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5 Ways to Make Money from Craigslist

| January 7, 2012 More

Guest Post: This post was written by Couponing’s James Lander. Check out Couponing for deals and tips for familiarizing yourself with the couponing world.

In 1995, Craig Newmark started a small, innocuous email distribution list to help his friends connect with one another. What began as a friendly, supportive group of individuals quickly turned into what today is the 7th most popular website in the world. Craigslist is the largest classified service available. Over 20 billion people take advantage of this free service daily for all manners of incongruous things– arranging romantic encounters, finding jobs, ranting about politics or even making money. If you are looking to supplement your income from home and have exhausted other options, you may be surprised to know there is significant money to be made on the site.


  1. Polish and Shine!

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Craigslist takes this cliché one step further making one man’s garbage another man’s income. There is an entire section on the site devoted to giving away old or useless items that with a little effort can be refurbished and resold. However, it’s crucial that you have the necessary repair skills in order to make this profitable. For example, if you have no idea how to reupholster a sofa, it’s probably not the best idea to spend the time picking up and lugging a ratty old piece of furniture up to your apartment. Be sure you match your skills with what you want to repair. There’s nothing worse than a house full of junk that you plan on polishing up one day…. when you get around to it!

  1. Clear out your closets.

In the same manner, if you are surrounded by items you simply don’t use it is relatively easy to post your items online and profit from them.

In fact, you may be astounded at what people will give you money for. How often do you use your toaster oven? There’s a quick fifty dollars. Do you have a shelf of video games you haven’t touched in a year? List them as well. Because the service is free, you have absolutely nothing to lose by offering your belongings up to the marketplace. It’s a quick process and one that may help put some much-needed cash in your pocket.

  1. Help those that can’t help themselves

As previously mentioned, it is comparatively easy to post on the list. Nevertheless, there are people out there that are lost when it comes to both computers and the English language. There is surprisingly good money to be made helping others with this process. Many people are willing to pay well to have someone else take photos of their items, write an intriguing advertisement and submit it online. If you have a decent camera and a working knowledge of writing, you can sell yourself just as easily as your old bike. This is an excellent option if you’ve already liquidated all your junk and are still looking for a few extra dollars.

  1. Be gainfully employed.

If you currently hold a steady job but have the need for more income, Craigslist has a section devoted to ‘gigs’ – low paying positions that offer more experience than anything else. Obviously these jobs are not going to make anyone rich, but what they can do is provide a bit of extra pocket money as well as help you to gain contacts in your chosen field. This is of greatest benefit to those with artistic leanings or people just starting out on their chosen career paths.

  1. Work within the system

Although Craigslist does not endorse it, affiliate marketing is another way many people choose to exploit the site as a source of income. Many affiliate programs allow individuals free membership, allowing them to work to promote certain companies and/or products. Each time a customer clicks on a company’s link that you’ve embedded in your Craigslist post and buys a product or signs up to receive a newsletter; the affiliate company makes a small deposit in your account. The more links you generate, the more money you earn. However, if you choose this route, be warned. If you make more than 3 posts in a day or post to more than 3 different cities you will be ‘ghosted’ – that is, your ad will be flagged and subsequently removed.

Although the CEOs of Craigslist refuse to divulge their company income, it’s estimated that they made a profit of 150 million in 2010. It’s difficult to imagine that Newmark, unassuming software engineer that he was, had even imagined that his listing would become so popular. Instead of grumbling bitterly to yourself, use his success as an inspiration. If he made that much from Craigslist, there is an excellent chance that you’ll be able to generate some sort of income, however small.

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  1. DiNaRa says:

    Thanks for the profound and deep analysis of all the opportunities that the site has. In fact this is the great opportunity to change everyhting in your life and get as much as you want from life using this site and it is gorgeous.

  2. Jass from Mix Twist

    I have not tried craiglist to earn money online. But it sounds cool to try this after reading this great article over another way to earn money online.
    Jass recently posted..How Do You Track Your Rankings?My Profile

  3. Great post on Craigslist.

    I’ve made some good money on Craigslist in the past but it is getting increasingly more difficult these days.

    Suppose we’ll just have to keep thinking of new ways.

    • Money blog says:

      I must say I fully agree with PS3 Troubleshooting on that part. Craigslist is an incredible tool and service to utilize to make money with especially if you don’t have an income. However exactly because of the fact that so many marketers are abusing the system – it gets difficult by the many many spam filters the company implements.

      I like your 5 tips though (your 5 ways to make money with Craigslist). Reminds one about the true potential.

  4. Irfan

    Never used Craigslist before but you post on Craigslist makes sense. It’s impressive, one who have never been used Craigslist before is now willing to try makes author so proud.
    Irfan recently posted..How To: Create Fake Screenshot by Editing Web Page LiveMy Profile

  5. Bhupendra

    very very interesting post on 5 Ways to Make Money from Craigslist and i happy that glad that we can make money with helping people Help those that can’t help themselves, that’s good thing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Bhupendra recently posted..How To Make Money Online?My Profile

  6. Kostas from Generate income

    I have never used craiglist but it seems that have lost a lot of opportunities to make money thru it, thanks for sharing these tips, they are really helpful!
    Kostas recently posted..The Fun of Coaching Frustrated EntrepreneursMy Profile

  7. Mj says:

    This is the first time i am hearing this name , but after reading your whole article it makes em fly towards and check otu about this ..if it can earn money as said its great ..good share !
    Mj recently posted..Way2SMS Offering & Providing Free Recharge to Indian Mobile Users !My Profile

  8. nur hasan says:

    The promise of a guaranteed method for how to get rich quick is one that is often broken. The average person would jump at a chance to earn thousands of dollars in a few hours of every day without having to expend much effort, however, the possibilities of actually doing so are slim.

    Thanks for nice post……………….

  9. Just make sure you’re quick…cuz chances are if you live in a big city that there are about a hundred or more people watching the craigslist free listings at all times, trying to do the exact same thing as you. It really comes down to who can get there the fastest.

  10. Sherrie R. Jeter says:

    Hi Shiva,

    Wow! Craiglist is like a treasure box! I learned a lot here not only in business area but even in daily life. Great post!

  11. John A. says:

    Nice informative article. I am happy to see Craigslist expand across the globe. It is a good way for one to make some extra pocket cash, and possibly more.

  12. Sebastian says:

    I usually sell items on ebay and amazon but they take commission. Does Craigslist charge any fee or commission?

  13. Mhelgie from dmci magnolia place says:


    I am very informed with your post despite of bad things I can hear and read about craiglist I never thought that it is possible to make money from it. I hope to use it one day.

  14. Carl

    Previously Craigslist was working very well for me, but in the last may be 6 months, it seems that it have lost part of its appeal and I get only spam.

  15. IIT 2012 says:

    Well, I never knew that Craiglist could be used for this variety of things. I have been using it just as a means to make people aware of my brand, hehe and it works!
    IIT 2012 recently posted..IIT JEE 2012 SyllabusMy Profile

  16. Manish

    Nice information on Craigslist. I was never knowing that with Craigslist one can make good money, but because of this post, I came to know with Craigslist there is a super opportunity to make good money. Thanks so much for sharing a good stuff.

  17. Kat says:

    I wish there was a way to incorporate Paypal with Craigslist. I have recently started using Ebay to sell some of mys stuff, but would prefer to use Craigslist to bypass the excess nickle-and-dime fees.

    I never even considered putting in affiliate links. Great tip there.

  18. ryan says:

    The stats at the start of your post are staggering i knew craigslist was big but just what scale we are talking is scary.With 20 billion people to aim at i can see how people are making money from craiglist its just finding an area which hasnt already been over used.Great post food for thought.
    ryan recently posted..Best Xbox 360 Games of 2011My Profile

  19. Nice Post on Craigslist
    Very informative post. Get to know something new and very informative. Love to read more posts like this.

  20. Never used Cl before but you publish on Cl is a good idea. It’s amazing, one who have never been used Cl before is now willing to try creates writer so extremely pleased.

  21. Amy says:

    When I saw the title of this blog post, I was very happy to see that these five ways were legit, respectable, and in line with craigslist terms of services! …in other words, when you do a google search for make money on craigslist, you’ll get all sorts of shady scams and schemes to ‘game’ craigslist and annoy the hell out of its users… Very good post!
    Amy recently posted..Is this Really a Christmas Movie?My Profile

  22. Tom says:

    Is craiglist commission free? Or do they charge x% like Ebay?

  23. mohammad says:

    Craigslist has alot of traffic it will be easy to promote or sell any thing wit that kind of traffic

  24. John A. says:

    I have had good luck in placing ads on Craigslist. The response percentage is extremely good.
    John A. recently posted..How to Fit Your Ice Hockey Skates by Chris RobertsonMy Profile

  25. Alicia says:

    I love craigslist! Thanks for writing this post! Too bad it’s still rather unpopular in many countries. Spread the word people!!! :)
    Alicia recently posted..Whitelight – Best Portfolio Theme from WooThemesMy Profile

  26. friv games says:

    I never tough that craiglist can be so helpful. I have tons of stuff that I can do there but never had the chance to do so. I needed the spark. Thanks man.

  27. Craigslist is a pretty cool site, but it’s very geographically localized, so I think it would be quite time consuming to advertise to a lot of markets at one.

  28. Mike says:

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  29. Mike says:

    Great content and thank you for sharing what you know. Another way to make money is through Find me at mplisting

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