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Using Alerti to Monitor Audi’s Vampire-themed Super Bowl Ad: Future of Engagement

| February 10, 2012 More

America’s Super Bowl is usually the most watched TV event of the year. As a result, Super Bowls are almost as big of advertising events as they are sporting events, and some people watch them “just to see the commercials” since companies compete to make witty and memorable commercials for the Super Bowl.

Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI was no different, and Audi’s ad featuring its LED headlights stuck in my mind the most. Running with the vampire craze sweeping American popular culture, the Audi ad features a vampire driving an Audi to a secluded party in a forest outcropping. Other vampires get caught in his headlight and are instantly turned into piles of ash.

Audi placed the Twitter hashtag #SoLongVampires at the end of the commercial. Here’s a look at how it spread on social media:



  • #SoLongVampires brought the campaign to social media, which helped make it rank #8 among Super Bowl ads on the USA Today Admeter.
  • Audi released the ad on YouTube before it aired on TV. According to Alerti, mentions of Audi quadrupled in the week running up to the Super Bowl.
  • The Audi ad had almost 5 million views on YouTube by Monday morning, and as of Tuesday morning it has a little over 6 million views. Watch it here.

Mentions of Audi related to their Super Bowl #SoLongVampires ad campaign

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring and management

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  2. Carl

    The scale of this campaign is massive, I personally don’t think that small business owner can take any advantage of this case study.

  3. DiNaRa says:

    I like the ad and I think it was very impressive and well-done and it can be considered to be as one of the best adverts ever done.

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