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BuySellAds Launches Sponsored Tweets Feature

| March 27, 2011 More

Most of us webmasters already know about Buysellads. It is one of the best banner marketplace online.  BuySellAds is a very important tool for making money online for webmasters because it opens an avenue through which a lot of advertisers can come to know about the advertising opportunities in your blog. If you  do not have a BuySellAds account till now but have a high number of targeted niche traffic, you should certainly sign up for a BuySellAds account and easily sell your advertising spots to a large number of hungry advertisers in the BuySellAds Network.

BuySellAds just recently has added a new feature of Sponsored Tweets. With Sponsored Tweets you can offer advertisers to buy a sponsored tweet from your Twitter account. You can specify the cost of your tweet (The minimum price is 10$). Your sponsored tweet listing will be added to your Publisher dashboard as a property and will be displayed along with your other adzones in the BuySellAds directory.

The Sponsored Tweet feature is a great new feature for a webmaster to earn some extra moolahs (money) because nowadays almost all webmasters have one or more twitter accounts. I think many of you have already used this model of selling tweets for money with and Well, those services are good too but the amount of opportunities offered there and the earnings in those services are very low for a person having average followers. With BuysellAds, the minimum cost of a tweet is 10$ which I think is pretty decent cost per Tweet and also there is the possibility of getting more advertisers as there are a huge number of advertisers in BuySellAds network.

How to Add BuySellAds Sponsored Tweets Listing?

It is very easy to add Sponsored Tweets listing to your site’s listing in BuySellAds.

First, just login to your BuySellAds account, after that go to Sell Ads section on the navigation menu. A Dropdown menu appears, Click on Properties

Then after, the properties page will load, in that page all the properties/zones you have in your website(s) will be displayed. You need to click on Add Zone to add a new Sponsored Tweets Listing

Buy Sell Ads

A new Add Zone Page will open, You will need to choose the ad format as Sponsored Tweet. You can also add a simple note/message to advertisers. Below that there is the option to add your Twitter handle and below that you need to add the cost of the sponsored tweet. (Minimum 10$).

Buy Sell Ads


You can check out Netchunk’s listing on BuySellAds to get more idea of how the sponsored Tweets listings are displayed.


If you do not like the concept of BuySellAds and want to manage advertisements all by your own and keep the whole amount of revenue generated, you may also want to check out OIOpublisher, we are offering an exclusive 10$ OIOPublisher coupon for our readers. Read this post for accessing the coupon – OIOPublisher Coupon

You may also alternatively want to read about BuySellAds Alternatives if you are not being able to get approved with BuysellAds – BuySellAds Alternatives – Top Banner Marketplaces.


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Kori is the editor and owner of Netchunks, a premier blog about Webmaster and Blogging Tips. She intends to make the web a friendlier place by sharing info and articles which will help other webmasters and bloggers to become successful online.

Comments (18)

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  1. You have $72.50 in your BSA a/c, great I have as much you can never have its $00.00.. :p
    Back to topic: Soon a option is going to sell ads per post on Facebook.. That time our friends will be the victim.. And I think, I don’t think I am sure, posts are being getting sold but not using any 3rd party service..
    Saket Jajodia recently posted..Improve Your Picture Quality Without Using Photoshop Or Any Other SoftwareMy Profile

  2. that’s the really cool feature i saw that two days ago, but not useful for i am not able to get any slot sold :P
    Pradeep Bhandari recently posted..Winner Of Reseller Hosting GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Anu

    Hi Shiva,

    This is totally new for me but it’s a opportunity to earn decent dollars. :D . But I have a doubt why advertisers would like to buy your tweet, what benefit will they get?? I know I might sound dumb to you….. :( Actually I have no idea about it.
    Anu recently posted..Waves are getting bigger as per new researchMy Profile

  4. Riya

    My few friends are already using it and told me to create my own account but I was lazy at that time but after knowing such new interesting feature I surely going to have an account. Thanks for the great info!! ;)
    Riya recently posted..HostGator Coupon Codes- Latest Promo Discount Vouchers Daily UpdatedMy Profile

    • Nasir says:

      Don’t be lazy and not to wait for further satisfactory informations, all are valuable and fruitful but should manage in a proper way as mentioned above. Best of luck!

  5. I too want to join BSA network and have applied also, hope to get approval from there side.
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..How To Know Whether You’re A Fan of Nokia or NotMy Profile

  6. Sam says:

    BuySellAds got new feature, I really liked it. Thanks for the update.
    Sam recently posted..Summer Holiday PackagesMy Profile

  7. Jasmine says:

    It’s great to see new features being introduced on BuySellAds. The tweets is a greet opportunity to earn some more moolah! Will check it out in detail later.
    Jasmine recently posted..CoolHandle Professional Web Hosting ReviewMy Profile

  8. Lakhyajyoti says:

    I have applied to BuySellAds several times.But my blog is not accepted till now.Hope the new feature will both the advertisers and publishers.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..Facebook Tips to Help Improve Your Online PresenceMy Profile

  9. Joe says:

    this is one of the best news i’ve heard today :) looking forward to see what how bloggers and advertisers will react to this
    Joe recently posted..Bootscharter HollandMy Profile

  10. Jake says:

    nice idea… but isn’t this against twitter TOS? are they allowed to do this? i know, i haven’t read their whole TOS, but I think you can get banned for this

  11. Jason says:

    Wow, this is really great money making opportunity. I am not sure about the requirements, but I am sure I will qualify as I am very active on Twitter. This can really make good extra income.

  12. karan from Link building tips says:

    This seems to be a great new update.
    Looks like now we can earn some quick money via twitter.

    But I agree with Jake, isn’t it against twitter’s TOS.

  13. Salman

    Looks like a great update….. at BSA !! Will be looking forward for using it
    Salman recently posted..Nokia C5 – C Series Smartphone ReviewMy Profile

  14. Tuan says:

    What a great new feature they have added. However, BSA doesn’t work on my site as I couldn’t sell a single ad. Now I just get over 300 followers, so it will be more difficult to sell tweets too. I will come back to the service when my site gets more exposure.
    Tuan recently posted..Summary of my Blogs for MarchMy Profile

  15. Robert says:

    I’m very interested in this but so far only Sponsored Tweets has given me any real offers at a consistent basis. I tried be-a-magpie too but I don’t think they let you profit just by posting, only sign-ups.

  16. Atulperx says:

    I have noticed this function but I think it will take some time to workout for everyone . Big traffic blogs can make some good money but I noticed that few low traffic blogs with 300 to 500 followers charging around $10 per retweet . I don’t think that it will be worth that amount and how do advertisers know the quality of followers .
    Atulperx recently posted..3 Column Blogger Templates CollectionMy Profile

  17. LatestWorld says:

    A very useful and full of informatics post. Thanks Shiva, as almost all of us want to earn money from their blogs by different resources in which this buysell add is also a good opportunity.
    LatestWorld recently posted..The First Human RobotMy Profile

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