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Top 5 Tools For Detecting Duplicate Content

| March 22, 2012 More

It is a really painful thing when you see an article written by you being misused by someone on another website. It takes several hours of research and hard work to write an original article and if someone publishes it on the internet by his/her name then it really creates an aggression within the actual writer. This problem is called plagiarism and it is a growing issue nowadays.

duplicate content

Sometimes people do not use the whole article or web content for this purpose but take a part of it for publishing it on the internet. At times they do a little shuffling of words within the original content in order to make it look different. All these tricks not only create huge troubles for the SEOs but also challenge the authority of a website. The good news is that now there are a number of tools available that can help you to detect the duplicate content published on any website. You might be familiar with a few of them; the brief details of the top 5 tools for identifying the duplicate content are as following.


It is the most popular and widely used online service for detecting plagiarism which was launched by Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd. in the year 2004. With the help of this useful tool, you can easily find whether similar content is available elsewhere on the internet or not. Given the text or URL of the original content, this tool allows you to see a list of the web pages that contain duplicate content. You can easily see the duplicate content highlighted on the webpage found by Copyscape. It also offers Copyscape banners that can be placed on any webpage in order to warn the potential plagiarists. It provides two kinds of services for the users on payment; Premium and Copysentry. Premium helps the online content publishers to verify the originality of the web content purchased by them while Copysentry helps them to monitor the web; it sends different notifications through emails in case new copies of the original content are found.



Virante is another useful tool for detecting the duplicate content that was launched in late 1990’s. It is considered to be one of the most comprehensive duplicate content checking tools. It helps you to detect the causes and effects of the duplicate content in order to diagnose any potential or current duplicate content penalties. If you are a part of SEO industry or a website owner then this tool can actually help you to avoid plagiarism and to get huge organic traffic for building your search engine ranking.



It is another useful tool for detecting the duplicate content. CopyGator is a free service that helps in monitoring your RSS feed. It can easily detect in case of republication of your original content by someone in the blogosphere. It collects data from about 2 million blog feeds and crunches it to evaluate each post against another in order to detect plagiarism. CopyGator sends you notifications when your post is copied by someone to another feed. You can also view the overview page build by CopyGator where you can see where, how and when your content has been plagiarized or duplicated.


Dupli Checker

It is free software that helps to detect plagiarism. The best thing about Dupli Checker is that it does not require any registration for taking benefit from its services. It allows the visitor to check his or her content in just a few clicks. It provides the accurate results from the top search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo.



It is a very useful tool which is widely used for scanning the essays, dissertations and research papers in order to avoid any plagiarism. It is a free service that helps you to protect yourself from suffering any penalty of plagiarism. It is also helpful in case you accidentally wrote an essay or research paper in the similar way as the researchers before you. The best part is that it allows you to scan the whole essay or research paper for free and without any word count limit.


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Comments (30)

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  1. Joel

    Identifying websites that have reproduced your content without giving proper attribution is relatively easy. Getting them to remove the content or even respond to you may the tricky part.

  2. Carl

    For sure those are the tools to check for duplicate content. However content is always duplicated to some extends when facts, addresses and bylines are included.

  3. Amit Shaw

    Thanks Susan. I know only about Copyscape :) . Thanks for the others tool. I would like to give a try. Now a days i am getting some guest post and i am using free version of CopySpace so hope i will get help from those tools too.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Tips to Secure your Blogger Blog from HackersMy Profile

  4. I know about Copyscape only. Most of the time, I used to check content duplicacy manually by searching some portion of text in double quotes on Google. I would try the other options and see which one I love the most.

  5. Stefanie says:

    I also know about copyscape only…These 5 tools can really be helpful in detecting duplicate content…Thanks for the ideas here…

  6. Liz

    Great tips, I’ve used copyscape in the past but the free version. Another option is to copy and paste the text and do a Google search – that could be useful if you’ve outsourced article writing for example, and want to check that the article is unique before putting it up on your website.
    Liz recently posted..Guldkit är tryggt och smidigtMy Profile

  7. Rina Results says:

    Very Nice. These all tools are very good. A blogger always need it. Copyscape is best out of all 5.
    Rina Results recently posted.. ISAT 2012 Rank List, Counselling Dates OnlineMy Profile

  8. Adeline

    You can also add Plagium to this list. I use it more often than the other ones.
    Adeline recently posted..Six Essential Legal and Safety Mobile AppsMy Profile

  9. Gareth says:

    CopyScape is definitely the gold standard in this market but I can find using it frustrating. The reason being that they could provide extra services like issuing notices to those who have copied, or rewriting aspects of your article that are too similar. But they don’t. Maybe a business opp for someone

  10. Robin says:

    I’m only familiar with Copyscape (I only use the free version though) and it’s great that there are other reliable options I can use.

  11. salman says:

    Till now CopyScape is best website for checking duplicate content,they also offering premium membership in which you can get detailed report of websites which copied your content.
    salman recently posted..Change Social Network Settings From One PlaceMy Profile

  12. To think I had been spending money on copyscape when other sites seem to do the same things for free; will have to do a few side by side checks though to make sure that dupli-check is doing as good a job.

  13. abhishek

    I knew about copyscape only,well thanks for your article i got to know some more good tools for detecting duplicate content.
    abhishek recently posted..The New GameLord: Alienware X51My Profile

  14. Jim Jenks says:

    This is great, I didn’t think there were this many tools for that. I’ve been using Google and Copyscape for this. Thanks for the added tools.

  15. Persiv says:

    Good info!.. I did not know about the name of it,’plagiarism’…thank you.
    Also i think the new ‘panda’ algorithm for google have some process to find plagiarist articles. It seems base condition for finding them is, the date of submitting an article.

  16. vikas

    Nice post. I knew about copyscape and some other but you have talked about few others also. Will try them too.

  17. Hey I know one software, and i all ready used that Dupli Checker and it is best for me. Thanks for giving other s/w for checking duplicate content. I try all to check when i writing new blogs. Thanks again to giving your important time to writing this blog.

  18. santosh says:

    I use Copyscape to check for plagiarism ,,but good to know that there are other good options
    santosh recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note Price in indiaMy Profile

  19. I realy like your post,I realy gained so much knowledge from your blog

  20. Jaemi says:

    It’s very frustrating when you see your work being published elsewhere without your permission. That’s why this list is very useful in order to find out if someone stole your content.


  22. Thanks for suggestion,
    I will Try to write an article on it in future.

  23. Jasmine says:

    Needless to say, these are great tools to check for duplicate content. I use a couple of them all the time, however, my favorite has to be Copyscape. It’s easy to use and fast!
    Jasmine recently posted..Media Temple Web Hosting ReviewMy Profile

  24. Reetika from Advertising Images says:

    The best option is Just copy 2 lines and search in Google to find duplicacy. Its the best option

  25. DiNaRa says:

    That’s really what we need right now when the Internet is booming and we need to be careful about the content of the blog or a site and cheating and duplicating is a common thing to do at present and very often you just don’t know what can be done in this situation.

  26. Radhitya

    Copyscape is one of the most widely used tool. But I rarely use it because I prefer to use google, copy a few lines and search, if someone duplicating your content then you will find it easily
    Radhitya recently posted..Online Backup ComparisonMy Profile

  27. Ayush Agrawal

    Thanks for Sharing. I have been using copyscape for quite some time and even the free version is great. Most copiers simply copy – paste the whole text which contains internal links and we get notified as we receive a trackback. CopyScape takes care of the rest. Once found, we can easily file a DCMA and get them removed.
    Ayush Agrawal recently posted..AssistantExtensions – The Ultimate Siri modification tweakMy Profile

  28. Ayush Agrawal

    Thanks for Sharing. I have been using copyscape for quite some time and even the free version is great. Most copiers simply copy – paste the whole text which contains internal links and we get notified as we receive a trackback. CopyScape takes care of the rest. Once found, we can easily file a DCMA and get them removed

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