complicated now because of Social Media Networking site like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Its now all about presently communicating with actual persons behind the profiles and catering to what they want.
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  8. Yup I definitely agree with you as Google Author Rank is going to play a big role in future SEO practices.

  9. Julzwriter from Article Writing Services

    Didn’t know Google + was that effective for social media marketing.
    My main problem is that I do not want to use my personal Gmail account
    for Google + when it comes to my business promotions but I can’t seem to be able to create a profile with the company name when I use my business Gmail account? What do you suggest I do?

  10. Vivek Bhatt says:

    I don’t use Google plus that much. But just after reading this post I got to know its importance. that’s a really Good post. I’d like to peer more similar articles. And yes will try to be more attached with the Google Plus Network. it will surely help us to Grab some huge amount of traffic.
    Vivek Bhatt recently posted..This Year Apple May Unveil iPhone MathMy Profile

  11. Great information thank you for sharing.Just i was aware about google plus after reading this post.

  12. Darnell Jackson

    Good topic John,

    All you have to do is search some keywords and you’ll notice Google+ content is showing up in the results.

    Sometimes its posts or images and video.

    Google Authorship. That’s their biggest feature.

    Do you think FB or Yahoo will come out with their own version?

  13. AAmir awan

    Nice SEO Tip for all peoples and you site is great and helpful.

  14. Google+ is now one of the most popular networking websites helps in getting more traffic with expansion of our related niche/targeted market

  15. Isabell

    All Google services have a great potential for SEO. Activity in Google+ profile may give a good result.
    Isabell recently posted..Serbo-Croatian Lang File Is Available For All WorksForWeb Classified Software ProductsMy Profile

  16. Sibi says:

    Thanks for your grate effort,In 2013 Google plus have major role over Facebook to gets more traffic for blogs.Also i think it is an good information for all new bloggers.

  17. nithin says:

    Grate article with quality information’s.thanks for sharing your experiance.Now i just start to share my blog post on Google plus also.

  18. Jacob Arvin says:

    Beyond simply increasing traffic, Google+ can be extremely useful in running targeted affiliate campaigns. For me, the traffic on social media is not nearly as convenient as the fact that the users are organized by their demographics and interests. Google+ is a gold mine!
    Jacob Arvin recently Review: A Niche-Blog BlueprintMy Profile

  19. Jhulian Robbins

    As G+ is owned by Google, it will surely help your blog in search rankings…
    Jhulian Robbins recently posted..4 Biggest (Common) Mistakes Starting Small Business 2013My Profile

  20. Ajay

    The more +1′s we earn.the more the post gets ranked in Google. Thus, Google+ is one of the best source of SEO to the site.
    Ajay recently posted..Cool Facebook Timeline Covers To Glamorize Your WallMy Profile

  21. Arpit from Jingle making company

    Social media has greatly influenced the digital marketing platform in recent years. The latest release of Facebook Graph Search can directly be related with its effect.
    People choose to search information on their favorite social networking site and Google+ being a Google’s product and heavy user base can definitely influence your Search Engine Rankings.

  22. Kapil says:

    Google is really working superb as search engine.For Its user it become more friendly.

  23. Naser

    Using Google Authorship has proved to get more CTR as it describes about the author and Google also stated that blog owners who have linked their accounts to their Google plus profile, will get improved SERPs

  24. Nishadha

    I think this is a lot to do with social shares more than anything. But with Google+ profile data Google can determine the quality of the shares. If high authority people are sharing your content then you have a better chance of going up in the rankings.
    Nishadha recently posted..Work Breakdown Structure Templates by CreatelyMy Profile

  25. Dan C says:

    Social media might be useful, but without good content is as useful as a hammer when you are drowning

  26. RecentHotel says:

    I don’t believe in Google plus, wait and see..

  27. Kitchenware says:

    We linked Google+ last month and are seeing it in search results so it helps in some way but not sure of the future of google plus considering there is not much traction from users

  28. The challenge is to find originality across each platform, especially if you are also active across other social media channels. Fortunately, the folks I engage with on Google+ are much different than who I follow on Twitter. It’s hard to be unique, but well worth the effort.

  29. Tanik says:

    Search engine rankings has become more complicated now because of Social Media Networking site like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Its now all about presently communicating with actual persons behind the profiles and catering to what they want.Yup I definitely agree with you as Google Author Rank is going to play a big role in future SEO practices.
    Tanik recently posted..Beat me up Ohh Yeah!My Profile

  30. imtiaz says:

    I think FB will try and roll out something similar to this with Bing, but not Google. With the introduction of their social graph, I think a FB authorship feature would be rather powerful.Nice SEO Tip for all peoples and you site is great and helpful.
    imtiaz recently posted..Beat me up Ohh Yeah!My Profile

  31. Jijin Mohan says:

    Google plus is awesome man, I recently got my author box and I guess it does have a great impact on the search results.
    Jijin Mohan recently posted..How To Build A Kick-Ass Gaming Rig On An Affordable BudgetMy Profile

  32. Joshua John

    RIght? It really does help! I hope Google continues to improve the functionality.

  33. Ahmad Raza

    Admirable,, Traffic form Social Networks in which Google+ is at the top of list, will affect search engine rankings alot just as Google is going to introduce Authorship..

  34. PAMM Account says:

    A very interesting article on the topic, I was searching for something informative on PAMM Account when I got your article and found it really nice. I admire your efforts in research and writing. Please keep updating your blog for us

  35. Mary Cute says:

    Google plus is the way ahead. The new communities and fan pages are worth a look. This is something that webmasters cannot really ignore in the days of panda and penguin.
    Mary Cute recently posted..Cute quotes about loveMy Profile

  36. Thanks, For providing useful information, but it really possible to increase the ranking?

  37. Peter Paul says:

    This is a great idea. I haven’t fully maximize the use of Google+ before, as I see no improvements in the traffic coming in. But it seems that there are a lot of bloggers who are really taping into this.
    I think Google+ has a better SEO benefit than FB, am i right?
    Peter Paul recently posted..Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud: Which to Choose?My Profile

  38. ganesh says:

    Yes Google+ improves your search ranking and visitors for your page….
    i believe it

  39. Morshed says:

    Thanks for your article.To improve a site search ranking Google+ is giving the most opportunity.

  40. Jan-Philipp

    In my opinion Google+ is very difficult. I don’t understand the difference between your account and your Google page, if you are logged in. Can anybody explain how it works in a few words? Thanks!
    Best wishes from Germany

  41. Stephen Robinson

    Wasn’t aware it could be used in such a way. Nice.

  42. Google results are affected if you are login in Gmail or any other Google service. So if your site have more +1, you can win the competition.
    Online Technical Support recently posted..All in One TechMy Profile

  43. Osei

    Never knew g+ could help your website so much :)
    Osei recently posted..One minute on the Internet: 640TB data transferred, 100k tweets, 204 million e-mails sentMy Profile

  44. Kenneth says:

    google+ is not as intuitive to use. Why a business page must be owned or managed by another google+ page? and why can’t I choose a username for that.. It’s just not as intuitive.

  45. Diabetes says:

    I think Google + is a fundamental part of efforts for all website SEO, Google rewards sites that use its network with best organics results.

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