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OnPage Optimization SEO Techniques to Reach Google Front Page Easily

| April 12, 2011 More

Actually, to be frank SEO is unpredictable aspect. Though many people around us claim that they can book a spot for certain keyword in Google Front Page or Yahoo First Place or Bing 3rd Place regardless for them it doesn’t matters about the Search Engine. Certainly, if you go up with them then surely you are wasting your money, infact it’s not a normal thing to reach Google’s front page. But few people who claim themselves as SEO Experts (they don’t deserve it) will tell you by showing the entire world in their palm.

You are not supposed to believe them, since SEO can’t be assured. SEO is just an experiment, you keep on working in various ways inorder to reach your goal regardless how much time will it take to reach the goal and how much time you are going to enjoy the success. Here, in this post I’m going to explain Few basic things that you need to follow while writing articles in your WordPress blogs.

onpage optimization

Onpage SEO Optimization

OnPage Optimization Techniques that you need to Take Care while writing Posts.

  1. Use Keywords of the article within first few words of your title tag.
  2. Use target key-phrase in Meta Description of article.
  3. Atmost just use 3-5 words in your URL, with atleast 1 keywords included in that.
  4. Use proper description by placing the keywords as file name and alt tag for images in the articles and also always maintain Search Engine Friendly Image Size.
  5. Use Italics for “names of anything” and Use bold <b> tag for important notes and keywords. Make sure you use atleast one Keyword must be placed in <b> and </b>
  6. The most targeted, relevant as well as competitive article should have a link from every other page of your blog.(which must be inclined anchored the Keywords for best results)
  7. Focus at least one strong keyword for each and every post(very relevant and relatively competitive) and one specific. Focusing on same keyword for 2 or more posts will give the moral boosting if you have interlinked those posts perfectly.
  8. The Most Important aspect is to remember that you are writing for people not for search engines. So, never over-do SEO by bolding all keywords, or placing <h1> or <h2> tags by crossing the limits which ultimately results in sandboxing of the blog/website.
  9. Use your creativity and never keep SEO in mind while writing posts just make sure the keywords are at the right places during the time of proof reading you post.
  10. WordPress has few good plugins which help you define your site architecture very well which in turn.

Thanks a lot to Kothapally Arun Kumar, who helped me in making my strategy perfect for OnPage Optimization. By Following all these 10 Strategies, you can sure be into Top Places in Google, Yahoo or any other Search Engines. I have been following all these 10 Tactics for each and every post in my blog, and now my Search Engine Traffic is up by over 59% over past 2 months.

Hope these Techniques comes handy for you in making your posts Search Engine Friendly.

This is the Guest Post Submitted by Siddartha Thota who writes about Acer Laptop Computers by reviewing them closely and also experiments various possible ways to Get Facebook Fans.

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Siddartha is a Part-Time blogger who blogs at GadgetCage and also started a Joint Venture WP Skool. He is a freelancer, SMO expert and His areas of Interests were SEO, Social Media analysis, testing and coding.

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  1. Salman

    Great tips for On-page optimization…I follow all of the them and the result is just awesome
    Salman recently posted..Mouse Not Working Guide to Using Keyboard ShortcutsMy Profile

  2. LatestWorld says:

    Thanks sidduz! your suggestions seems to be easy and many of us in the need of this strategy to get their link at top of Google search. Also your way of explanations is so simple and effective. Thanks.
    LatestWorld recently posted..The First Human RobotMy Profile

  3. Tuan says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips about on page SEO.
    I don’t follow any specific rules like you mentioned above as I just want to perform SEO naturally on my blog. At least, it is still working well in my case.
    Tuan recently posted..iPhone 5 Will Not Be Released Until ChristmasMy Profile

  4. sidduz says:

    @All Glad you Guys Liked it. Still More Techniques to come. Stay Tuned :)

  5. Riya

    These are very basic things but sometimes becomes very confusing.
    Riya recently posted..HostGator Coupon Codes- Latest Promo Discount Vouchers Daily UpdatedMy Profile

  6. Anu

    SEO starts with On Page Optimization and continue with Off page optimization.
    Anu recently posted..FBI released a memo that proves aliens landed at RoswellMy Profile

  7. A good website structure optimization is essential for having good page rank. Can anyone refer me any post about website structure optimization ?

  8. sophie says:

    Nice post Siddartha, but I can see on the info that W3c validation is recommended, and we all know that it doesn’t help at all with SEO.
    sophie recently posted..Piloter une Ferrari 360 modenaMy Profile

  9. Jasmine says:

    Great tips. I am sure I will need to follow these on-page seo techniques to build up my pagerank. Haha… what do you think?
    Jasmine recently posted..HostGator Coupon Code – 1 Cent OnlyMy Profile

  10. Sam says:

    Great post which keywords you are mentioned for On Page Optimization i think these are the enough for get success and get better page rank in google .
    Sam recently posted..Summer Holiday PackagesMy Profile

  11. Andreas from Blog Advertising says:

    You should also internally link your documents with relevant anchor text, internal links are a very powerful tool to tell google what specific pages are about and which relevance they have in comparison with each other.

  12. Anna says:

    I have one new piece of information (at least for me it was new) – that we have to type in bold our keywords. Or maybe I have missed something?

  13. kavita says:

    good tips .. it really need a great deal of hard work to reach on the first page.
    kavita recently posted..Lyric of Crush SongMy Profile

  14. Kashif from Sample Letters says:

    Very interesting and informative post, I was aware of some of these strategies but some are quite new for me, I don’t know about bolding your keyword in the page..

  15. krishna says:

    nice article and very informative for me,
    krishna recently posted..Free Gprs In Tata Docomo 3G For Mobile And Pc With HighSpeedMy Profile

  16. Robert says:

    I think everybody will agree with this graphic related to on-page SEO, however SEO is based on 2 things, on-page and off-page optimization. Both are going hand in hand and can’t do any good without each other.

  17. Very good article, great tips, Thanks

  18. Smith says:

    Good tips for SEO. I think SEO specialist confidence is right to earn their lively hood.
    Smith recently posted..Featured ProductMy Profile

  19. Nipon says:

    You cannot reach top page with on page seo opmisation alone.
    Nipon recently posted..Spice C 3300 Price in India Rs 1-500My Profile

  20. Fawad says:

    I like Seo,it is a really good,Thanks for sharing about OnPage Optimization SEO Techniques..
    Fawad recently posted..Character Reference Letter ExamplesMy Profile

  21. This is certainly contains very well laid out tips for On page optimization, but I agree with Nipon that you still need to take account for off page factors getting to the top.

  22. Luis Posselt says:

    My take on the On-Page SEO is that will work great for keywords with low traffic. But if you want to beat the big ones, Off-Page SEO is the way to go.

    In my personal experience, Off-Page SEO is more valuable than On-Page SEO, but that does not mean I don’t do On-Page SEO.

    You can achieve the same results without any On-Page SEO.

    I say this by experience not because I just read it elsewhere. But yes people can disagree and that is totally fine for me.
    Luis Posselt recently posted..Tutorial JoomlaMy Profile

    • Tim says:

      I agree with you, off page seo is where you can win the game.

      The main advantage of on page seo, however, is that it is so much easier… :) (and it does help your rankings)

      A few more things I found useful:
      - try to keep your important content only one click away from your homepage
      - links in the content are considered to be more important than links in the sidebars/footer
      - make sure googlebot can access your pages – do not make it hard with javascript menus, links in flash files, iframes, etc.
      - if two links point from a page to another page, only the first link, and its anchor text, will count (the link that is first in the code)
      Tim recently posted..The effects of smokingMy Profile

  23. A very informative post! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Carlos says:

    No doubt OnPage Seo can be of great help, but its really back links and other promotional activities that can push you right to the top, There’s only so much you can do to make you page SEO optimized. Nevertheless the guidelines are really good and will help explain this to others. Thanks a lot for that.

  25. Anoop Menon says:

    nice post, very informative for me. Thanks

  26. Jean Marot says:

    Utilizing tools like portfolio optimization technology allows media managers to think strategically about paid search campaigns and shift focus to more value-added activities such as expanding keyword lists, adjusting advertising creative, and testing landing page response rates

  27. Tony says:

    If we can do good on page optimization with some off page tips, we can easy to getting on #1 with some low competitors keywords.
    Tony recently posted..Google Nexus One Updates Android 23My Profile

  28. Rajan Balana says:

    Nice article, I will take care of all these terms and rules. Thanks for the awareness :)
    Rajan Balana recently posted..Micromax Dual SIM 3G phone – Micromax Q80 Specs &amp FeaturesMy Profile

  29. Michal from Sponsorship letter says:

    I read your entire post it is too good and I like this most your information about On-page optimization is too useful for me,Great tips for On-page optimization.thanks.

  30. ToTo says:

    all my website google ranking is downing now. I don’t know how to save them.

  31. Lauren Bennett from Affiliate Marketing for Dummies says:

    Linking out to trusted sources is also a good way to optimize your page, knowing that search crawlers love content that reference back to authority sites. Building internal links to and within your new content is also a good way to increase indexation and crawl rates for websites :)

  32. Thanks for the nice and informative tips on the onpage optimization techniques. I’m new for onpage process so that It’s very important to me.

  33. SEO & SMO techniques really effective to make the websites enable to achieve the highest position on leading search engines.

  34. On page optimization is very important part of whole optimization process because its help to make more suitable keywords and find out the friendly way of optimization.

  35. greenlants says:

    Hey sidduz,

    Very nice informative post, will be easy for people new to SEO to understand! Nice chart showing the steps for on-page SEO also. It can be daunting at first when you are trying to learn all the steps for SEO, this article helps with a big chunk of it for sure. I wish I had read this before I was new lol.

    greenlants recently posted..Kate Perry – Firework-Free iTunes DownloadMy Profile

  36. Ted says:

    Thank you for the tips it’s always good to have a reminder as well as an update on the good seo practices. Learnt a few other things too.
    Ted recently posted..Microsoft Natural 6000My Profile

  37. ashish says:

    perfect tips for bloggers out here…
    ashish recently posted..TechnicalSafari Give Away- in Domain For FreeMy Profile

  38. Ankit says:

    Great tips! SEO is a very unpredictable field with rules always changing. I currently work for and our work constantly has to adapt with new rules and standards that come up.

  39. Audrey Ross from Miami waterfront homes for sale says:

    I absolutely agree with what you said. I don’t think that there is actually a secret in the ranking method into getting into the first page really quickly. However, SEO can be broken down into the tips that you mentioned. Those are all tried and tested techniques. You will just have to observe how your site rankings progress, and make adjustments from there.

  40. baagdi says:

    Wow Buddy Thats Call The Real Blog This Blog Is The Gold

    Mine Who Find The Real Art…………

  41. Sagar

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips, was not aware that placing keywords into and tags can be useful. Will keep these tips in mind before writing a post.
    Sagar recently posted..Best Free Video Player Applications for AndroidMy Profile

  42. All your SEO tips to get to the front page of Google are very reliable tips to go from when you build a website.

  43. Palmdale says:

    From what you mentioned, a lot of it is how you write the post, which makes sense. If people like it, Google will too. The fact is that Google is getting better all the time at separating the good writing from the bad.

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