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5 Tips for Generating Organic Traffic to Your Blog

| August 11, 2012 More

Anyone who has been in the blogging business for a certain period of time knows the importance of generating organic traffic. Getting visitors to come to your blog through other avenues is all well and good, but you really want to be able to depend on getting a lot of organic traffic coming directly from Google searches or other search engine queries.

organic traffic

Even though Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm and changing the parameters that determine rankings in search results, there are some basic rules to quality online marketing that always garner positive results. As an example of these pillars of promotion, here are five essential tips that you should follow if you want to increase the amount of organic traffic coming to your blog.

Optimize your keywords

All internet marketers will tell you that keywords are probably the most important aspect of generating organic traffic. These keywords that you use on your blog essentially inform the search engines about your site and what its contents include. Because of this, it can definitely be said that keywords are the cornerstone of every SEO strategy. When optimizing your keywords, you need to make sure to include all of the topics that someone looking for content similar to what your site offers would search for in Google. The best way to go about it is to put yourself in the position of someone who is looking for blogs that are similar to yours and then decide what the most important keywords would be in the effort to find your site and your blog posts through Google.

Keep your content constant

Another thing that Google rates above just about anything else is good, original content that is updated very regularly. It is important to have a constant influx of new content on your blog. Of course, the quality of your content is equally important as the quantity. Posting up random blog posts that have little to do with your blog’s main focus just to keep your content fresh is not going to help you out much. By constantly updating your site with quality content, you are also doing exactly what it takes to not only grow a readership, but to maintain it as well. Modifying old content and updating it with new information regularly while time stamping the changes that you have made will also improve the chances of your old content being re-indexed at a higher position by Google.

Spend time on other blogs

Developing a personal blog roll is also something that can really help you out. By keeping track of other blogs that are similar to yours, you are able to find inspiration for new content, follow the latest trends in your niche, and also see what the more successful blogs are doing and what is working for them. Another excellent thing to do is participate in these other blogs and comment on blog posts posted on other blogs that are relevant to your area of expertise. By communicating with the readers and owners of these sites, you are showing that you are an expert in these areas as well, which will often result in people reading your comments later checking out your blog.

Guest post on other blogs

Guest posting is yet another excellent way to increase organic traffic to your site and build a very solid reputation within the blogging community. When you get one of your guest posts published on another blog that is similar to yours and is well respected in this field, not only are you getting high quality links going to your blog from these other blogs, but you are also showing that you are someone who is respected as a blogger in your field. Likewise, getting other bloggers to submit high quality guest blogs for your site can also help stimulate organic traffic – it’s all about building a rapport with other bloggers and increasing your visibility.


Once you have your keywords in place, excellent content flowing into your blog regularly and have established a reputation in the blogosphere, now it’s time to get the word out. Attacking the social networks is a great way to gain new readers and get your blog’s name out. The more people visit your blog, the bigger the chances are that they will enjoy it and start talking about it – which means that the chances of having your blog discussed and shared will increase along with your presence in search engines. One mistake people often make is using all social media outlets in the same way. Take the time to get to know what works best on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites, because the audiences are all different and they all respond to content and promotion differently. Using social media responsibility and wisely without spamming can help you increase organic traffic, further establish your blogging reputation and increase contacts within your corner of the blog world.

By following these five most basic tips, you will be sure to naturally and positively promote your blog and get that organic traffic that every blogger covets and desires to have.

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David Lazar is a regular blogger at PDF Converter blog. With a background in journalism, he specializes in writing blogs on a variety of topics, including freelancing, careers, finances, technology and new media.

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  1. Saad

    Will Commenting on Other blogs improve organic traffic ? Like if a website has plugin like commentluv so that we get backlinks would it help in link buidling SEO and eventually increase organic traffic ?
    Saad recently posted..Earning With AdsenseMy Profile

  2. Fabrizio

    Great tips David, consistent flow of quality content is the key to increased organic traffic :)
    Fabrizio recently posted..Add Tons of High Quality Content to your Blog by Breaking Down PostsMy Profile

  3. Alex from Happy Thoughts says:

    Great Tips David! I’ve been experimenting with more guest posting recently and I’m really liking the results!
    Alex recently posted..Happy Thought of the Day – PlanningMy Profile

  4. Ray says:

    For me, the most effective way to generate traffic is by submitting my post to websites such as digg, stumbleupon, and etc. But those traffics are only temporarily.

  5. Amit Shaw

    Yeah David Agree with your Points.
    Do Better SEO for better result from SE.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Making The Right Decisions When It Comes To Blogging?My Profile

  6. All of the above mentioned points are quite obvious and don’t know why but even after following these tips I am not getting good enough traffic on my blog. One query..Using a premium theme also affects the traffic ?
    Shiwangi Peswani recently posted..New Game On Facebook From Amazon Gaming Studios – Living ClassicsMy Profile

  7. Pradosh says:

    I usually prefer to work more on creating quality backlink profile with targeted keywords and content that people would love to share. And that works well for me.
    I dont think spending time on other blogs provide SEO benefits, the habit may keep us updated whats going around blogsphere.

  8. Veer Modi from starting a blog

    Hey David, Nice post.

    I think keyword optimization and content frequency is the main key to get organic traffic.

    Veer Modi recently posted..Create A Blog From Scratch Step By Step For BeginnersMy Profile

  9. Nishadha from draw diagrams online

    I have a mixed feeling about the constant content point. Sometime because you are constantly producing content you might neglect the marketing content part. However it is tricky to find the right balance.
    Nishadha recently posted..Storyboard templates for kidsMy Profile

  10. Carl

    I believe that right approach is not to limit marketing strategy. Diversification of link building, trying new social networks and being consistent with communication on forums and blogs is the key to drive traffic.

  11. Aayna says:

    Hey David,
    The generation of organic traffic is very much vital for the success of a blog. The tips shared in this post for the enhancement of the amount of organic traffic are very helpful. It is of utmost importance to keep the content of the blog intact in terms of quality as well as quantity to attract more traffic. Thanks for sharing this valuable insight.

  12. zes says:

    You are right. We need to socialize to succeed. These are the days where simple tweets can direct massive visits to a single site.

  13. Samuel from Internet Dreams

    I agree with the keyword optimized content.

    In order to get search traffic, have you contest optimized as much as possible.

    Good article.
    Samuel recently posted..Top WordPress Plugins To Reach The Top!My Profile

  14. Rohit Kumar says:

    Yes completely agree with david.
    update old content regulary surely increase organic visitor.
    i tried it and it works,
    Thanks David
    Rohit Kumar recently posted..Add OnClick Event IN WP Menu – WordPress PluginMy Profile

  15. Alex says:

    More of this I do believe that letting your blog’s commenting signatures to be dofollow will eventually get more coming back visitors. I am referring here to other bloggers, seo entrepreneurs, online business marketers who will bookmark your blog, comeback later to post comments, create lists with dofollow blogs and share them on social sites. Of course that commenting only for backlinks without any real contribution to the post should be deleted but generally speaking serious bloggers should be respected and let to add useful information through commenting.

  16. Daniel says:

    Good advice :) I always think content is king, if you write good content, eventually you will get readers, doesn’t hurt to speed things up with these tips tho :p
    Daniel recently posted..A Look At Windows 8My Profile

  17. Anish Sangamam

    Finding the right keywords is a big challenge for me. This is the thing i need to work on and as well as writing guest posts on different blogs in my niche. Thanks for the info by the way :)
    Anish Sangamam recently posted..Outlook Live Ignites Cloud Wars against GmailMy Profile

  18. These are some great tips for Noive blogger….Content is the king in current situation..If you are regular in posting then you can gain authority on SERP’s. Again, thanks for valuable tips.

  19. Swaroop

    Thanks for the tips. Generating organic traffic can give us more revenue. You have pointed here seo tips.
    Swaroop recently posted..Make Money With Sponsored Blog Posts Using SocialsparkMy Profile

  20. Thanks for tips I agree with you.
    So know I follow your tips

  21. Alex says:

    Optimize the keywords is best way to get traffic through search engines but only keywords will not help you to get top rank in search results. fresh/keywords related content and topic related content is very important.

    Guest post is an other way to increase visitors on your blog, but healthy and topic related comment will drive more traffic.

  22. Anton Koekemoer

    Hi David,

    Yes – I do agree, Especially on your last tip. The value that targeted engagement and marketing on social media channels can bring to your website can be phenomenal if done right and on the right networks. Not to mention the value it adds from an SEO perspective for ranking in Search engines and especially in Personalized search results.

  23. Karen Matt says:

    Interesting article, which helps newbies to find the way around in the world of internet marketing. Creating a blog and leaving it like that is a passe, we have to work to get consistent traffic. All the above mentioned steps do take time and effort but they are worth the shot for the results are impressive indeed.
    Karen Matt recently posted..Calgary web design servicesMy Profile

  24. Ashish

    Hi David
    Thanks for providing these powerful tips,I have a question for you how much time a new blog take to get a good organic traffic,people often say wait for at least a month or so,how much time do you think does it usually take?

  25. Jon

    Awesome tips! I really need to get started with guest posting…
    Jon recently posted..How To Stick WordPress Comment Labels Inside Input BoxesMy Profile

  26. Tim Anderson says:

    Its very true that optimizing kw and backlinking method such as blog commenting can bring some value but in my opinion its all about QUALITY content. If you write genuine quality people will simply send links to your website. Its a proven strategy that always worked and always will work. I mean, if your blog is about animal furniture, stop thinking too much of how many words contain your exact keywords and just write quality content on the topic and traffic shall come naturally.
    Tim Anderson recently posted..Colorbond Fencing PricesMy Profile

  27. Kunal

    This all are the most basic steps to drive the traffic to a blog. Infact its a recurring traffic I would say.
    Guest post gives a good traffic as well as backlink. In my believe social media traffic is very effective but it comes only for few time. As soon as we bookmark the new article, in someday the same article does not receive any traffic from social websites.
    Kunal recently posted..OS X 10.8.1 Improves Battery Life, Confirms DeveloperMy Profile

  28. I think the best way to generate traffic for a new blog is to write guest posts on other established blogs. It also provides a backlink as stated by Kunal.
    Mahaveer Verma recently posted..Top 5 Cheap-but-Best Web Hosting SitesMy Profile

  29. JZEEK

    Great information i am going to apply all these steps to my new blog and then wait for the results lets see what it will give me thanks buddy keep up the good work…

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  31. Mehul Pathak says:

    Can Commenting in Some other websites boost natural targeted visitors? Like when a website possesses plugin including commentluv in order that many of us find inbound links would it not aid in hyperlink buidling SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING and in the end boost natural targeted visitors?

  32. could anyone tell me how to get the total backlinking of my competitor website,alexa is not showing all backlinks

  33. Homer says:

    Good post. I like how you point out everything on how to gain good traffic from searches and all channels across internet. I think guest posting would be the newly trend in blogosphere to obtain good traffic from reputable sites.
    Homer recently posted..About Hauser Brothers Cladding Corp.My Profile

  34. Great post!
    Among the above mentioned tips i’ll follow socializing mostly and then after Guest posting.
    Thanks for sharing
    Fussed Blogger recently posted..How To Install Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 With CM10 Nightly Jelly Bean FirmwareMy Profile

  35. All points are useful i also want to increase my blogs traffic.
    Thank you

  36. Nice post i learn about blog traffic from this post.thank you for this post please more post.

  37. This post solve my 60% problem for blog traffic. Now i am happy.thank you for posting.

  38. Jungleads says:

    I am already following all the steps except writing guest posts/commenting, i guess i have to make some time to do this work.

  39. Perky Seraph says:

    Hmm, our original content can help us to rank high in Google, therefore many bloggers give attention to content. After all, everyone says that content is king.
    Perky Seraph recently posted..How To Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  40. Felicia says:

    Hi David,

    Oftentimes, Google is responsible for the coming and going of fortunes for some bloggers. Then again, we cannot really blame them for changing many of their search parameters every now and then, particularly when they notice loopholes that others are taking advantage of with their current search algorithms. If you’re one of those and Google does change some parameters with their search rankings, you will likely feel the blow on your ranking and traffic. However, if you follow the traditional formula correctly and not concentrate on fooling search rankings through certain loopholes, then you create for yourself an organic traffic that will likely stay even when Google changes their search algorithms.
    Felicia recently posted..Michael Phelps Wins Big in VegasMy Profile

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