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5 Best Alternatives To Adsense

| April 7, 2011 More

You may not do a billion dollar business with Adsense, but with the increasing odd and stringent guidelines of Google, you will know that your adsense account vanish one day or when you are in need of small modifications to your account you will find yourself losing your adsense account. They seemed to be focusing only more on the bigger giants and miss on the smaller bloggers who wants to make some money or a small-scale businessmen starting earning via adsense.

Discussed here are some of the best adsense alternatives through whom you make money by using these guys on your blogs for advertisement.

1. Adbrite:

Adbrite has seemed to be the best alternative to Google’s Adsense and the difference between adbrite and adsense is that you do not get the large selection of ad formats that Adsense and Clicksor offers. However they offer you the provision for providing inline page links, which allows monetizing for the overall traffic to your website but not merely the click on traffic to your website. The terms and conditions are much more relaxed that you will find that even you can get away by clicking your own ads (aahh do not do this often,lol! I mean accidental clicks). The revenue in adbrite split up is 75/25 and is much in favor of you, nevertheless they are accepting even small blogs and bloggers also at this moment.

2. BidVertiser:

Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to Adsense offering some interesting ad formats, and has recently revamped their working style by introducing two new things which actually benefits your earning potential via providing spaces for ads. They allow you to manage the style and placement of ads with greater versatility than Adsense.

  1. Conversion bonus is the first of this kind as an affiliate marketer to announce payment based on traditional CPC performance for each valid click and track the clicks tracks and for every valid leads identified is converted into additional cash with a substantial monthly bonus system.
  2. Revenue Generating Toolbar is a new feature that allows you to generate a customized revenue generating toolbar with which you can do both drive more traffic to your website and also make money when users use your toolbar search menu option. The tool bar has options to include other program links as well

3. Chitika:

ChitikaChitika is a very good revenue based company to be associated with which uses the space on your website for a cost. They provide solutions and services to advertisers and publishers of advertisers. Initially they were working as an add-on advertiser, but have recently became independent and is fully fledged advertising revenue sharing online advertising and publishing company.

4. Infolinks:

This serves for the purpose of in-text advertising based on the keywords of your page and they are converted to advertising links. You are paid in Infolinks on the basis of pay per click of the ads and not on the impressions on the links. This might not guarantee you a relevant income and can take several months before you could actually see some revenue being generated into your account. Also there is threshold limit for payment but still you can use Infolinks with any other ad networks.

5. Clicksor:

This is one of the best in the revenue sharing advertisement company wherein they target small-scale business and independent individual blogs to make a big volume on the number of registered users. This is one of the smartest advertisement revenue sharing programs with intriguing ads with the similar convenience that you usually get from adsense and so is highly recommended for beginners.

You may also want to check out our list of  top BuySellAds alternatives.

Comments are always appreciated!!

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  1. zes says:

    Supporting these alternatives means we are paving the way for more options for bloggers. More players means lesser monopoly of just one PPC company.

  2. Cityscape from Farrer Park says:

    Glad to know that Google Adsense is one of the best advertising network for advertisers and publishers and bloggers too that can make more real money online. Great website that provide useful content!

  3. Lumia 800 says:

    It is good to know that there are alternatives to Adsense,but adsense is he easiest way to earn online,others are also passive income sites but their cpc is very low
    Lumia 800 recently posted..Nokia Lumia 800 : Price and SpecificationsMy Profile

  4. Divyansh

    Thanks for the list…its adbrite i m using after loosing money from meaningless adsense ban
    Divyansh recently posted..List of Top 5 Android Phones Below Rs.5000 For IndiaMy Profile

  5. Divyansh

    Thanks for the list…its adbrite i m using after loosing money from meaningless adsense ban….read my post ‘Adsense makes no sense’ to know how they banned me for no reason
    Divyansh recently posted..List of Top 5 Android Phones Below Rs.5000 For IndiaMy Profile

  6. tanu sharma says:

    adsense account and adword coupen on sale if…………anyone need contact me on
    skype-id tanu.sharma65
    u can send me mail or talk on skype

  7. Roger in Orlando says:

    Clicksor, mentioned here, may be quick to pay out (no experience of that) as so many suspicious endorsements about it here and elsewhere suggest. What they leave out is how it overloads your blog with pop ups, how they insist they will switch off the porn ads and don’t, and how hard they are to remove from your blog once you’ve opted to try them.

  8. prabhat

    i have tried chitika and cliksor. with clicksor,it was a bad experience as popups were there to annoy me. but chitika is ok.
    but i think no one can compete with adsense
    prabhat recently posted..The Dark Knight Rises Reviews OutMy Profile

  9. Pavan Somu

    Have you tried Clicksor. I want to use this. Before I want the publishers experience.
    Pavan Somu recently posted..How To Detect Keylogger Software?My Profile

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