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Safe and Effective Link Building Methods

| April 1, 2012 More

Having a safe and effective link building strategy for your web site or blog is now more important than ever. With the recent search updates and changes by Google, link building networks such as BuildMyRank are shutting down their sites and services all together. BuildMyRank was a massive blog network that people could get link backs to their web site after they had submit original content. Long story short, Google de-indexed their whole network and completely wiped out their business and they closed shop next week.

With Google making the rules up an we continue to jump through ropes to try and keep our sites at the top of the search engines, it’s best to play by the rules and build an effective and safe link building structure that will continue to benefit our sites in the coming years and months. Sure, you can buy cheap links through services like Fiverr, or maybe even jump to the new BuildMyRank alternatives like Link Authority, but the quality and future of these traffic and link sources are surely up in the air.

For times like these it’s best to focus on quality and real back links that will stand the test of time. Below are three safe and effective ways for you to start building out your web site or blog through content and link building methods.

Guest Blog Posting

At the top of any site’s link building list should be guest blogging. The concept of guest blogging is not only extremely effective, but it’s also free. When writing quality content and guest posts for blogs like this one, you are not only gaining a link back but also relevant traffic and real people. When you are “buying” links through other networks or services, you are usually just getting the link. With guest blogging you are not only getting inbound links to your sites, but also people who are actually reading your content then maybe even visiting your site afterwards. Out of the free link building methods out there, guest posting is one of the best and most effective, but it also takes time to search out the best and most relevant blogs that you can start writing high quality content for.

Article Marketing

Gone are the days when you could setup an author account on EzineArticles, publish a few articles and rank really well in the search results. It did work for many years, but once Google put one of their updates into affect last year it pretty much wiped out the content farms and article directories that they once had. Still, many people do rely on article marketing and when done correctly it can still provide quality backlinks that will be around for a while. There are still plenty of high Page Ranking sites that offer do-follow links in their articles and author sections, so if you like writing or outsourcing, this can still be a quality addition to your link building strategies.

Press Releases

There is always an ongoing debate about the power of press releases and how effective they can really be. Some people say they have little to no effect on SEO, while others say they can bring in a lot of traffic and attention if you write them properly. Through press releases and submission services you can get news out there about your web site and blogs on some of the most well known sites on the internet. All of these press releases will include information and backlinks to your web site, though most of them will be no-follow.

Depending on the advertising budget you have, there are a few different options to choose from. PRWeb is the most popular service for press releases and distribution, but they are also pretty expensive. An alternative solution is, which will write your press release for you, then manually submit it to over 150 directories. The prices comes out to around $1 per submission. Again, like article marketing you might not find immediate or the best results from press releases but it will add a nice mixture of incoming links and traffic to your site over time.

Creating the Best Link Building Strategy for Your Sites

When it comes to link building, there is no secret and magic bullet. Many programs out there will sell the dream of a one click solution for ranking at the top of the search engines, but they never work. The best way to find great results and build an authority site over time is to focus on great content and natural links. Along the way you can focus some effort on the link building methods above, while also using social media and bookmarking efforts.

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Zac Johnson is a online marketer with over 15 years of experience. You can view my personal blogs at and I am also on the Board of Advisors with

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  1. Greg Gordon says:

    Some great advice in this article. I feel Press Releases are one of the most effective way for new sites to get a few good high PR links to their site and also at the same time announce their new site or new features. I have done this a few times and saw good results. Also as said above there is no quick way to success. It takes patience and determination to see a site recognized by google and other search engines. And if the site content is not good or the site useful then it does not matter in the end how many links you can get to a site.

  2. Carl

    Link directories and forum signatures are also safe way for link building. Actually everything is safe when it is done properly and again the best is to diversify link building as much as possible.

  3. John from thesearchsource

    This was really an interesting article. No doubt, Link building is an important part of today’s SEO functions. Link building requires you to establish and share link relationships with different authority and relevant sites. Also since Google uses links to measure the authority of web pages, it becomes one of the most vital methods to improve page ranking, online visibility and traffic. Keep up the good work.

  4. Kristen says:

    Guest blogging is on top of my list, too. Nothing beats credibility and quality content.

  5. I think article Submission and marketing is the best way to promote any website, but one thing that have to Keep in mind that your article do not have Bulk or Unnecessary link Just Use the work as Link between your article

  6. Ayush Agrawal

    Guest posting has always worked for me. Not only do I get backlinks to my website but also my website receives more exposure.
    Ayush Agrawal recently posted..Angry Birds Space – Angry Birds blast off into SpaceMy Profile

  7. Great article on effective link building methods. Link building is most important for every website. Through this link building only you can improve your website visibility in search engines. I like Guest Blog postings and Article marketing more. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  8. Peter Lee from Computer Blog

    What about blog commenting on a mixture of dofollow and nofollow blogs? Isn’t that a safe and effective link building method too?
    Peter Lee recently posted..Technology : Are We Too Plugged in to it?My Profile

  9. I’m done with press releases and article marketing. Check the last PR you did and if it was more than the months ago I want you to do a search for the title of your PR in google, with quotes. You’ll find only one or two pages in the SERP worth a darn, the rest are junk.

    You money and time are better spent guest blogging, commenting, and creating link bait. Otherwise the “easy” links don’t last very long OR don’t seem worth the effort.
    Analysis and Review recently posted..Ubuntu 10 LAMP Optimization GuideMy Profile

  10. Dragos says:

    With the latest Google updates you have to be very careful with the ways you build links. Guest posting and comments is always a good strategy.

  11. John


    I agree with you, Guest blogging and press releases are on of the best practices in order to get risk free quality links.

  12. Zac Johnson

    Definitely, along with all of the sites that used BMR as their only link building resource!

  13. Priti says:

    Guest blogging is indeed the best option for link building. It benefits in more than one way by also providing good exposure to you and your blog and chances of getting more readers. Also commenting can be a good way to get links especially after the advent of various WordPress plugins which can easily check most of the spams.

  14. Adeline

    The methods listed here are safe and effective, for sure, but its manual and time consuming. Something like cooking in the crock pot rather than the microwave.

  15. It’s refreshing to actually come across a safe and effective article regarding link building. I get tired of seeing all the advertisements for “buying” links. I’m glad google has caught on to this and is doing something about it. Thanks for another good post.


  16. Inspiredbycreativityjewels says:

    Great article, I notice you didn’t mention social networking sites. I do think press release can be successful, but it depends on how it is promoted.
    Blogging is a area I don’t do much of, however Google seems to love high content blogs and social network sites.

  17. I have read many blogs and found good and informatics but this blog has simply thrill me with it designs, colour combination and the most important thing real information. I have found only genuine and useful information on this blog.

  18. Stan says:

    Article marketing is a great idea. There are a few services that help you get one article to multiple sites, but after using them for a long time, I found that a more effective way is to cherry pick where you want your articles to be seen. Hard work, but pays off. Thanks for the post. Keep them coming!

  19. Nelson

    How about combining all of the above. You should never limit yourself to just one strategy. Its competitive out there. :)

  20. toys

    The only safe and sure link building method is to provide something so compelling that people choose to link to it.

    What will happen if you have the finest page for any given topic on the internet? In all likelihood it will be found, it will get traffic and it will generate links.

    In the long run this is probably a more effective, and ultimately easier, strategy than any other you will come across.

  21. Hi
    I partly agree and partly disagree commenting on ezine articles with the article. It is for sure guest blogging increases eye balls and increases brand awareness, whereas articles also play role for increasing visibility because the articles gives more content and recent trends which updates information. SEO is such a creative and competitive environment has to take part in every step.

    • Justin says:

      I just agree with you a half of the idea. Because the content bring not too much traffic to your website. I own a e-commerce website and i usually put my website on forums and link back to my site.
      Justin recently posted..VirtualPremise.comMy Profile

  22. Hydropack says:

    Being fairly new to the SEO scene, I’m all for whitehat seo techniques. I see a lot of successful bloggers talk about guest posting but my problem is writing good articles for the web. Does anyone know of any books or sites with tips/techniques/advice on writing quality articles that they would recommend?
    Hydropack recently posted..Hydropackulicity TestMy Profile

  23. Margaret says:

    We have built our policy for link back. All link must have page rank 2 or more, and related with our site. As a result, our page rank increase by 1 point for 2 months. But i think only us can apply this policy because we have thousands of website for link back.

    • Roxanne says:

      Yes, i agree with you, Margaret. If you have thousands website, you can make your page rank increasing fastly. But you can built link back from other resources.

      • Jonathan says:

        If you own thousands websites you can make big big money for long term. You can obtain any keyword and you can sell any thing you want through internet.

  24. James says:

    I want to share my idea about SEO, a differentlt thinking. I mean the cost of SEO. The salary for link building staff can be lessI think we could use the cheap labour in asia to do the SEO work.

  25. shanw voge says:

    offsite seo is really a tricky task ..Anyone can place the link but what is the purpose of that link will it index or not its so important ..Now a days as google updated the crawl algorithm the good links will remain un effective but bad ones will remove and the rank will drop considerably
    shanw voge recently posted..IEEE Revises 802.11 Standard – 2012My Profile

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