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Get Paid To Shorten Links – Top Paid URL Shorteners

| February 5, 2011 More

There are many ways through which you can earn money in the Internet. One of them, which you may have not known till now is by using URL Shorteners.  Well, you may be amazed to know that there are many URL shorteners which pays you for using their service. The model through which these paid URL shorteners earn revenue is that they show an advertisement page before the person who clicks on the shortened URL before the person is redirected to the original page. Thus if your website uses a lot of links then you can use these URL shorteners to shorten your links and earn some extra income.

The following is a list of currently working paid URL Shorteners that pay you to use them.


Linkbucks allows you to create links using three ways: sigle links, multiple links and a third option to turn all the links in the webpage to a paying link (using a javascript). You are able to choose 3 type of ads that will be showed when the visitor clicks your link, Intermission ads (shows up before the page you linked), Top Banner ads (displayed in a small top frame above the site you are linking to) and Pop Up ads (which appear as a little pop up window on the page you linked). Also has a referral program which pays you 20% of your referrals earnings, and also a % of the members they refer.

Linkbucks Pays Through Paypal and the Minimum payment request is $5.00 is deemed by people as the best paid URL shorteners owing to its reliability and on time payment. offers two type of ads:  Interstitials (shows up before the page you linked) and Top Banners. offers different CPM rates for visitors from different countries, the top being the US with 5$ per 1000 visitors (for Interstitial ads) and 0.88$ per 1000 visitors (for top Banners). They also have a referral program which pays 20% of all of your referrals’ earnings for life.

Methods of payment are PayPal and AlertPay. Your earnings are automatically paid out on the first Monday of each month once you have earned $5.00 USD or $20.00 if your account was registered before the 1st July 2009.

They have 2 systems, The Paid URL Shortener system and the other is a Text advertising and Interstitial Ads (a full web page ad that appears before the visitor arrives at the actual destination webpage) system to place in your website, for you to earn money. You can decide on what type of system you want to use to earn money. Interstitial ads pay on a CPM basis and rates vary by country of origin. Text ads pay on a CPC basis and earn rates pay by country of origin. Short URL system pays  according to per 1000 visits to your links , the amount will vary by country of origin. They also have a referral system, You can earn an instant $0.20 bonus for each friend that you refer to Plus earn up to 5% of each of your referrals total earnings

Payments  are made through Paypal (your account needs to be verified) and minimum payout limit is 3$. Payments are made daily currently offers three different linking mechanisms. Two options will allow you to earn revenues with your links; Interstitial Ads or Top Frame Banner Ads. An interstitial acts as a brief commercial between the transition of your link and will earn you top dollar. The top frame banner is less intrusive and will display a banner at the top of the destinations page, earning you less then the interstitial. offer  payout rates as high as $5.00 CPM (per 1000 impressions) net to publishers. You can even make money on referring your friends, up to 5 levels!

Payout through Paypal and minimum balance needs to  be $15.


There are three ways to create paying links in URLCash – single link, batch generator and the sitescript (Converts all the link in your page to URLCash Links using a script).  Not much information is given about the CPM rates. You can earn money by referrals too

Payout via Paypal (5$ min.), Webmoney ($20 min.)  and Wire Transfer (100 min.). Payments are made daily. does not offer a lot of features, it is just a simple paid URL shortener. You can earn$2.00+ / 1000 visitors to your links.

Payout through Paypal and  $10.00 minimum payout.

Similar to, does not offer a lot of features, it is just a simple paid URL shortener. You can earn$5.00 / 1000 visitors to your links.

Payout through Paypal and  $10.00 minimum payout. pays $0.003 per unique visitor that views the advert. Similar to, it offers only the simple paid URL shortener feature and does not feature any other advanced features.



Some More  *NEW* Paid URL Shortners

  •  - Pays 5.00$/1000 visits
  • Adflav - Pays 5.00$/1000 visits
  • -  Pays 5.00$/1000 visits
  • - Pays 7.00$/1000 visits
  • - Pays 4.00$/1000 visits
  • AdJoin.Me – Pays 5.00/1000 visits

Payout via Paypal and $10.00 minimum cashout requirement. Payments monthly.

Although I have come across a few other Paid URL shorteners too but all of those are currently not working or not paying. The above listed Paid URL Shorteners are the only ones which are working right now.  If you have a links-intensive website or a blog, you can earn pretty good amount using any of these services.

For getting paid from these sites, you will need to have a registered account at Paypal, if you have not registered in Paypal, you can do so through this link: Paypal Payment Processor

If you have had any experience with the above listed URL shorteners or know of any other paid URL shorteners then do tell us your experience in the comments section below.

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  1. Gent says:

    Here’s another one. $5/1k visitors. You can join for free.

  2. beatcraig says:

    The highest payers seem to be $5.00/1000. Seems like a lot of money, but takes a lot to get there.

  3. j1mb0jay

    Well worth checking out is a fast URL shortener that tracks clicks and can also auto post to twitter and facebook if required by the user.

  4. Roneel Deo says:

    You forgot they pay $6+/1000 impressions and has the highest rate.

  5. Rico says:

    Great list, thank you. I personally used and uses with success.
    Rico recently posted..Zahlt man Gebühren wenn man in einem anderem Bundesland Geld überweist?My Profile

  6. Roneel Deo says: Offers The Best rate Paid to Shorten Links Paid me 8x times fast

  7. Dewatv says:

    thanks for the list. for right now on i’m using adfly & zpages. i used adfly for long enough and it OK with payment but zpages still new one. did anyone use it too? is it zpages OK or not?? thanks.

    • Rizwan says:

      Hello Dear i use Zpage but is best. the earning with zpag is very low and some time they banned without any reason

  8. Devan says:

    I stopped using adfly since they refused to pay me .
    I’m using now, their banner ads are far less intrusive.
    The big banner from adfly reduced my blog traffic. This new adcouch banner is more slick.
    I’m pretty happy with them

  9. abin philip says: is a scam site it never paid to any friend remove that site from your post,otherwise someone will get scamed because of you my friend.also check my blog too,

  10. suheir


    thanks for sharing ,great post
    is adsense accept these sites?

  11. ComyoNet says: offers a new system for shortening, earning and advertising, based on credits system. No timers or skip buttons, advanced anti fraud system, credits market, ability to transfer credits, ability to disable earning or promoting..etc, just give it a try.

  12. John

    You forgot in your list, imho it is the best

  13. arif says:

    You may add to the list. There is a simple free url shortening service, nice statistics, ip tracking. That pays $0.25 for 1000 visitors and a minimum cashout only $0.25. It may be a little, but all of redirect will be paid automatically without waiting a click from visitor.

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