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Five Different Types Of Websites and What Exactly Is “Good” Content For Each Of Them

| October 3, 2011 More

Good content is a cause of concern for many websites. From Search Engine Optimization to conversion, content plays the most important role in your efforts towards achieving any of these goals. The website that doesn’t have good-enough content can never survive in the longer run. So, if you’re looking to launch any kind of website or online business, you’ve got to pay utmost attention to the efficacy of your content, because content is what will make or break your online business.

different types of websites

The requisite of good content can differ from one website to another. In general, it has to be unique, relevant, and regularly updated but you’ve got to take different approaches for different websites, in order to create content that works. Let’s take a look at how you can build great content for different types of websites.


We will start from blogs because blogs are probably the most fitting type in terms of content, given that they are regularly updated, have unique content because all bloggers have their own style even if they are writing on the same topics, and also because this content usually gets linked by other bloggers. That is why a blog can climb the ranks at Google SERP much faster than any other type of website. So, what’s the ideal content if you are running a blog? First, you have got to update it on regular basis. Try writing good comprehensive posts, and encourage comments. If you are catering a competitive industry, it would be better if you can get some contributors on board (hint: allow guest blogging) because it can get a little difficult to cover everything that’s going around, all on your own. Talking of the content, you must steer clear of unethical tactics like auto blogging, scrapping, or simply rewriting others’ posts. That’s easy content but it will do more harm to your blog than good.

Business Website:

Needless to say that a business website must be having some detailed information about the company, business history, product descriptions, and of course prices (surprisingly many offline businesses are reluctant to give prices on their websites, that doesn’t make any sense and leaves the visitor unfulfilled). Don’t just stop at giving out your business details, you should write industry specific articles every now and then that will be useful to your targeted customers. You can also add a corporate blog with updates from your business or industry. Similarly, there should be a news section that covers the entire industry and new developments.


Online forums or message boards are websites where like-minded people come together and discuss everything related to their industry, or any other topic like sports, music, or politics. Forums with good numbers of memberships get lots of content in forms of threads, discussions, and replies. The downside is that you have got to deal with lots of spam and off topic posts. Remember, If you’re running a forum, you should never leave the “content creation” task solely on members, there needs to be a team of moderators that makes sure that new topics and news are discussed (they can make sure by starting new threads), and people responding in such threads stay on topic (by moderating).

Online Stores:

Online stores don’t usually go beyond adding product catalogues, images and prices to their website. Ideally, you’ve got to add detailed product descriptions along with its strong and weak points, to help users make the best choice. Just like business websites, you can add informative articles for the users. Or you can allow your customers to add reviews for different products. If you can be a little creative you might be able to think of a lot of ideas for creating good content. For example, if you’re running an electronics store, you can create video tutorials with instructions like installing or best usage practices.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate websites usually have nothing but copied descriptions with affiliate links. That might have worked in past but now; you have got to focus on adding unique content on each and every page of your website. Google has been coming down hard on content scrappers, having unique content on your pages along with affiliate links will not only help in terms of SEO, but it will also improve the conversion rate.

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Comments (7)

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  1. Anna says:

    Forum content is very unrelaible in comparison with blogs and wedsites and forums are full of people whoc sometimes have little knowledge in the sphere of the forum.

  2. Misheal says:

    @ Marcus

    That’s actually the point of this article, that all of these sites are different, hence the definition and creation of “good” content differs with each of these type and article has elaborated what exactly is good content for these website. Makes perfect sense :)

  3. Rose says:

    Strategy is completely different, I don’t think much can be done for forums, as forums and social networks are driven by user content. All this points are correct by my opinion, but again it depends on the business niche and strategy.

  4. naomi says:

    Knowing what to post on your blog is really important. I guess, just like what you’ve said quality contents on your blog is a big deal, that’s what makes it competitive from the other. And as much as possible try to connect with successful bloggers as well.

  5. All websites are used for different purpose. I think blog commenting is more effective than forum posting.

  6. Caviar says:

    All websites serve for different purpose and hence the SEO strategy they follow will be different. The contents also differ for each website.

  7. Thanks Robert,

    You have very precisely distinguished the different types of website, as many webmasters are still not aware of this fact and how each needs to be developed, and ultimately the entire efforts they put in are wasted.

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