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Three Quick Tips to Make You a Better Blogger

| April 27, 2012 More

Everyone is blogging today… there are literally millions of new blogs going live every day, so how can you make your blog stand out from the crowd? In this post we are going to highlight a few different ways you can start blogging today and make sure that your content and blog is actually read and spread around by users everywhere.

Blog About Your Experiences and Case Studies

There are so many blogs out there that are just rehashing content and saying the same old stuff. One of the best ways to make a lasting impressions is to bring originality and experience to your blog. Readers want to get more personable with the sites they are reading.

Some excellent ways to share case studies and experiences are anything from talking about why you are starting a blog, what your business is, how you started to make money online and many other ideas. No matter what niche or market you are in, you can create compelling content, tutorials and case studies that people want to hear. This is also the type of content that people are more willing to share to their social networks and go viral.

Leave a Lasting First Impression

As mentioned, there are billions of blogs out there, so what’s to make one person remember you blog from another? When I first launched my blog, I wanted to make sure I was a step ahead of the competition. I created a killer mascot and logo for the site and also had an original and custom theme created for the site as well. This was all part of the plan for building the visual appeal and branding of the site. Now the ZJ toon is one of the most recognized logo in the affiliate marketing space today.

Don’t Over Monetize Your Site to Death

Everyone wants to make money online, but there are right ways to go about it and wrong ways. There is nothing worse than visiting a site and seeing a ton of “Advertise Here” banner ads through out the blog. Not only are they ugly, they also aren’t making your any money.

In the world of web sites and online marketing, it’s all about compelling content and readership. This is exactly the mindset and model I have in mind at my pay per click marketing blog. There is no banner monetization on the site and we are strictly focused on creating killer content for the site.

Focus on your content and readership, then the revenue sources and monetization will soon follow.

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Zac Johnson is a online marketer with over 15 years of experience. You can view my personal blogs at and I am also on the Board of Advisors with

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  1. Trung Nguyen

    Blog bbout our experiences and case studies are awesome ways to attract more readers and also it will help us increasing authority, why I don’t follow this way right now?
    Trung Nguyen recently posted..How to Start a Blog That Will Generate Income?My Profile

    • Zac Johnson

      Everyone loves to hear about how other people are making money online or bringing traffic to their sites. It means so much more to see real life examples and case studies.

    • Manoj says:

      Manipulative repetitive anchor text, blog comments filled with spam, Google bombs, and obscene content could be the targets of a system described in a patent granted to Google today that provides arbiters (human and possibly automated), with ways to disassociate some content found on the Web, such as web pages, with other content, such as links to that content.a href=””>addaurl
      Manoj recently posted..Free Blogger TemplatesMy Profile

  2. Pavel from Window Film

    I’m just in the initial stages of setting up a blog for my company and you have some great tips here. I like the idea of creating a memorable mascot and logo for your blog. This can really help the originality of the blog and make it memorable for readers.

  3. Saket Jajodia from WordPress SEO

    Really great points.. Especially when your blog is new don’t think of putting ads on your blog it never gives a good impression.. BTW Thanks Zac, for this post..!! :)
    Saket Jajodia recently posted..How To Capture Or Generate Dynamic Screenshot On Any WebpageMy Profile

  4. Amit Shaw

    Yes zac, I am agreed :) Write for Reader not for SE, If our content will quality and informative then we will sure expose ourself as a better blogger. Thanks for this tips.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Google Drive Features and FunctionalityMy Profile

  5. Fabrizio

    Very good read. The last point you made is something we’ve started take a lot more seriously. We’re in the process of removing Adsense and some ad banners from our blog and putting more focus on creating killer content. Great tips, thanks.
    Fabrizio recently posted..Could Your Blogging Routine Be Making You Fat?My Profile

  6. Tanik says:

    Really great points.. Especially when your blog is new don’t think of putting ads on your blog it never gives a good impression. Thanx for sharing Bro!

  7. Carl

    To be successful blogger, those points are mandatory as well as publishing new content on daily basis. I think there is nothing in the middle, there are good and bad bloggers, so I think every blogger should determine where want to go to achieve success.

  8. Joe Boyle

    I think mindset and knowledge is key. If you’re in it to make money, you better pack your bags because you won’t go far. You need to have the knowledge of the niche and be able to influence the readers inside of it, then overpower them.

    Quality content is only possible if you have knowledge. You may be able to write a few good articles at first, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s as far as it goes. It’s that simple.

    Making money is only possible with good content/good pitches. So it really all comes down to the knowledge. If you don’t have the mindset or knowledge to succeed, you won’t. It’s that simple.
    Joe Boyle recently posted..How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile DevicesMy Profile

  9. Clyde says:

    Experiences and Case Studies are very interesting to read. These types of posts are what I usually look at over the net. It helps me decide on something that I didn’t know.

    Over monetization – I keep my blogs to 2 monetization only. And I think that this is good. Many ads slow down the loading speed of the pages and it drives away visitors.

  10. Nishadha

    I think leaving a lasting impression is something most people tend to ignore. However it is a tricky balance between leaving a lasting impression and looking like blog made for promoting.
    Nishadha recently posted..Work on Diagrams Efficiently with Real-Time CollaborationMy Profile

  11. Well hello Zac, 3 great points well presented which I agree with.

    Never be scared to just be you, if you want pink elephants on your site then why not, most of us would struggle to keep up a false persona for too long and people can quickly discover the real you anyway.

    Always give more than you take with regards to content and monetization and you will be on the right track.

    igor Griffiths
    igor Griffiths recently posted..Randomness of the UK MarketerMy Profile

  12. Kal

    In online business everything need to be calculated, even the smallest details. Blogging isn’t an easy job, require good discipline and a lot of knowledge about particular topic. I think you are right, mentioning the first impression, this is really important.

  13. Jim says:

    Great post Zac. Over monetizing sites just drive people away. You definitely have to make you posts and information personal and real.

  14. PEEJAY says:

    Awesome post bro….

    Hmp…. Over monetizing sites have a positive and negative result, let’s not just focus the negative effect because in the end, It really depends on the like and dislike of our visitors and reader…. :)

    Thank you for Sharing this nice tips/post bro….

  15. Armie says:

    Putting tons of ads really don’t make sense sometime and it even slows down your blog. When I encounter blogs like that, I end up skipping and visiting other blogs. Makes sense. :)

  16. Jona Duncan says:

    I totally agree, blogging from experience and being true will make your readers believe in you. I also get turned off by blogs with too many ads. Thank you for these helpful tips!

  17. Shony

    Really awesome tips….motivated me a lot..the over monetization tip is something i must consider more abt…:)
    Shony recently posted..How to Add Custom comment Form For Blogger BlogsMy Profile

  18. Aaron says:

    That’s true. The most striking suggestion was “Don’t monetize your blog to death”. I have seen many blogs where I find less content then ads. I don’t like to visit such blogs.

    Sharing knowledge has been the axis of blogging. One must keep this in mind.


  19. Sandra Jones says:

    With the onset of the digital age, blogging has emerged to be the best way you can express yourself and share your thoughts and ideas with fellow netizens. But there are a few things you must keep in mind. Beyond these 3 very important factors, you need to understand the importance of using videos (home videos, if that’s possible) and images to make your posts more engaging. Let your readers feel that you’re talking to them. And of course, remember to respond to the feedback that you receive, on a regular basis. This is extremely crucial.

  20. Alok Sharma

    Nice Tips… Many time you choose a theme to blog on which you don’t have enough knowledge or less interest. Then it become very hard to write on those blogs. So, Always choose the topic that interest you. Topic which you like to research on and read new things. This is one another way to make your content interesting.

  21. Michelle

    Hi Zac. Great post. I think that whether you’re a seasoned or new blogger, you learn something new about writing everyday. This post was great to read. I love the part about “Leave a Lasting First Impression.” I think that content isn’t very valuable if it hasn’t enlightened, inspired or got someone talking.

  22. Here in China, you’d be surprised to see how tolerant Chinese are to chaotic, flashy and “advertizy” websites/blogs. Product placement in blogs is extremely common and corporations run after stars who can place their products in the “blogosphere”. A lot of businesses start blogs on their own and end up stopping blogging after a few months. They don’t realized that they need at least one dedicated person to blog: being interesting and interested is the key, but being disciplined is another one… The big question is: how’s ROI for companies blogging ? Well, blogging helps SEO for sure and a lot of businesses are getting inquiries directly via SERPs. The Case studies is a good one, I usually love those and they are analytical and help me learn new strategies. Especially in Asia, where the mentality and business culture is completely different from the West.

  23. David Finley says:

    I think leaving a lasting impression is what I’m having the most difficulty with. I run a blog geared toward artists and creatives featuring my own art and writing. It’s a lot of work, but hopefully it’s worth it.

    Great article, with some really fantastic tips. Thank you so much for the advice.
    David Finley recently posted..Make Your Art Feel Sexy AgainMy Profile

  24. Karan Labra

    I guess sharing your experiences works out great as it gives your readers some true and tested facts. Plus it helps them to connect to you as a human being, which is an important factor to establish yourself as an authority.

    Great points Zac!

  25. Alex from Laughing Yoga says:

    Great post. I agree with the case studies point most of all. I’ll wade through monetization if it means I can see unique material, but if a website just rehashes tired old material again and again, then I’m quick to leave it.

    Solid points!
    Alex recently posted..Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing YogaMy Profile

  26. Rain says:

    You are right at the point with the first point. Writing about experience can be easy, will take less time and will be completely original. A win win situation. Only that getting readers to reach the page will be a problem.

  27. painassist says:

    In online business everything need to be calculated, even the smallest details. Putting tons of ads really don’t make sense sometime and it even slows down your blog. You definitely have to make you posts and information personal and real.

  28. Ramita says:

    Populating the blog with over ads can makes the visitor irritate and leave the site so creating over ads in the blog is certainly not the best way to earn. Instead place it is some places but in good positions.

  29. Bakir khan

    Nice idea.I will Apply your idea in my blogs. But whose have no experience or any skill ,how can they build up a nice blog?
    Bakir khan recently posted..10 Financial Yardsticks for Your Small BusinessMy Profile

  30. Great post! This will really help me in gaining more customers in my sites. Thank you so much!

  31. Zac Johnson

    Strive to produce better and updated content. Get creative with your content too… like “Six Celebrities and Their Favorite Weight Loss Drinks”… instead of writing an article just about weight loss drinks.

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