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Eight Tips To Increase Your Email CTR

| October 9, 2012 More

Looking to launch an email marketing campaign that will have higher open and response rates (email CTR)? Here’s the information you could use.

New horizons

According to a recent study by digital advertising company MediaMind, the click-through rate for an online video is 27.4 times as effective as the CTR for a standard banner ad. Furthermore, surfers are 10% more likely to watch an interactive video ad featuring a survey or a game.

With more and more companies adapting the Video Ad Serving Template, or simply VAST, to boost their online success, it’s time to rethink your tactics to increase your CTR.

1. Send click-worthy messages

About 60% of email receivers read just the headline to make up their mind whether to click or not to click. Make sure that the subject line of your email and the headline of your ad include the key message you want to spread. Opt for personalisation, clarity, consistency and brevity next time you work on a new email campaign.

2. Include less copy

Shorter emails are more likely to be read till the end before the receiver gets bored and deletes the email. The “quality over quantity” rule definitely works in email marketing. Provide engaging information that can be used immediately such as a video, link or helpful tips.

3. Provide social sharing options

Figures show that social sharing options increase click-through rates by 30%. Including three or more sharing options is estimated to boost CTR by 55%.

4. Introduce yourself

Personalising who the email is from helps establish a relationship with the potential customer. An email from a “” may be marked as spam, while seeing “” is likely to encourage the receiver to click open. Remember to include a signature with contact information at the end of the message.

5. Know your audience

Segment your email list instead of annoying potential customers with irrelevant information and offers. A targeted offer is much more likely to encourage the reader to click through. Studies show that companies launching targeted campaigns receive 18% more transactions and 24% more revenue.

6. Edit content

Resist the temptation to include multiple offers and too much information. What’s your goal and who is your targeted audience? Want your content to get shared? Write high quality copy while leaving product pages for the next campaign.

7. Highlight your call-to-action

Include an impossible-to-miss call-to-action. Don’t make the reader confused with an offer that’s hard to find in your email. Remember that the reader probably receives dozens of emails every day and has little time to read all of them.

8. Go mobile

And last but not least, remember to make your emails mobile optimised as click-through rates in the mobile space have proven to be quite good, eMarketer reports.

These are the tried and true ways to improve your online presence in general and boost email click-through rates in particular.


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  1. Errol says:

    These are really great tips! we are going to try some of these in our next campaign.

  2. Alex says:

    Solid tips. I hadn’t known the numbers behind video, but it’s good to put some numbers behind my hunch. Thanks!
    Alex recently posted..Happy Thoughts List – One Productive NightMy Profile

  3. Carl

    Being realistic it pretty much depends on the niche and how email list is collected. For sure title is very important and consistency of sending newsletter too. For sure some niche have higher CTR compared to others.

  4. Greta says:

    Great tips, but I want to test it first. Some people don’t like it when being found via email, I’ve got some really bad and unexpected experiences with the number of unsubscribers…
    Greta recently posted..Teljes fogpótlás fogbeültetéssel: a protézis alternatívájaMy Profile

  5. Arsh says:

    Yes rightly mentioned the most important point is short and effective emails lets see if these tips comes handy with us in our campaign.
    Arsh recently posted..Samsung launching Samsung Galaxy S III mini today.My Profile

  6. Kal

    It is possible to increase email CTR, for sure the above tips are very useful. I think it takes some time to get into right direction and for sure extensive tracking is absolutely necessary to determine how to get higher click rate.

  7. Felicia says:

    These are certainly great tips on increasing your email click-through rate. I too don’t like going over long emails. In fact, if I’m not even satisfied with the title or the title doesn’t get my attention, I usually just delete it. When I make my email marketing, I sometime refer to my action on how I read or ignore email marketing campaigns.
    Felicia recently posted..Howard Lederer Received Death Threats At Las Vegas CasinoMy Profile

  8. Mel from PartyBus says:

    There is a lot of helpful commonsense information here, particularly pertinent is the call to keep your email subject line pertinent and personal and the content brief and interesting. We need to work on some the other points you make! Thankyou.

  9. Morgan

    I agree with Felicia. The subject line is so important, over hype the subject and your subscribers will quickly lose interest if the article content does not live up to expectation. The next email will simply be deleted and your trust has gone.


  10. Michael

    Getting people on your list is only the initial step. It is another story to get people to read and respond to your email. Great tips especially going mobile. Will need to put this in the coming year planning.

    Michael recently posted..How To Get Visitor To Continue To Read Your BlogMy Profile

  11. Divyansh

    Worthy tips, but still would like to recommend keeping a close look on number of emails you send daily to your audience, else they might restrict you with a filter to spam folder
    Divyansh recently posted..4 Effective Tricks to Earn Money from BloggingMy Profile

  12. Jasmine says:

    Love your tips. It’s important to have a really catchy subject line. My experiences show that you will get more open rate if your subject line promises a great offer or promotion.

    Your content need to be short and precise too, otherwise many people will just hit the spam button!
    Jasmine recently posted..Web hosting types comparison InfographicMy Profile

  13. Michael says:

    It makes sense that a mail should be short…But what if you have some interesting facts/ data that are convincing and that you can display in bullet points in the email? is it already try-hard? also, if you can offer a free, valubale pdf attached to the mail, should you send it out with the mail?

  14. Hi Mike,

    A fabulous post with a useful subject. Emails are used for various purposes but yes they are being used for promoting concepts and businesses. In such cases, the tips you wrote above should be followed without doubt. Short and crisp mails get registered easily and the rest go to the trash.
    Sanjib Kumar Saha recently posted..Sneaky Ways on How to Meet MenMy Profile

  15. Fabrizio

    Brilliant tips, for me knowing your target audience is so crucial in delivering the right type of resourceful content to your existing list. Subscribers put their trust in that you will give them what they want to read, and the products they will be interested in. Thanks
    Fabrizio recently posted..DreamHost Promo Code: $75 Discount October 7 Days OnlyMy Profile

  16. Nishadha

    I think segmentation is the key for high CTR, especially if you have large number of subscribers with diverse backgrounds.
    Nishadha recently posted..Creating Captivating Videos for Your WebsiteMy Profile

  17. barak says:

    good article i think that good ctr is deppend not just the domain or site elase the content, graphics of the site, the visualition of the site, fast site or slow site memory and more

  18. RajKumar

    Go mobile. Truth to the core since we have discovered earth goes round, and never rests, we haven’t stopped and have been on the move. The mobility assures your presence,help and service. So I find it to be a great tip. The other points you have enlisted should be used. Emails should be short, apt, and less hectic to deal with.:)
    RajKumar recently posted..Apple iPhone 5 vs. Motorola Droid Razr HD MaxxMy Profile

  19. Alicia says:

    These tips are great. I will use some of them in my next email marketing campaign! I am sure the CTR will increase tremendously.
    Alicia recently posted..Lucid WordPress theme reviewMy Profile

  20. Isabell

    I don’t think that email marketing is the effective way to attract clients. Anyway, I use it and will try your tips. Thanks!
    Isabell recently posted..New SMSCoin Payment Gateway AddonMy Profile

  21. Andrea says:

    Great tips, and they’re especially useful for me because I’ve just started my online business in the last couple of days. I really like your point on the importance of finding the right audience and going mobile, it’s interesting but true that more than a half of the online shoppers do their shopping from mobile devices.
    Andrea recently posted..A gyermekemnek kitörött a foga, mi a teendő?My Profile

  22. Joe LaMarr says:

    Great tips, thanks a million! I’ll be applying them just as soon as I can. :D

  23. Johan says:

    Thank you for the super informative tips! We appreciate it!


  24. Santosh says:

    Hi Friends
    Excellent Post. Thanks for share it. This was a really good post. Spending some time and actual effort to produce a great article…
    but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot
    and never seem to get nearly anything done.

  25. it is a very good site and i got more informition .

  26. Lauren says:

    well This is really Good article. Its a fact that testing is not just for subject lines! I personally recommend for test everything that can – this list is great starting place – test everything on it!

  27. Michel Tubro

    Email Marketing is becoming viral now days. All business/organization should use Email Marketing techniques to spread your business. In case of increasing the click through rates of your email we all must follow the tips that are mentioned in this post.
    Thanks a lot for this post.

  28. This is really Good article. Its a fact that testing is not just for subject lines! I personally recommend for test everything that can

  29. Philip A. from Residual Income Online

    Hey Mike,

    Great post, just wanted to say that first.

    I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to building an email list, but I’ve been developing a plan to start this soon.

    Now I want your honest opinion on this one. I’m a new blogger with a low budget, what’s the best solution for me for an autoresponder service?

    All the best to you, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Philip A. recently posted..How to start a successful blog that stands outMy Profile

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