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Free And Premium WordPress Link Cloaking Plugins

| March 21, 2011 More

A few posts back my fellow blogger Sneha had given a great introduction to the basics of Link Cloaking and how and why to cloak a link. Cloaking your affiliate links is really one of the most essential thing you should do if you are into affiliate marketing.  Cloaking affiliate links  is really important to protect your affiliate income since most of the visitors are reluctant to click affiliate links and also using bare affiliate links without cloaking it poses a high risk of commission theft.
Wordpress Link Cloaking Plugins
There are many tools which can help you accomplish the task of cloaking your links, some are PHP scripts which you can install on your webserver and some are online tools like or tinyURL or like the tool right out here. You could also add cloaked links into your website by editing your website codes. Yes, there are many ways to cloak your links but if you are a WordPress user then WordPress link cloaking plugins makes life a whole lot easier. There is a humongous lot of WordPress Link Cloaking plugins in the market today. Here we are going to check out the Best Premium and Free WordPress link Cloaker plugins:

Premium WordPress Link Cloaker Plugins

Ninja Affiliate

Ninja AffiliateMaxblogpress Ninja Affiliate is one of the best Premium Link Cloaking Plugin. It allows you to create and manage cloaked links with ease.  The different features that Ninja Affiliate offers is link cloaking, easy link management, link stats, auto linking of keywords, custom styling of link, option to no follow links, ability to hide links in the browser’s status bar, grouping links, and creating subgroups for a set of links. Support is provided through email and their support forums. At the price of 37$, you are allow to use it at an unlimited number of sites. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee and free lifetime updates.

Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link ProPretty Link Pro is another awesome WordPress affiliate Plugin. Pretty Link Pro will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links on your own domain and server. Not only does it include the basic features of link cloaking, link tracking, link statistics, keywords autolinking, ability to open the link in new window, limiting the number of keyword links per page/post id but also offers some great extra features like the ability to import or export links, auto posting to Twitter,  Twitter conversations panel, social media sharing buttons, and a website toolbar (called the PrettyBar). The cost of the plugin is only 37$ for a Single Site License and 97$ for Unlimited Sites. It also offers a 30 day money back guarantee and the support is through email and support forum.

Eclipse Link Cloaker

Eclipse Link CloakerEclipse Link Cloaker is an advanced link cloaking plugin. It offers some pretty advanced features like automatic link cloaking, ability to choose where to cloak (post or page or both), multiple ways to hide destination url, advanced link management,  automated keyword linking, advanced click tracking, click tracking using Google analytics, ability to generate tracking pixels, ability to add no follow to links and much more. Like other plugins Eclipse Link Cloaker offers a 60 day money back guarantee and free lifetime updates. The price of Eclipse Link Cloaker is only 57$ for unlimited usage on personal sites. Support is through email and support forum.

WP Link Engine

WP Link EngineWP Link Engine a premium WordPress Link cloaking which offers a number of unique features. Unique in the sense  these features are not included in any other premium wordpress link cloaking plugins. WP Link Engine allows you to cloak and mask your links, geotarget your link destinations, restrict who can access (by company/IP or referrer), split test different link destinations and automatically replace keywords within WordPress blogs. WP Link Engine allows the admin to set the expiration dates for links which is an exclusive feature of this plugin. Also it includes a feature of “Guaranteed Wipe”  which ensures that no referrer information is ever sent to the receiving website(s). The price of the plugin is only $79 and you get a 30 day money back guarantee with lifetime support and updates. Customer support is via email. When you buy this plugin you also get WP Split Tester plugin free as bonus. Another bonus that is offered with WP Link Engine Plugin is $50 discount on WP Smart Tools, an affiliate marketing toolkit for WordPress.

WP Traffic Tools

WP Traffic ToolsWP Traffic Tools is an independent WordPress plugin for advanced monetization at a tactical level at an incredibly low price. WP Traffic Tools provides a lot of different features like link cloaking with custom prefixes, target cloaking with iframes, auto-linking of keywords, click through tracking, cookie stuffing, advanced redirection management like excluding non human visitor from redirects, blanking of redirects, tracking redirections and so on. Besides link cloaking features the plugin also provides advances advertisement features like automatic placing of ads based on keywords, url of referer and post content. Some bonus feature of the plugin is that it displays top searched Google keyword automatically at the bottom of the post or into a widget.  The plugin can be used on unlimited sites and you get free lifetime updates. Customer service is provided through email and support forum.  The cost of the plugin is only 57$.

Instant WordPress Link

Instant WordPress LinkInstant WordPress Link is another premium WordPress link cloaker plugins which provides features like link cloaking, link click stats, custom style formatting of links, hide links in the status bar, links in blog posts and comments and site wide keyword auto-linking. Some unique exclusive feature of this plugin include In-text advertising and one touch affiliate linking with Clickbank and Paydotcom. The cost of the plugin is only $47 and you get 30 Days money back guarantee with free lifetime updates. Support is given through support forums.

WordPress Link Cloak

WordPress Link Cloak is a WordPress link cloaker plugin which provides a lot of features at a cheap price. WordPress Link Cloak provides features like Automatic convert keywords into cloaked affiliate links,  ability to customize format and style of the cloaked link, easy backup, ability to export and import shared links and so on. The cost of WordPress Link Cloak plugin is $77 and it offers a 56 day money back guarantee.

WP Affiliate Elite

WP Affiliate EliteWP Affiliate Elite is another link cloaking plugin. Although unlike others it does not boast of any unique features. The plugin includes features like conversion of affiliate links into cloaked links, auto keywords linking, click tracking and ability to nofollow cloaked links. The links are cloaked using WP Affiliate Elite in the format links\links.php link . WP Affiliate Elite can be bought at 47$ and includes free life time updates and unlimited usage rights. You also gets a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

WP Affiliate Pro

WP affiliate proWP Affiliate Pro is a premium WordPress affiliate plugin. The plugin provides you basic features like link cloaking, click tracking, keywords auto-linking, ability to control the number of affiliate links you want on the post, ability to customize the color and style of your affiliate links, and much more.  With Affiliate Pro you can’t simply right-click on a link to see the final destination. With this system your visitors can’t find the target of your link unless they click on it, earning you commissions. Some Exclusive features of WP Affiliate Pro is ability to hide the destination URL in the status bar of certain browsers and the ability to automatically rotate links. The plugin costs $97 for an unlimited install license and also comes with free lifetime update. Support is provided via email. You also get a 56 days money back guarantee.

Affiliate Link Manager

Affiliate Link ManagerAffiliate Link Manager is a premium WordPress affiliate link management plugin from Trips and Tricks HQ, a renowned WordPress premium plugin creator. Affiliate link manager plugin includes features such as keyword auto-linking for pages and posts, autolinking limitations for the number of keywords per post and page, URL shortening, counting clicks, conversion tracking, custom link styling etc. The cost of this plugin is $27 and comes with unlimited usage license. Updates are free and support is given through the support forum .


CloakPigCloakPig is a great new WordPress link cloaking plugin developed and released by a new WordPress plugin provider BlogPig. Some of the great features of CloakPig are cookie pre-loading, customizable format of cloaked link, Auto Keyword Linking, Include/Exclude domain, click tracking and so on. One exclusive feature that CloakPig offers is that of Pagerank Hoarding. CloakPiG’s new Pagerank Hoarder technology will identify when Googlebot is visiting your site and display your pages with NO external links. BUT when a human visitor is identified CloakPiG displays all your links as normal (auto cloaked of course) so you get clicks and of course get paid. The cost of CloakPiG is only $77 for lifetime updates. Support is provided through Support forum. You can get a 7 day trail version of the plugin for 7$ if you want to try it.

WordPress Cloak Me

Cloak Me is a WordPress link cloaking plugin that lets the user create cloaked affiliate links with custom permalinks and redirect unwanted traffic using acceptable useragent detection and/or ip blocking. Some other features that this premium plugin offers is the ability to blank the referral before redirecting and Tracking visitor click-through counts and search engine redirects for each link profile. This plugin has been developed by the same people behind the WP Traffic Tools Plugin. The cost of this plugin is only 10$.

SEO Smart Links Premium

SEO Smart Links Premium is a WordPress plugin that improves the overall SEO strength of your blog by automatic interlinking your content as well as automatically convert keywords you define into (affiliate) links. The free version comes with the option of interlinking your content to key pages deeper into the site improving both search engine rankings but does not have the link cloaking option. The link cloaking option is available in the new Premium version with a host of other features not available in the free version.

SEO Smart Links provides you with many benefits including:

  • Better navigation – gives the user more paths to follow, which may also increase the pageviews
  • SEO – automatically interlinks your pages, passing page rank from one page to another helps your overall search engine rankings
  • Affiliate marketing – you can even use the plugin to create affiliate marketing links with advanced options like link cloaking

Ghost URL

Simply tell Ghost URL which keywords you want it to convert to completely invisible and undetectable affiliate links and it will do it all for you!  Also works retroactively on existing sites as well as progressively on auto-blogs. Price 47$, 30 days money back guarantee.

GhostURL Feature Overview:

  • Protect your commission from affilite theft!
  • Get more clicks thanks to more trustworthy links.
  • Automatically replace keywords on your WordPress site with your affiliate links!
  • Track clicks to your affiliate links.
  • Manage all affiliate links for your site from one central location.
  • Install the WordPress plugin and convert all relevant keywords on your site into Ghost URL links, in just minutes!
  • Automatically monetize all pages on auto-blogs.
  • Use Ghost URL on any website or web-page, using the standalone module (no WordPress required)!

Thirsty Affiliates

The ThirstyAffiliates affiliate link management plugin is a new breed of WordPress plugin that allows you to treat your affiliate links like the assets that they are.

Unlike other plugins that simply redirect URLs, ThirstyAffiliates gives you the control to create a link once, and reference it many times over. Even letting you import your links to other blogs so you only ever have to set it up once.

  • Easy Straight Forward Configuration
  • ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin gives you unprecedented control over your affiliate links.
  • From the editing screen you can manage the link’s forwarding URL, display name, the cloaked url slug, attach images and, most importantly, alter the link’s category.
  • ThirstyAffiliate Link Picker. Select your text and simply tap on the green “aff” button while editing using the Visual Editor and the Link Picker will present itself.
  •  You can choose to insert a regular ol’ link which will wrap the text you have selected with a link to your affiliate link in much the same way the WordPress link tool works.
  • Insert a WordPress shortcode which allows you to apply CSS classes to the link.

Price: 39$ for Standard and 59$ for Premium. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Free WordPress Link Cloaking Plugins


GoCodes is certainly one of the best free link cloaking plugin out there and best of all it is free. This plugin enables you to cloak your links and generate a link which looks somewhat like “”. Besides cloaking your link, it also allows you to add “nofollow and noindex” to redirects. This  option helps a lot if you are redirecting to sites that you don’t know if you can trust. Also Gocodes does not cause any kind of duplication content issues because it uses 301 header redirects as opposed to 302 redirects.

Hidden Affiliate Links

Hidden Affiliate Links is a WordPress Link Cloaking plugin allows you to hide your affiliate links or any other links you want to post on your blog. It can also automatically replace keywords with links. This plugin can function as a link redirector and/or a keyword linker.

Pretty Link (Lite Version)

Pretty LinkPretty Links (Lite Version) is the free version of the Pretty Links Pro WordPress Link Cloaking plugin mentioned above. It does not have many features like the Premium version but just fits the bill if you need a plugin just to convert your link into a cloaked link and manage. Similar to the pro version Pretty Link enables you to shorten links using your own domain name (as opposed to using,, or any other link shrinking service) and also addition to creating clean links, Pretty Link tracks each hit on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. However the free version of Pretty Links DOES NOT come with the autolinking feature, replace linked keywords easily throughout your entire WP blog, and automatically post those shortened affiliate links to your Twitter account. For gaining access to these features you’ll need to purchase the Pretty Links Pro Premium WordPress affiliate plugin.

Link Cloaking Plugin

Link Cloaking Plugin is the free version of the Eclipse Link Cloaker Plugin. Unlike the premium plugin it does not contain a lot of features but it does fulfill the simple job of cloaking your affiliate links. Some of the features that the free version offers are option to choose where to cloak and what to cloak, exception lists, smart cloaking etc. To get more advanced features like the ability cloak links in the your comments and sidebar, multiple cloaking strategies, better organization and management of links, free automatic updates, click tracking, Google Analytics integration, conversion tracking and much more you should get the premium version of the Eclipse Link Cloaker plugin

123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool

123linkit123Linkit Affiliate Marketing Tool is a unique affilliate tool in the sense that is not only a affiliate link cloaker but actually helps you monetize all your keywords in your blog by transforming brand names and product keywords into affiliate links. The plugin connects your blog to your 123Linkit account. 123Links saves you the work of signing up for affiliate programs because they themselves sign you up for all the affiliate programs. Besides providing the URL masking feature, it also also provides features like nofollow-ing the links, stats and reporting etc. It also provides access to 1000′s of Commission Junction advertisers. The only drawback is that 123LinkIt takes around 30% of your affiliate earnings as commission.

LinkTrackr Plugin

LinktrackrLinkTrackr Plugin is somewhat similar to 123Linkit Plugin for using LinkTrackr Plugin you need to have a LinkTrackr account. The LinkTrackr Plugin not only allows you to cloak and track affiliate links but also allows you to convert keywords to affiliate links. Also LinkTrackr allows you to ”borrow” their viral marketing technology for any post, page or content on your WordPress blogs.

EBR Link Camo Link Cloaking Plugin

EBR Link Camo Link Cloaking Plugin is another free link cloaking plugin which has recently been released by E Brian Rose. It is simple plugin which does the simple job of cloaking your link, does not include unwanted features that you do not need. To cloak a link you need to go to “Settings” section in your dashboard and then your need to click “EBR Link Camo” link.  That will bring you to a settings page of the plugin.  The first box is the cloaked name that you want to create and the second box is the actual affiliate link.For example, if your affiliate link is and you would rather make a link to, then you would put “product” in the first box and the actual affiliate link in the second box.

Simple Link Cloaker

Simple Link Cloaker is an efficient free WordPress link cloaker plugin. It is like what its name says – simple and does not include extra unwanted stuffs. After the plugin installation you need to go to the settings -> Simple Link Cloaker section to access the plugin settings and to cloak a new link. You can add, edit and delete cloaked links through the Plugin’s settings Panel.

WP Link Cloaker

WP Link Cloaker is a WordPress Link Cloaking Plugin which enables you to redirect your affiliate links so that the user won’t see they are affiliate links. You can easily cloak as many links as you want simply setting them in the admin panel, without needing to code anything.

Link Hopper

Link Hopper lets you set up tidy link redirection to other websites.  Easily set up links like /hop/google/ to redirect users to This can be useful in masking your affiliate links. If your affiliate link needs to change, you can just change the HOP values in a single place, without having to search your site for outdated links.

Random Links

Random Links is a WordPress plugin that allows you to Create one link that rotates multiple links. Cloak single affiliate links and setup short links that can redirect to one link or many. Redirect multiple links in random or sequential order and view statistics on all clicks.

WP Affiliate Links

WP Affiliate Links is a free WordPress link cloaking plugin which will allow you to convert your links into cloaked links. The usage and installation is easy. The only bad thing is that you will need to fill in a opt-in form to get the plugin.


WP-LinkChanger is a small script for affiliate link masking. That means all of your affiliate links in a post will automatically be changed to an internal file. After installation all links of your new posts can look like http://your.domain.tld/exit.php instead of


BookLinker is a WordPress plug-in that converts existing affiliate links into a list of book resources: Amazon, Powells, and IndieBound affiliate links, WorldCat library searches, and LibraryThing book pages. With BookLinker, you provide your affiliate ID for the three primary book resources on-line, and select which links to display. Any existing affiliate links in your blog will be transformed on the fly to the links you’ve selected. The bad thing about this plugin is that it can be only used for books so it is great plugin if you have blog which is associated with books.

URL Cloak And Encrypt

SEO, Privacy, Encryption, Redirect, Invest and Affiliate Link Cloaker of URL inside your posts. Build in between page with delay sometime to show your ADs before directing visitors to trargeted page.

The above concludes the list of the topmost free and premium link cloaking WordPress plugins. The list is extensive and I hope it will be helpful to the person who is searching for good affiliate tool to increase his/her affiliate sales. If you know any good WordPress link cloaking plugin besides the one listed above or Use any of the above plugin then do comment.

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  1. Anu

    Good post and you have mentioned very useful tools for link cloaking.
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  2. Riya

    Hi Shiva,

    I must admit it’s a good post and I use “Hidden Affiliate Links” on my blog. It’s very easy tool to manage your links.
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  3. Rajan Balana says:

    Huge list buddy, I have to a try to atleast one, but I am using pretty link lite version now and it works finely and smoothly :)
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  4. Pranav Jain says:

    Nice Post bhai :)
    I always use to think how the bloggers use to have outbound URL mapped to their domain name.
    I use to thought that they add a indivivual entry for every link into there htaccess file (Foolish Thinking :P )

    Thanks for introducing me to Link Cloaking :)
    You solved one of the question that was hovering my mind from a long time ;)

  5. Vuong says:

    It is likely the formula Gocode + Ninja Affiliate still the the choice. I see many high profile blogger are using it.
    Vuong recently posted..6 Ways to Bypass New York Times PaywallMy Profile

    • Shiva Chettri

      Yup I use the two but well if we use Ninja affiliate we really do not need Gocodes. I am only using Gocodes along with Ninja Affiliate because before I bought Ninja Affiliate I was using Gocodes and now it is hard to uninstall it since all my old links are with that plugin.

      Thanks a lot for the comment Vuong
      Shiva Chettri recently posted..5 Best Online Image Optimization ToolsMy Profile

  6. Tinh says:

    GoCode is a good and free one but Ninja rocks :-)
    Tinh recently posted..Some Effective Ways for SEO Link BuildingMy Profile

  7. Eclipse Link Cloaker is the best choice as per price, only 57$ and per features.

  8. Rohit Batra

    thanks Shiva for sharing them I was searching for these since quite long time.. I only found Paid cloaking Plugins..thanks for sharing Free one too.. :)
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  9. Suresh Khanal


    Thanks for the great list and wonderful review of each. I’m using PrettyPro and I’m satisfied with it for the cost it deserves.
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  10. So far I have tried only PrettyLink but not a great fan of it. Have to try the other plugins that u have mentioned. Thanks for the useful list.
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  11. Josh says:

    Definitely this are some of the best plugins for affiliates out there. It is a fact that cloaking links can improve conversion and SERP. I am not sure which one of this is better, but I think that all are doing nearly the same.

  12. Swamykant

    It is a very big list. Which you consider as the best ?
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  13. Joel says:

    I used redirection plugin so far but fan of MBP’s ninja affiliate now. Simple and powerful plugin.

  14. Areej says:

    Such a resourceful post Shiva! Although I know and tried many of the plugins mentioned here, there are few that I didn’t know about. We have recently released a plugin that helps you manage affiliate links and track them on Google Analytics. So I thought it’s worth mentioning in such post :D
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  15. Seo Services says:

    WP Affiliate Links seems very useful as it is a free WordPress link cloaking plugin that gives you to alter your links into cloaked links. The installation is also very easy.

  16. Holly says:

    if im reading the info right on my wordpress blog pluggin information, pretty link lite will not let you cloak your affiliate links. you have to get the pro version for that option.

  17. Thanks for the great list of link cloaking plugins. I use the GoCodes plugin to hide my affiliate links.

  18. As always one more big list from you.. And as always great list.. ;)
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    Hey Shiva,
    Thanks for the great list of link cloaking plugins.
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  20. LatestWorld says:

    Wonderful and cool source of income strategy by Link Cloaking . Thanks for sharing this in brief with supporting links.
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  21. Tony says:

    The Ninja Affiliate is a number one and recommended to use, should have and must have.
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  22. Rajesh says:

    Wow man, great post. I guess you have included almost all popular plugins. Great job.
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  23. Aidan says:

    Thanks for creating such a comprehensive list of cloaking plugins! I’ve used the Pretty Link cloaking plugin a lot and find it works very well.

    Some premium wordpress themes that I use actually come with link cloaking built into them and therefore a plugin isn’t necessary…in the case that I do need a plugin for my link cloaking I usually go with the Pretty Link Cloaker free version.

  24. Fran says:

    I am getting started with linking and really don’t have a lot of experience with link cloaking. What would you recommend for a newbie who isn’t very technical? You have a lot of great info here. Thanks so much for all the time and work you put into this post.


  25. DJ says:

    I’ve used Cloakpig for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. If you’re not cloaking, you’rr losing.
    DJ recently posted..TV – Film – Gaming – Indie Film Seeking Edgy Hip Hop- Rock- Metal- Reggae- Surfer etc in Post-ProductionMy Profile

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    I am in doubt, whether gocodes fits for bulk link cloaking or not? any suggestions?
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  27. Shaiq Uddin says:

    I think that you’ve missed SEO Smart Links Plugin…this is because it cloaks and hides the affiliate links but it comes with other features as well? What do you say about this?

  28. You mention at the beginning of the article about non cloaking of links leading to commission theft – can you explain what you mean there?
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  29. Michael says:

    I have a question. I am trying to create links like Digg. I mean, I want to use the link from my custom fields and cloack them with the slug of the post, automatically.

    The post :
    The cloack url :
    and the url : http://newyork.citypuddi(…)ate-twitter

    If you could point me in the right direct, it would be very helpfull. Because I have not clue which plugin do that.

  30. Vijayraj Reddy from Make Money Online says:

    i personally love Ninja Affiliate plugin, its awesome…..

  31. Hamza says:

    Very helpful article I was looking for some free plugins to hide my affiliate links.And here you have compiled a list of all plugins available for cloaking links

  32. Thanks for sharing these plugins along with reviews of that plugins. Unfortunately currently I’m not using any of this so I’m going to use some of them.

    Thanks for this post.
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  33. Kostas

    Link cloaking plugins are very useful if you want your affiliate links to look like they are from your domain, thanks for sharing!
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  35. Lassy says:

    Link cloaking pluggins is easy and fast. Enable to have privacy for the other affiliates that is not willing to switch on that post. Factors that can help to move forward on what you think before. And drives you to the top of your success.

  36. mihaela says:

    Thanks for sharing these plugins along with reviews of that plugins. Unfortunately currently I’m not using any of this so I’m going to use some of them.

  37. MDR513H says:

    I don’t know much of the link cloaking but I am curious about it. Is it safe to use it if you have advertisements on a website or blog. And will it help increasing page rank and avoid link juice? Thanks for sharing the interesting list of plug-ins.

  38. I enjoy using Ninja Affiliate to cloak my links. It does a great job. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra income without leaving your home. I’ve found it helpful to promote affiliates that I am passionate about, like health and fitness, because your recommendation comes off as genuine.

  39. Asif Khan

    The best free link cloaking plugin out there is Affiliate Link Cloaker. It can automatically insert your cloaked links into blog content. It has many more premium features. Check it out.
    Asif Khan recently posted..Best Free Link Cloaker Plugin for WordPressMy Profile

  40. Dorian Greer says:

    Perfect article. Thank you! But BIG question…

    I’m in development of a site right now and realized I needed an affiliate link masking strategy, but was having doubts about many of the systems that have been around awhile because link “cloaking” is very much frowned on by Google (and now also by WordPress).

    I was looking not for link cloaking but link “masking” which is NOT frowned on by Google.

    Though I’m still at odds as to which software to use, your article made the search easier to compare poisons!!

    So far, the only dedicated link “masking” software I’ve found is ClickMeter [ ] and starts out free.

    What do you think? I love to hear your opinion.

    Thanks again; Dorian.

  41. link cloaker says:

    What the heck is link cloaking? To be as plain as possible, cloaking affiliate links is the art of showing your visitors an internal link………..

  42. Great weblog here! Also your site so much up very fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your affiliate link for your host? I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol
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  43. valutakurser says:

    Hi does this plugin still works? :) i need a program where i can try it first, i have been scammed to much on the internet with programs that did´nt worked :(

  44. stuart says:

    No mention of Ghost URL there, have you not heard of Ghost URL or you simply do not rate it?

    I am considering using link cloaking and that was looking favourite but as it’s not on your list…..

  45. Ayush Agrawal from technovalley says:

    Superb List Shiva! Ninja affiliate and seo smart links plugins should be the best. Any ways please also specify which according to you is the best?
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  46. Sagar

    I’ve never used Link Cloaking Plugins on my Blog but after reading this I’ll surely try out one, which plugin do you suggest ?
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  47. Brad Long from Louisville homes says:

    Having such a big list to chose from ensures that there is something for everyone. I have heard of Ninja Affiliate but some of the ones you have mentioned here are kind of new to me.

  48. bilbobagman says:

    I’ve used a few of the products mentioned, free and premium and think Eclipse Cloaker edges out the competition. I think there is also a free basic version of it too, but never used it.

  49. Arsie

    You have quite a long great list here… thanks. :)
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  50. cory says:

    Affiliate link plugins secretly slow down page speed.

    The problem is that a lot of the affiliate link plugins i.e pretty-link lite take up the majority of the server resources when time-tested with all of the active plugins! Who knows of an affilite plugin that does not take up so much of the server load.

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