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At its best, is open source unbeatable?

| November 27, 2009 More

When an open-source project is working optimally, can proprietary-software companies hope to compete?

Eat my dust, proprietary sloths

Greg Kroah-Hartman, a prominent Linux kernel developer and Novell fellow, suggests that the answer is no. Speaking to the How Software Is Built blog, Kroah-Hartman makes the case that the pace of Linux development leaves competition in the dust:

[The Linux kernel development team adds] 11,000 lines, remove[s] 5,500 lines, and modif[ies] 2,200 lines [of code] every single day.

People ask whether we can keep that up, and I have to tell you that every single year, I say there’s no way we can go any faster than this. And then we do. We keep growing, and I don’t see that slowing down at all anywhere.

I mean, the giant server guys love us, the embedded guys love us, and there are entire processor families that only run Linux, so they rely on us. The fact that we’re out there everywhere in the world these days is actually pretty scary, from an engineering standpoint. And even at that rate of change, we maintain a stable kernel.

It’s something that no one company can keep up with. It would actually be impossible at this point to create an operating system to compete against us. You can’t sustain that rate of change on your own.

Microsoft might beg to differ, as would Apple, but the reality is that neither is updated as often or as extensively as Linux is, which supports a far broader hardware portfolio than any other operating system in existence.

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  1. Kevin says:

    It is true that the proprietary systems cannot compare with the updates that the Linux kernel comes up with. There are far too many enthusiastic people working on it to support far too many hardware platforms. But that is about the Linux kernel. There are several other open source projects that either enjoy the same level of support or have very slow progress.

  2. i do agree….

    the open source are in much demand and are in the true and the most important part of today………….
    Digital Imagination recently posted..TuneUpMy Profile

  3. Jane Araguel from Grand Harbor condominiums says:

    I totally agree! Linux extensively update their system. Aside from being an open source, I think it’s one of the reasons why it’s the leading operating system when in comes to servers.

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