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The Stumbleupon Guide For Driving Traffic To Your Blog

| February 23, 2012 More


Now, for all those bloggers, you might have at least heard about, unless you have been under rocks all this time. But, since this is a comprehensive Guide of a blogger to get Unique Traffic through StumbleUpon, I will be covering the entire en route to gaining traffic to your blog through the Social bookmarking site StumbleUpon.


Getting Started with StumbleUpon

Okay, now lets get started with StumbleUpon from ground up.

What exactly is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking website that allows its users to experience the Internet in a different way. Instead of merely searching for keywords of interest on Google, users select a number of categories that are of interest to them, and then randomly “stumble” through websites and articles in these categories, which have been submitted by other SU users. If the Stumbler likes the article they give it a thumbs up by clicking the “Thumbs up” button, if they don’t they can thumb the article down. The basic here is, the more thumbs up a website or article gets, the more hits it will receive. Stumbleupon users can also review articles and share them with other friends on Stumble, which again can equal more traffic for your site.  If you provide good quality content there is a group of Stumble users out there who will like and share it, and there might be chances that you will get traffic.

First, Create your account at StumbleUpon. Start Stumbling others content according to your interests and follow Stumblers of your niche. What next?


Why should I Use StumbleUpon? Does it matter?

OF-COURSE YES! Slap yourself twice before thinking of neglecting using StumbleUpon for your blog or website.

Here are some interesting Stats (according to 2011 survey) on StumbleUpon that will make you Slap yourself again over the above question! :

  • StumbleUpon has a market share of 50.34% in referrals, compared to the 37.4% share of Facebook.
  • A post (from an average blog) after 24 hours of sharing on all top social media sites will get 83% of Stumbles compared to 5% of Facebook like’s (Most probably your friends) and 0% (Negligible) re-tweets.
  • The ‘Stumble’ button has been hit more than 25 Billion Times.
  • The half-life of a page shared through StumbleUpon as 400 hours – about 16.5 days! while  links shared through Twitter have a half-life of merely 2.8 hours and Facebook is only slightly better with 3.2 hours.
  • With more than 300,000 status updates posted every minute and 250 Million Tweets per day, having your link live for no longer a few hours.
  • Since 2009, StumbleUpon had an increase of 118% in its active users.
  • Stumblers typically Stumble 25 pages per day.
  • The average User with Mozilla Firefox toolbar stumbles 400 times per month.
Now, you might have already figured out why StumbleUpon is a must for Blogs and websites looking for Online Exposure to their quality content.


Factors governing your Traffic from StumbleUpon


There is no exact Math or Calculation to determine your amount of traffic generated through StumbleUpon. But there are some Basic factors governing the amount of traffic you get from StumbleUpon.

Number of Thumbs UP : The number of times your page/post has been ‘Thumbs up’-ed by users is one of the factors governing traffic to your blog. Its simple, the more the Thumbs Up, the more will be the traffic to your page, and in turn your blog.

Number of Followers : Though StumbleUpon now allows to Follow no more than 200 users. The reach and popularity of your follower is also a factor to get you more traffic to your blog.

Although these may be the factors, it is also important to build up your stumble profile as much as possible. Liking a lot of other peoples pages and sites helps you to become a more powerful user and will make it easier to get subscribers. If you subscribe to someone and they don’t subscribe back it may well be worth sending them a message and requesting that they add you as a friend. If you can get other users to submit your pages or sites this looks good as if you keep submitting pages from the same URL, They will catch on sooner or later and reduce the amount of traffic you get.


How StumbleUpon Works


The working of StumbleUpon is basically simple, StumbleUpon uses a classification system to collect all the content from your submission, your friends submissions and other user submissions. Then according to the ratings and your preferred interests, StumbleUpon displays the popular and relevant content to you.

Last but not the least..

How to make traffic through StumbleUpon


1. Make the Title MOST attractive

The title is the eye-catcher of your content. Make it as interesting as possible, as it immediately arouses a curiosity in your reader to view the complete post. In this part, be a little creative and don’t just think about the content alone, anyways who would like to read a post with quality content and BAD title? To develop this quality, keep reading some of the top blogs of your Niche, found at Technorati Blog Directory, and study their title’s properties. On average 8 out of 10 readers read your headline and 2 out of 10 read your post.


2. NEVER StumbleUpon OWN content

Its a Social rule of StumbleUpon that you should avoid stumbling your own content. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can never submit your own content, but it’s always better if someone else submits your content first. If you only stumble your own content, then other users won’t feel you add any value to the StumbleUpon community aside from self-promotion. Some of them might think of you as a ‘Spam’, even with quality content inside the post.


3. Network with other Stumblers

Take some time to get to know other members of the StumbleUpon community and befriend them. Your StumbleUpon presence will grow as you network with more users. Don’t just add a friend then forget about them. The power of StumbleUpon grows the more you network.

Getting followers on StumbleUpon is much like getting followers on Twitter except that there is no automatic follow back users to rely on. You have to find users to follow, follow them, and essentially hope that they follow you back. Most will receive an email notification (if they have the option turned on) letting them know that someone has followed them.

To discover Stumblers from your niche, enter and replace the keyword with the keyword of your niche. This shows a List of users with the same interests, so you can follow them.


4. Don’t try to Fool StumbleUpon, you are fooling yourself

Don’t try to fool the StumbleUpon community by creating multiple accounts or stumbling only your friends’ content and vice versa. Chances are you’ll get caught, which could lead to your content getting buried or you getting banned from StumbleUpon temporarily or permanently. Follow the rules and ethics.


5. Improve you Appeal

Improve your appeal by using a custom profile picture which can be accessed under Settings Tab. Make use of your company’s logo and with your company’s name as the username for the branding of your Blog, if you wish to. Ad DON’T fall prey to Scammers with fake profiles and HOT profile pictures to lure you to follow them and gain more traffic. Don’t look out to make relationships on StumbleUpon, there are many other options for that purpose.


6. Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

If you’re not getting the results you wanted, don’t want to wait for natural discoveries, and want to bypass community building, then StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery is for you. Unlike Facebook Ads, you’re not relying on a small space and image on a page in hopes that your link will get clicked upon. When you put yourself into the StumbleUpon discovery system, people interested in your topic will get directed straight to your site.

The plans start from $0.05 per each user.


Do you use StumbleUpon for traffic to your blog? Leave a comment below. For more of the Quality Internet Guides and latest Social media news, Visit Infworm or Subscribe to us.

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Srikanth AN is the 19 year old Founder and Editor at, a latest technology weblog covering social media, trends, entrepreneurship, startups, effective blogging and online tips. Connect with him for Latest and inspirational updates.

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  1. Jass from Mix Twist

    This is the real discovery for me for social media. And I was really missing it from the very beginning of my blogging life. Awesome article that would lead peoples like me to learn extra things for SMO.
    Jass recently posted..Fast Wireless Internet Options Facilitate Better CommunicationMy Profile

    • Srikanth AN

      Thanks for your positive reply. But, yes, you shouldn’t neglect social media for whatever business purpose. Nowadays, it has become a must for businesses of all sizes to have a social media plan.

  2. Tanya

    Thanks Srikanth. I have never really used stumbleupon before, but keep hearing more and more about it. I’ll have to focus on this site as well as facebook to get my referrals up. I’ve checked it out a bit and it seems very neat for finding content that interests you, so thanks for the tip.
    Tanya recently posted..Best Computer Reviews and PC DealsMy Profile

  3. Srikanth AN

    Nice that it helps you sammy. I discovered about StumbleUpon almost a year ago and kept on learning more and more about it, and i must say, If used properly, SU brings in more traffic to your blog than Facebook can do!

  4. Carl

    StumbleUpon is one of the best social bookmarking websites that really can drive descent traffic. I personally have receive more than 500 hits overnight, just from StumbleUpon, but it pretty much depends on the topic and business niche of the website.
    Carl recently posted..Portico HeightsMy Profile

  5. Aakash

    I am not able to understand the feature of that and how to use that.
    Aakash recently posted..Are You Joining Wordcamp 2012 Cuttack With Us [Opportunity]My Profile

  6. Srikanth AN

    Hello Aakash, The is an URL shortening service by SU. Go to and either sign up for an account (recommended if you are looking for advanced tracking) or simply enter in an address that you would like shortened. Then, take that URL and share away. You can track traffic, clicks, referrers, Stumbles, and retweets all in a very appealing visual format. Give it a try.

  7. matt from Video Game News

    Thanks for the pro tips on StumbleUpon. its crazy how important social media is for blogs…Though i wonder if pinterest is going to overtake stumbleupon in the long run…

    • Srikanth AN

      Yes, you’re right. Pinterest seems to overtake major social media platforms in the long run. However, all those are speculations, Pinterest is no doubt growing fast compared to the rest. And thanks for your comment.

  8. brian says:

    Thanks for the good advice regarding to Stumbleupon. I am trying to get to grips with the major social media platforms so your information will prove very useful.

  9. Charles from Michigan Web Design

    StumbleUpon is great for driving mass amounts of traffic to your site. Insanely high bounce rate though. It’s the ADHD of referrers.
    Charles recently posted..What is SEO and why you should care about itMy Profile

  10. DiNaRa says:

    I those you have hesitated if to go to the social network, they will go there for sure as according to your stats it looks very very attractive for traffic and for business.

  11. Alicia says:

    Interesting sharing of information! Thank you!
    For a web newbie like me, StumbleUpon is truly an eyeopener! Thanks for recommending it ^ ^
    Alicia recently posted..Whitelight – Best Portfolio Theme from WooThemesMy Profile

  12. Jasmine from Top Web Hosts says:

    I have stopped using Stumbleupon for quite some time. But now that you brought this up, suddenly SU looks interesting again. Haha… will perhaps check them out again and give them another shot. SU should have improved tremendously… interesting interesting.

    Jasmine recently posted..Best WordPress Web HostingMy Profile

  13. Edward Young from Outsourcing Philippines says:

    I have been doing some experiments with Stumbleupon. And I noticed that you can actually have good traffic with it. But that depends on your content. It should be appealing and worth sharing to the audience. Otherwise, you won’t be successful . It also has the potential to give you more backlinks.

  14. Salman from Tech Blog

    Though stumbleupon gives exposure to the content, it also increases the bounce rate because SU users are always in a hurry…

    Haven’t tried SU’s paid discovery… Gonna try it

    Anyways a great share Srikant
    Salman recently posted..Nokia Lumia 610: Affordable Lumia SmartphoneMy Profile

  15. Ujjwal Kumar

    StumbleUpon is a nice place to discover new things. I’ve been using it since a year but I’m too lazy to actually use it to drive some traffic to my blog. I’ll try to implement your tricks and drive some traffic to my new blog.
    Ujjwal Kumar recently posted..Windows 8 will come with a new shiny logo, here’s what it looks likeMy Profile

  16. Danny says:

    Great post! Stumble upon is without doubt one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog.

  17. Before reading the post I was totally unaware of the power that stumbleupon possess. Now surely gonna use it.
    Thanks for sharing
    Geek Revealed recently posted..Enable Facebook Timeline for PagesMy Profile

  18. Google Play says:

    The tips shared here about getting traffic from StumbleUpon are really master piece.
    Google Play recently posted..Download Google Play Movies apk fileMy Profile

  19. In my experience, stumbleupon traffic is super low quality. Zero conversions from hundreds or thousands of visitors. For me it was not worth the time it took to get it. Made my analytics look good for a moment, but didn’t go anywhere. I think partly tho this is because my sites are quite nerdy, solidly useful but not having “viral appeal”. I think stumbleupon traffic will work much better if you do entertaining “viral content” as opposed to more nerdy “value content”.

  20. NsfGirls says:

    Interesting post. I’m very frustrated with SU, sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it just makes me angry!

  21. Very true we should not be sharing our own stories only on SU. We should be submitting interesting stories from different websites that we find while browsing. As the popularity of our SU account increase, we will start seeing some views against our submitted stories.

  22. Srikanth AN

    Thanks christopher, I blog often to spread and share information, you can read more informative content by me at Infworm. I deeply believe in sharing information and making the world a more better place. This is a deep insight into StumbleUpon, which is very less often written upon topic. Thanks once again for the positive reply.

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