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OIOpublisher Coupon Code – OIO Publisher Review

| March 14, 2011 More

This post is a OIOPublisher review and contains the latest OIOpublisher coupon code. All the opinions mentioned in the post are the author’s views and are unbaised and not at all influenced by the vendor. The post contains affiliate links which may or may not get the author commissions when you buy from the vendor.

Banner advertising  is one of the oldest and the most popular form of monetization that a blogger uses to earn money from his blogs. There are many forms of banner advertising that one can use like for example contextual advertising like Adsense, CPM advertising like Technorati Media or Private Ads sales using BuySellAds or other banner ads marketplaces.

In this post we are focusing on Private Ad Sales.  When it comes to Private Ad Sales, most of us depend on third party providers like BuySellAds and AdvertiseSpace (Banner Ad Marketplaces) to sell and manage our advertising spots but the problem with those kind of marketplaces is that when our advertising slots is sold through their marketplace, they keep almost half of whatever we earn. Now, how fair is that, when you do all the hard work of getting traffic and popularizing your site.

OIOPublisher is a perfect answer to that. OIOPublisher is a php ad management system as well as a WordPress ad management plugin which will let you maximize your advertising sales and revenue as well as automate the management of your advertising slots. The good point about OIOPublisher is that you do not have to pay any fees to anyone when you sell an advertisement (except the one time investment you make when you buy the plugin).

OIO Publisher Review – Why Should You Use OIOPublisher

Lets face it, there are many bloggers in the internet who do not earn much from Adsense because their blog may have a non-paying niche, may not have a niche or may not have that much traffic to earn from Adsense. Or it maybe that they think that displaying ads from private buyers will earn them more money. So most of the time these bloggers start selling private ads using banner ad marketplaces or by selling the advertising slots manually. The bad thing about banner ad marketplaces is that they deduct huge amount of your income by keeping them as commissions for selling your ads and the defect of the manual system is that you need to do a lot of hard work to search and contact advertisers and to persuade them to buy your ads. Also advertising management becomes a hell of a job when you do it manually. So what should you do then? You should start using this fantastic plugin/script called OIOPublisher. OIOPublisher enables you to do the following things:

  • sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews
  • display ads on any website you like using php or javascript
  • show your own default ads until slots are purchased
  • convert website visitors to sales staff using the inbuilt affiliate program
  • sell digital products using custom purchases
  • Ad rotation
  • Ad performance tracking for both advertiser and website owner
  • Automatic campaign expiry alert to advertisers
  • Managing paid review sales
  • Collecting feedbacks from advertisers

OIOpublisher automates all of the above and more for you. You can install it as a standalone script for your website or as a WordPress plugin if you have a WordPress site. The installation and setup is very easy and you will be able to get it up an running in no time. In addition, your website also gets listed in OIO Publisher’s exclusive integrated marketplace which helps you get in the sight of advertisers at once. Another good thing about OIOPublisher is that you can use it not only to manage banners or adverts but also to manage guest posts and paid posts. Now how useful is that?

OIOPublisher costs you only 47$  for a lifetime Unlimited usage license. This is a one time investment and obviously better then paying any third party site almost 50% of your income as commissions every month. Future updates are obviously free

OIOpublisher Coupon

As I said above the normal cost of OIOpublisher is 47$ but using this new OIOpublisher coupon for September 2011 you can get 10$ discount which means you will now be getting OIOpublisher only at 37$. To reveal the OIOpublisher coupon code just click on the button below:

The OIOpublisher coupon given above will be updated monthly. Be sure to bookmark this page to know the latest OIOpublisher coupon code if you decide to buy it later.

Have you used OIOpublisher? If yes then how was your experience, do comment

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  1. don’t have funds to purchase it… :P is it really helpful ??
    Pradeep Bhandari recently posted..Gmail Introduces ‘Click to Call’ Phone Numbers FeatureMy Profile

  2. Slappy says:

    I’ve so many sites using this system, though it does sound and look good I don’t think my funds will stretch to that just yet, but I do find the fact that you keep 100% of sales very appealing ;)
    Slappy recently posted..Syndicate Your RSS Feed with a Subscription from BlogEngageMy Profile

  3. TechChunks says:

    After seeing so many positive reviews on OIO Publisher, it’s time to give it a try. Thanks for the coupon code :)
    TechChunks recently posted..Google Search Goes Social- 1 Button to Challenge Facebook’s Like ButtonMy Profile

  4. Andy says:

    Probably I will give a try, I am thinking of new kind of promotion for up coming project and this will fit perfectly.

  5. web apps says:

    It is a PHP based ad platform with a focus on performance, control and ease of use. It allows you to easily serve advertising on your blog.

  6. Hokya says:

    i think its function can be replaced by another free plugin found in WordPress org :D
    Hokya recently posted..Gmail Motion- Google Prank on April FoolsMy Profile

  7. Bob says:

    Ok, this sounds really interesting and surprisingly I’ve never heard about OIOPublisher before. I’ve seen my AdSense earnings going down year after year, so I think I will definitely give OIOPublisher a try.
    Bob recently posted..Backlink Energizer – The Ideal Tool To Get High Rankings For Your Sniper SitesMy Profile

  8. FredG says:

    I’m thinking about giving it a try.

  9. shak says:

    It is a PHP based ad platform with a focus on performance, control and ease of use. It allows you to easily serve advertising on your blog.
    shak recently posted..LED Outdoor Garden LightingMy Profile

  10. Fawad says:

    I also would like to say that It is a PHP based ad platform with a focus on performance, control and ease of use.Thanks.
    Fawad recently posted..Character Reference Letter ExamplesMy Profile

  11. Fawad says:

    well thanks for this sharing for all users.
    Fawad recently posted..Character Reference Letter ExamplesMy Profile

  12. Great article and Inspirational post for all users,It is a PHP based ad platform with a focus on performance,thanks for the post.

  13. Thank you for sharing this information useful. I will explore further before acting on OIOPublisher
    Forum make money recently posted..emailcashprocom scam or payingMy Profile

  14. web hosting says:

    You can do a lot of things using that.

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