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Basic WordPress Server Maintenance

| January 22, 2013 More

Most of the maintenance on your actual server will be handled by your WordPress host. There are some things that you’ll likely have to do yourself, however, and these basic WordPress server maintenance tasks can improve the performance of your site. Here are some simple ways to keep everything running and secure.

Change Passwords

At a maximum of a 72-day interval, change your server administrator password and the passwords of all the accounts on your server. Sometimes, you can ask your webhost to configure a forced password change if you can’t do it yourself.

Clean Directories

Like any other file directory—digital or physical—a WordPress file directory will get bloated over time. Go through it now and then and delete any content you don’t need. One way to reduce the amount of clutter on your server is to adopt a cloud storage strategy for elements such as pictures and video.

Update Everything

Unless you’re on a dedicated server, your web host will likely update all the server operating software for you. You’ll have to update your WordPress installation, however. This is a two-step process it can be taken care of through the admin panels.

  • Update your WordPress installation
  • Update your theme

If you have additional technologies on your server, you may have to update them manually. Remember that some WordPress plug-ins will also have their own, separate updates. Shopping cart plug-ins, for example, are oftentimes updated to improve their security.

Validate Your Code

If you work on the source files for your theme or your install, make sure you validate them after you may any changes. This is just being smart. If you’ve introduced an error into your code, it will be a lot easier to fix it if you check for it right away instead of having to troubleshoot your way back to it later. You can validate the code at several different sites.


These will usually be handled by your webhost. You may want to back up your WordPress installation, however, to make sure that you have a version that you can revert back to if you make changes you didn’t mean to implement on the site.

There are two things, at least, that you’ll need to back up: your database and your WordPress install. These backups can create very large files but, if your site isn’t that big, you probably won’t have any trouble with file sizes. Make sure you ask your webhost who often they backup their servers and get an idea of what’s involved if you have them restore your server. You can come up with an emergency plan better if you know what the recovery process will actually involve.

Make sure to check with your host to see if they have tools available to help you with backup tasks. If you have a commercial WordPress theme, make sure you back it up before you apply any updates. This way, you create the equivalent of a restore point on your computer for your WordPress theme. If the update turns out to be a problem, you’ll be able to reload the old version.

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  1. Darnell Jackson

    Good one Irene,

    What ever you do just make sure you back up everything FIRST.

    That way if you screw up something “cleaning up directories” you won’t be hosed.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..Galaxy note 10.1 versus the iPad 2 – Which one is better for Your Online Business?My Profile

  2. Nishadha

    Another important thing you can do is clean up your databases. Reduces server space and speeds up your blog. There are plugins that do this for you so no excuse not to try. This is really effective if you have huge number of revisions of blog posts saved in your databases.

  3. Vivek Bhatt says:

    I also believe that Cleaning Directories and Back up’s are the Main thing that should be surely done to any WordPress Blog. this is the superb post.
    Vivek Bhatt recently posted..LG Optimus G Pro Price| Features And SpecificationsMy Profile

  4. Tushar

    Check web server log files for any hacking attempts. Always use the updated version to be secure from attacks.

  5. Isabell

    Good tips! Thanks. Backup is the most important part of online work.
    Isabell recently posted..V.6.1.2 WorksForWeb Classified Software Is Now ReleasedMy Profile

  6. Plabon says:

    This is very nice post on Basic WordPress Server Maintenance. Most of the maintenance on your actual server will be handled by your WordPress host. This is really effective if you have huge number of revisions of blog posts saved in your databases.
    Thanks for your sharing.

  7. Greg says:

    Great tips, will keep these things in mind from now on.
    Greg recently posted..Top WordPress Web Hosting Companies 2013My Profile

  8. Preston from Intel Core says:

    One of the main things we should check with our hosting providers is how often they do regular back-ups. This is one of the critical aspects of choosing a host.
    Preston recently posted..Instagram Feeds now accessible via Web BrowsersMy Profile

  9. Jonathan says:

    I change passwords every other month to have more security but I’m not aware that other things should be updated too, like the themes, wordpress installation and I sometimes forget to clean my directory. Glad to have stumbled upon your post, it reminded me of WordPress maintenance I sometimes take for granted.

  10. abhishek

    regular maintenance of wordpress site and its server is very important. I have ignored this thing. From next time I will do maintenance regularly
    abhishek recently posted..Implementing Advance GTMetrix Recommended Techniques on WordPressMy Profile

  11. Peter says:

    These are simple tips, yet very essential specially to a WP blogger. I couldn’t imagine a blogger who does not do these things.
    If you don’t change your password, sooner or later someone might breach it. If you don’t backup up, you might end up loosing what you have worked for. and so on… I would also suggest to check regularly your webmaster tools account and analytics, and check your website, visit random pages and try to find something that might not be right.
    Peter recently posted..Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud: Which to Choose?My Profile

  12. Live PC Guru says:

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    Live PC Guru

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