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6 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Get More Targeted Traffic

| October 31, 2011 More

Most of the bloggers and website owners are aware that a low bounce rate is a sign of a good site or blog but for some this is all unchartered territory and questions arise as to how bounce rate affects to our blog, why we should care about it and what can we do to make it as less as possible.

Firstly, let us understand what is meant by the word “Bounce Rate”.

Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is basically a method to measure the quality of the traffic that comes to your site or blog. It is the number of visitors that opens your website and leave itwithout viewing any other page. Through bounce rate, you can know the exact value of your blog or site. As an example, bounce rate 30% is much better than 75%. An ideal bounce rate is always less than 50%.

Following are the six effective ways to reduce the bounce rate of your blog or site to get the targeted traffic:

1.)    Use Relevant Keywords for your web page

Choosing relevant keywords play an important role for targetingsignificant traffic. Using relevant keywords, tags and content and posting them to the appropriate pages by selecting correct categories attracts the right traffic to your site and as a result your bounce rate reduces.

2.)     Improve Your Web Page Loading Time

Users like those websites which open instantly without taking much time to load. Although the internet speed in present times is very fast due to advanced technologies but still sometimes the websites become so heavy that no user is interested to wait the site loads fully. They just close it and move to the other site. As a result, your bounce rate increases. So you should improve your website’s loading time. If the user is viewing pages via mobile devices, it will affect the speed due to temporary network congestion or high traffic levels. And the use of multimedia, slideshows, scripts, etc also increases the page load time which ultimately increases your website’s bounce rate.

3.)    Put Quality Content to your site

Users are attracted by good and relevant content on your site. It adds extra flavor to your site to stick the readers and also helps to build users trust on your site. Quality Content is the best way to attract huge amount of users to your site. But if your site does not have good quality content then obviously the users will move to the next site and hence, poor traffic brings higher bounce rates.

4.)    Use Navigation Structure Properly

Properly placed navigation on your site also affects the bounce rate of your website. Properly categorized menu on your site leads to the appropriate sections of your website and this help the users to navigate your site easily to the desired page. Hence, it reduces the bounce rate of your site.

5.)    Proper and Effective Internal Linking

Apart from navigation structure, internal linking of the web pages also affects the bounce rate. You should hyperlink your internal pages with the content of the landing page. This is called cross reference internal linking. This is also an effective way to promote your content-rich pages to increase the user’s readership and generate trust. Moreover, you can use the feature “Related Content” to achieve this. If visitors can navigate easily within the websites using internal linking, they will stay on the website which reduces bounce e rate.

6.)    Use of right tools and features

You can use many tools and features on your site to reduce the bounce rate of your site. These tools and features encourage the users to visit the other interested pages of your site and hence reduce your bounce rate. Following are some of those features:

  • Featured Content
  • Top Stories
  • Related Content
  • Popular Content
  • Comments
  • Feedback

Roberta Smith writes for She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.


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About the Author (Author Profile)

Roberta Smith is an avid blogger who likes to write on various interesting and generic topics. She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.

Comments (20)

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  1. Pradosh

    Well writing style matters the most, but also the site should be fact enough to load.
    Who have time to wait minutes to read few words

  2. Allen Edward says:

    Thanks Roberta. I actually got 70% bounce rate from my MMO blog. I don’t know why but my page load time is fast. Does that mean that I have to work on my writing? I’ve found that the traffic that produces my bounce rate was organic traffic.

  3. Eric Murphy says:

    Yes bounce rate is just like disease to any blog.
    Eric Murphy recently posted..Moto RAZR previews and specificationsMy Profile

  4. DiNaRa says:

    I think I know one more thing which can make the bounce rate lower. You need to pay more attentio to the meta descriptions of the site. The better you write them, the more right visitors you will t in fact.

  5. Carl

    Reducing bounce rate is pretty difficult and require deep research on traffic. A couple of years ago, I found out that on my main website high bounce rate appeared mostly on non-speaking English countries. So I decided to translate pages exactly on countries where bounce rate was highers. Actually this worked very well.
    Carl recently posted..North Carolina Bail BondsMy Profile

  6. Beth says:

    Hard to believe, but i’ve even seen blogs with close to no navigation at all. I knew it had to have a category somewhere, but i just couldn’t find the link to it. Was forced to try names in the url and pray i’m lucky.
    What bounce rate do you thing that guy had!?
    Beth recently posted..College Grants for Autistic StudentsMy Profile

  7. Maja says:

    Quality contents and the relative contents are good source to stay your visitor at your site. If a visitor spend more time on the site, bounce rate of the site will be increased.
    Maja recently posted..Modern Hair Styles at Fantastic SamsMy Profile

  8. Tyler from HTMLToPDF

    Nice post! I think a lot of people focus on the content of their posts and forget more technical aspects, like load times. I’ve used Content Delivery Networks on image-heavy sites and experienced better load times as a result.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Great tips. I will try your techniques and hopefully I can reduce my bounce rate!
    Jasmine recently posted..Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee – FatCowMy Profile

  10. KBharath says:

    Thanks for sharing these Tips for reducing the bounce rate. my blog has 76% bounce rate i will use the above tips and try to get the bounce rate reduced.
    KBharath recently posted..Create a Free Website and Get Unlimited Free Hosting through UCOZ.COMMy Profile

  11. Manoj Roy says:

    What if Mr. X wants to read about a topic and satisfied with it. He did not clicked on any link and left the page. Will it consider as a bounce?

  12. The most IMP is content if your content is attractive then visitors can become into readers via RSS or news, at some point even if your site looks and all is not that good.. :) But nice article, Thank you..!! :)
    Saket Jajodia recently posted..Learn How To Make Your Nails Look StylishMy Profile

  13. Alex says:

    Hi Roberta! I found this post extremely useful, especially the tools mentioned in the no. 6. Should you know some other tools, please share the info. Thank you in advance.
    Alex recently posted..Affluence Study: The Need For PrecisionMy Profile

  14. Andrea says:

    I have a problem. My blog is almost 3 months old but nothing happen, I only have 6 – 20 visitors and its really frustrating. I wonder whats the problem. Maybe because I only have few articles… I will take this note and lets see what happen.

    Thanks :)
    Andrea recently to Challange Your negative core belief by experimentMy Profile

  15. Yoav says:

    Thanks for the tips. As my blog suffers from a serious bounce rate, I’m going to try some of the above, and hopefully will decrese it.

  16. MCX Tips says:

    This is really very nice blog regarding bounce rate. Your this post really very useful and all mention tools to reduce bounce rate.

  17. Ram says:

    I am showing all the information needed for my visitor in first page of my website and if the user searches for traintimings, I am not refreshing the total page and loading partially.

    In this case, how to reduce the bounce rate?

  18. milla says:

    tnx..useful info..bounce rate is very important not to only blogs,,even for all kind of websites..i will track it for my ws
    milla recently posted..Free Edu Backlinks List December 2011 UpdateMy Profile

  19. Tuinmeubelen says:

    After following all those steps my website bounce rate reduced from 75% to 65%. This post will definitely helpful for all blogers who are going to reduce bounce rate with in short time.

  20. User-friendly navigation is definitely a big factor in reducing bounce rate, but making sure that site visitors are finding what they came looking for is probably #1.

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