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HOW TO: Increase Pinterest Followers

| May 25, 2012 More

By now, you may already have known what is Pinterest. It’s one of the largest growing social networking sites. Well,  many use Pinterest to drive fun and many Internet marketers use it to drive traffic and money. This article will not show you how to drive traffic and money but, it’ll show you how to increase followers, which may increase both traffic and money.  Increasing Pinterest may not be useful right now, but they may really help in the future. In this article I’ll show you few tips to increase your Pinterest followers.


1. Pin Awesome Images!

Pinners won’t follow you unless you have something interesting in your Pinterest Boards. So, the first thing you’ve to do is find some cool pictures and pin them. There are many site which provide you free wallpapers and pictures, you can pin images from there(if the website allows you to do so).

Stumble Upon is a great place where you can find awesome images, you just need to add “Photography” as an interest and then start stumbling! Then, you’ll find many iamges, some aren’t pinnable, you need to save them in your computer and then upload it to Pinterest.

2. Don’t Keep pinning images only from your blog!

I’ve found many Pinterest users pinning images only from their blog to increase their traffic. But, it doens’t obviously work for them, and they too don’t increase their followers. People are not interested in images from your blog posts(they maybe interested in a few pics, but this is not in the case of all), so this is a really bad way to increase your Pinterest followers.

3. Don’t Pin For Traffic

Let us think you’ve a blog whose niche is Cancer/Surgery/Dental or anything similar, and you want to increase traffic to that blog using Pinterest, then  pinning images from your blog posts would be a bad idea, since no one is interested in checking those Dental/Surgery pics(some maybe interested). So, it’d be better if you pin other images too.

4. Increase your pinning exposure!

Now, after you’ve pinned enough images(200+ would be great!), you need to gain exposure. So, that people will know that you’re here(in Pinterest). There are two great tips to increase your exposure.

1. Keep Commenting

Comment in pics pinned by other Pinterest users. Immediately after you comment, the person who pinned the image will get a notification about that, and he may check your Pinterest boards and if he likes your pins, then he may follow you! To keep increasing your Pinterest exposure, keep commenting  as much as you can,.

2. Keep Following

This method is the same as commenting, you need to follow a Pinterest user and he’ll know that you’re following him via Notification, he may check your Pinterest board(s) and may follow you. Keep following until you get bored

I hope you’ll increase your Pinterest followers, hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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Paul Santosh is a 15 year kid blogger from India. He loves blogging, social networking and having fun with friends. He writes at Smart Blog Ideas and Blogger Bin. Increase Pinterest Followers, website visitors, Facebook visitors and much more here - PublicMonkey

Comments (27)

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  1. Carl

    As every social network and sharing website, the only required action is to be social. Honestly, I am getting follower naturally and haven’t worked much on this strategy.

  2. Sonia says:

    Such a great guide to increase my followers! I admit it, it makes ma always upset if somebody only pins content from his/her own blog. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips, I’m sure I’m going to have great results!
    Sonia recently posted..bölcsességfogak eltávolításaMy Profile

  3. Sanjib Saha

    Some good tips i must say. Creating a good number of Pinterest followers is very much needed if you are planning to succeed in the online business world. Pinterest is really helpful for making profit. Though i dont do anything except pinning the articles, but i think building followers is very important and i should give a good time to it. Your tips will surely help me. Thanks for sharing!
    Sanjib Saha recently posted..Top 5 Android Apps for StudentsMy Profile

  4. And share your Pins with your social accounts! Yes, it also really helps when you post not only awesome images, but with variety as well. The more boards you have, the more niche and targets you get the attention of.

  5. Trung Nguyen

    Very useful guide to help us get more Pinterest followers, keep sharing your experience.
    Trung Nguyen recently posted..5 Aspects on Webinars for Continued Engagement With CustomersMy Profile

  6. Thank’s for sharing it really helps a lot keep on posting to increase my knowledge, I am following Pinterest.

  7. Dentist says:

    I agree with having 200+ repins. My post has been repinned for 367 times now and still counting. And with those repins, I got like 14 followers. Not bad for a start, I tried pinning my Blog and ualaa! I did got traffic but not as much, so prefer working on those good pins so I can get more followers. Thanks for sharing this paul!

  8. Pinterest gets me more than 150 visits to my blog everyday. Though I upload images from my blog too but I also upload other images. Mainly rage comics.
    Divas Chitkara recently posted..How to Recover Deleted Data from Lost Disk Partitions on Windows?My Profile

  9. harley says:

    Interaction is very important to get notice in pin interest. And uploading eye-catchy picture will attract people.

  10. Abhimanyu says:

    Well, I run a GFX blog to promote my logo design services and I’ve been getting unbelievable exposure via pinterest. It almost went Viral!
    Abhimanyu recently posted..10 Best Must-have Games for Your Android DeviceMy Profile

  11. sanjeev says:

    Such an excellent guideline to improve my followers! I confess it, it creates ma always irritated if somebody only hooks articles from his/her own weblog. Thanks for giving your beneficial suggestions, I’m sure I’m going to have excellent results!

  12. Darby D. says:

    I wouldn’t want to follow someone who only pinned images from their blog either, however I feel that if you offer particular services, you are likely to have more success. Such as Abhimanyu who does logo design. Pinterest becomes amazingly vital then.

  13. Bojan

    I still can’t believe the success of Pinterest. And in a such a small time frame… It’s mind blowing. It just fascinate me.
    Bojan recently posted..Discover Yourself: 6 Things You Must Discover About YourselfMy Profile

  14. Shamim says:

    With the domination of Facebook and Twitter, many cool social networking websites are either ignored or are underrated Pinterest is one.

  15. Subu says:

    Superb Post, Interaction is very important to get notice in pinterest.

    Pin those image which are highly impressive and attract other and you temp them to follow you.

  16. india Dekho

    Interaction is very important to get notice in pin interest. And uploading eye-catchy picture will attract people.

  17. Craig

    I think the main mistake I have made is that I have been pinning only from my blog which I realised a few weeks ago was a mistake. Anyway I have started just pinning things I have found interesting along with images from my blog and have noticed my followers increase so thats obviously the way to go. Thanks for the share
    Craig recently posted..Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Techie DadsMy Profile

  18. Glenn from Digital Project Manager says:

    Are you sure you can download an image from one of the sites and upload it as on pin on pinterest? Suggest that the terms be checked

  19. Craig says:

    I don’t think you are downloading the image Glenn just linking to it pretty much what google does all the time. Anyway who would not want their products promoting for free ;-)

  20. Raj Kumar

    Pinterest is really the best social media …………to promote your blog ….atleast its working for my blog

  21. we should follow others in order to increase our visitors and to get exposure

  22. thanks for the tip. i will test and post results

  23. All this information in regards to Pinning is very relevant and makes sense, Most of the part is something that can be called as an “Essential Element”. Thanks for the wonderful Post.

  24. Walter Jeff says:

    I have created my account recently only to watch and share those amazing pictures with my friends but through this article i would love to have my own followers. thanks for sharing these useful tips.
    Walter Jeff recently posted..Bigcommerce ReviewMy Profile

  25. Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your site, and pinterest is another form of that. Pinterest is becoming very big now and is a great medium to help you get more exposure for your site. Great tips thanks for the help.

  26. Alex K says:

    Hi Santosh, Im little bit confused about pinterest because i use this site till 1 year but I have not got more followers for my profile. Can your idea really work for increase follower in pinterest.
    ERP service provider

  27. Prabha says:

    Well, really pretty tips for the fastest growing social community.

    Even nowadays becoming addict with Pinterest and driving more referral

    traffic from there.

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