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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Traffic Exchanges

| July 13, 2010 More

A few posts back, I had discussed about Generating more Traffic using Traffic Exchange widgets. Though I did not really give my full verdict on the use of traffic exchanges, I really wanted to know the implications of using traffic exchanges.

I then decided to do some research on it. So after doing some research I have come up with this post. I will try to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of using traffic exchanges.

Advantages of Using Traffic Exchanges:

1) The main and utmost advantage of traffic exchanges is that it can give you more traffic without doing much work. The traffic exchange widgets that I mentioned in the last post can give you about 150 to 300% more traffic.

2) This traffic gained from traffic exchanges can do many things for you, Most importantly It can make your Google anlaytics and other analytics graph look much better and thus if you are selling advertising in your blog/website you may get more advertisers and higher prices.

3) You do not need to buy PPC click traffic or banner Advertising in any other sites to increase traffic. So traffic exchanges can help you save costs.

4) Traffic generated from Traffic exchanges can help a newbie blogger who does not have much readers to get some new readers.

Disadvantages of Traffic Exchanges:

Now lets see what are the disadvantages if you use a Traffic Exchange to drive traffic to your website:

1) If you are using a traffic exchange site which use credit system ( Sites where you gain credits for surfing other sites in the traffic exchange network and then the credits are used to display your site’s advert)  you can become hooked on surfing and forget to devote time to the rest of your business.

2) The conversion rate of this traffic exchanges networks are very small, you need to do a lot of testings to get the best results.

3) Your bounce rate may increase to very high rates since people are interested only in the page that has been advertised, they do not care to visit the other part of the site. Sometimes the visitors remain for less than 10 seconds on the page which drastically affects bounce rates. Many traffic exchanges offer Auto Surf options with a timing of 10 to 60 seconds which can make your bounce rate climb Mount Everest.

4) Google has strict policy against using traffic exchanges in web pages which are using Adsense. Users who wish to use traffic exchanges should create separate  pages for advertising in Traffic Exchanges.

The following are specifically some added disadvantages of using the Traffic Exchange Widgets that I had shared a few posts Back (Thanks to Sourish of

1.  If you are on shared hosting then Sites like 2leep can send 150 + visitors at a moment, this will cause the server to crash and your hosting will suspend your account.

2) Adding More Widgets may increase your site load speed which may in turn lower your SERPs

3. Using MKTGID and 2Leep has its own disadvantage and advantage . 2leep wont give any clicks , but will return 500% extra traffic . MKTGID , will give you 1-2 click every 100 visitors , but the widget links are dofollow , so your Pagerank will be leaked to MKTGID. Also they sell ad spots in your widget which you may not know, but actually are adverts.


You should only use traffic exchanges if you are in dire need of traffic. If you have good enough organic traffic then I do not think there is any need of using traffic exchanges.

Even if you use Traffic exchanges, you should redirect the traffic to your squeeze pages, affiliate links or auto responders so that you can get most out of the traffic.

And about the link exchange widget, you already read what an user of the widgets wrote. Now, I leave the decision of using those widgets upon you

Chow for now! Got to work.

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Kori is the editor and owner of Netchunks, a premier blog about Webmaster and Blogging Tips. She intends to make the web a friendlier place by sharing info and articles which will help other webmasters and bloggers to become successful online.

Comments (35)

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  1. Tek3D says:

    I tried using a traffic exchange service a year ago, it brought me more over 2k readers each day. But you know what happened after I stopped using the service? Traffic dropped dramatically and returned to the level like before. So I guarantee that traffic exchange is a complete waste of time and money.
    Tek3D recently posted..Technology Highlights – Week 27My Profile

    • Shiva Chettri

      Yup bro, Traffic Exchange can bring only one time visitors who are not at all interested in the content of the site

  2. Chethan says:

    I have used mktgid got daily around 200+ unique visits.. now disabling it.. ur post made an impact
    Chethan recently posted..Set Google Over SSL encryptedgooglecom as HomePageMy Profile

  3. Sourish says:

    google adsense is not against traffic exchange , otherwise sites like realitypod wont place adsense ads. Google worries about invalid clicks and bad content/ links . Recently i went through some widgets on techpaparazzi belonging to wahoha [another 2leep type ] , with erotic pictures . That’s offensive.

  4. Ricky says:

    I am always afraid of big G. Apart from that such widget doesn’t increase ur conversion rate. Stay away from it.
    Thanks for the tip buddy.
    Ricky recently posted..Download Wine 12 RC 7 Wine 12 Final Release Is NearMy Profile

  5. Himanshu says:

    I want to improve my traffic….
    Himanshu recently posted..How to Change Google Homepage LogoMy Profile

  6. i think google must be more sensible , we bloggers have the right to bring traffic and have our blogs read by people all over , invalid clicks are genarated only when ads are placed in wrong locations . I can say that out of the 7-8k visits 2leep gave me before i stopped it only 1-2 clicks were made . so that is ok for me

    • Shiva Chettri

      Well Google fears that they are going to get more invalid clicks if the user uses Traffic Exchanges so they have added this policy. But still yes you are right, bloggers should have the right to decide how they bring traffic

  7. Staven says:

    Using traffic exchange is meaningless. This kind of traffic does not convert anything, it can only increase your Alexa traffic rank, but nobody really cares about that. The key to sales is organic SEO or proper PPC campaign.

    • Shiva Chettri

      Well yup so I am trying to show my fellow readers as to what are the disadvantages of Traffic Exchanges. SEO is always far better than traffic exchanges. Thanks for the comment Staven

  8. Siva says:

    Yup.. The bad thing is Google adsense don’t like it. But 10 to 15 visits from this does not affect this. I used in my another blog (all though it was a different form of Traffic exchange) and 10 to 15 visits a day din affect or ban me ..
    Siva recently posted..Contest-Free Rapids for your RapidShare Premium accountMy Profile

    • Shiva Chettri

      Well 10 to 15 visit really does not generate clicks but when visits are about 100 to 200 visitors a day (2leep etc bring that kind of visitors), you are in quite a risky position

  9. Avi Singh says:

    I seriously don’t want to improve traffic that way……
    I consider only organic traffic …… and traffic from my fellow bloggers :)
    Avi Singh recently posted..Fastest Way Check Pagerank- Alexa Rank- BacklinksMy Profile

  10. Charmaine says:

    Thanks for highlighting the pros and cons.
    Charmaine recently posted..Korg MICROSAMPLER Sampling KeyboardMy Profile

  11. Shawn says:

    I haven’t used traffic exchanges yet, really due to the fact I haven’t even finished my first quarter yet. Once I have four or five months under my belt for all my blogs I may venture into some other traffic generation tatics

    I’ll keep this post bookmarked for that time : )

    Shawn recently posted..The Shouldnts of SEOMy Profile

    • Shiva Chettri

      Well Shawn, actually traffic exchanges are not recommended since there are more disadvantages than advantages. I would not recommend you to use it

  12. Andreas says:

    Traffic exchanges were invented in 2000-2001 but were later replaced by social bookmarking sites and social media sites which create more targeted traffic than traffic exchanges can produce.

    • Shiva Chettri

      Yup you are right Andreas, traffic exchanges have become old age now, social media sites are the new way of getting more traffic

  13. TechChunks says:

    Interesting post!

    I have been contacted by MarketGrid since a couple of weeks and I’m still hesitant to give them a try. Here are my Top 5 reasons of avoiding any traffic exchange sites:

    1. Very low conversion rate.
    2. No returning visitors.
    3. Google hates them. They hate them even more if you are using Adsense.
    4. PR leakage.
    5. Allowing them a good amount of your site’s digital real estate to display ads even without you knowing about it.
    TechChunks recently posted..3 Top Rated Digital SLR Cameras of 2010My Profile

  14. for me there are more disadvantages than the advantages coz the sites which claim to be providing a white hat links also indulge in black hat……..

    So just staying off from link exchange
    Digital Imagination recently posted..Linux lovers to loathe the iPadMy Profile

  15. abbasi says:

    i had traffic exchange software on my site i.e but i removed the widget can anyone tell me by removing widget have i remove the exchange software as well because adsense always reply to me that Unacceptable site content: Your website contains content that we do not
    allow at this time.Whatis the problem?

  16. Mallu says:

    I used and it sent me traffic but visitors from 2leep did not click the ads
    Mallu recently posted..Hot Movie ScenesMy Profile

  17. Nice idea i prefer to use this widget of mgid.
    Sudeep Acharya recently posted..Appear offline to your friends in FacebookMy Profile

  18. Salman

    Great post .. Truly said that one should not use traffic exchanges if they are getting decent organic traffic !!
    Salman recently posted..Toshiba REGZA 19P2 – Battery Powered TVMy Profile

  19. Aman Arora says:

    Nice pros and cons over there, but I guess I would never use a thing like that. They are just waste :)
    Aman Arora recently posted..Iphone Versus Android [Infographic]My Profile

  20. Jane Araguel says:

    Brilliant post Shiva, you pointed out all the right points. There are many advantages of using traffic exchanges but the disadvantages are more. Regarding Adding its completely true that adding more Widgets may increase your site load speed which may in turn lower your SERPs.

  21. Jane Araguel from Emerald Shores real estate says:

    I never tried link exchanges in my link building strategies. Thanks for sharing. I might include this method in my strategies in the future. Do you have any other resources regarding this technique? I would appreciate if you can post a link. Thanks.

  22. Rasel Rony

    I think the disadvantages of using traffic exchange is more than advantages, thanks for share
    Rasel Rony recently posted..How to: Add Additoional Buttons to Windows Title-bar with eXtra ButtonsMy Profile

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