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3 Ways To Make Passive Income From Your Blog

| February 24, 2012 More

Creating a blog and making it successful takes a good amount of effort and if you play your cards right, can even become an income earner. However there’s no income like passive income. This type of income requires no ongoing work from you because it has a built in momentum that sort of keeps on moving without your input.

To have this type of income requires a few things; a good strategy, some luck and old fashioned elbow grease in the initial set up. Once you have passive income coming in from your blog, it’s a treat like no other.

With this in mind, below are three passive income ideas for any blogger. Keep in mind that these mostly will work on a successful blog that has a good amount of traffic. As without traffic, you just have a virtual paperweight.

1. Skimlinks

You’ve probably seen these links before on sites and blogs that you read and didn’t know what they were. Skimlinks are an alternative to Adsense and also work a bit differently. These links skim your content and certain words get linked (hence the name skimlinks) which when clicked lead the reader to a retailer. Upon a click and resulting sale you get a small commission from Skimlinks. Many high traffic site and blog owners have mentioned they have good results and good passive income from this clever and easy method. Whether it’s right for you depends again on your traffic levels and the type of content you cater to.

2. Adsense

There are bloggers making hundreds and thousands of dollars with the Google ad network known as Adsense. This ad network works around your content with the ads served up solely based on your niche and the words in it. This is not an easy passive income method no matter how many guru’s mention that it is. It is not. There’s quite a process to the method and it generally involves picking a certain high paying niche, writing your content in such a way as to garner high paying words and then getting you visitors to click on the ads. Not easy by any means, and many bloggers have tried and failed or make just a few dollars a day after years of trying. So although it is a good passive income method for blog owners, it requires a certain degree of skill to achieve max return.

3. Self-Published eBook

This idea revolves around writing a book in your area of specialization and promoting it via your good blog. If the book is good, you promote it well and your blog has a readership or traffic; your book will be a smash hit and make you passive income. Give it your all and knock it out of the ballpark when you write the book. Leave no stone unturned and let others be your guide. Many bloggers are making a decent income via a self-published book they promote on their blogs. Don’t discount the awesome power of your site and its ability to do great wondrous magical feats.

In your search for passive income don’t forget to create a kick butt blog with useful information, tips and entertainment. This is after all what your readership is after. In return your hard earned efforts will net you many handsome rewards.

Missy writes for various clients including a car hire portal on the web and she has a few slow growing passive income streams she’s quite proud of, but she still has a way to go to have a bigger piece of the passive income pie.

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This article was written by Missy Diaz, a top niche affiliate blog master and author of the upcoming Kindle book and ebook called Super Blogga. A guide aimed at new blog owners with over 70 tips tricks and techniques to take your blog from zero to hero.

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  1. PrIyAnGsHu from Tech Blog says:

    Great post Missy ! I have yet now experienced with both Adsense and E-Book publisher along with a few other revenue sources, but never heard of Skimlinks before. May be it’s the right time to give this innovative program a shot ! Once again, thanks for sharing about it with us !
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..How To Make Money On eBay – A Complete Guide !My Profile

    • Missy says:


      Glad you found my article useful. Do come back here and tell us how it goes for you if you do decide to try one of the methods.


  2. Saket Jajodia from Google AdSense

    I have heard of Skimlinks once long back but didn’t knew what exactly it is.. Thanks Missy, for the info..!! :)
    Saket Jajodia recently posted..How Minors (Under The Age Of 18) Can Earn And Get Cheque From AdSenseMy Profile

  3. Chahal says:

    Thanks for great post. Your post has actually inspired me to start my own recently. These post will surely help me get passive income from my blog. I simply want to give an enormous thumbs up for the great post!

  4. Landon says:

    Yes i agree with those posts exactly. I am always on line learning as much as i can about links but i really never hear about skimlinks. Thank you for the post right on!

  5. Richard

    Hi missy!
    I also find that affiliate marketing can generate passive income. If you write a good post about a product, it can become fairly sticky and draw in readers for some time. I often see affiliate commissions from posts that I’ve written ages ago.
    Richard recently posted..Get Free TV with PlayonMy Profile

    • Missy says:

      Hi, Richard:

      Yes, affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best and most fun methods for passive income. Once you’ve got a good niche picked out and your ranking in Google – you’re good to go. The trick is to maintain that almighty and coveted top spot position.

      Thanks for coming by.

  6. carly says:

    Duh! :) I can’t believe monetizing my blog never crossed my mind. I’ve seen those skimlinks everywhere but never knew what they were. I’m gonna check those out and Adsense.
    carly recently posted..My Beaverton cosmetic dentistMy Profile

  7. Jasmine from Top Web Hosts says:

    These are some of the good method to make some income from a blog. I still find AdSense is the best method. Skimlinks is pretty good too.
    Jasmine recently posted..Best WordPress Web HostingMy Profile

  8. Robin from premiumpress review

    Never heard of skimlinks.. will try it out for one of my blog..

    If the EBook is good then really we can make hefty of money out of it.. :) Nice write up.

    Robin recently posted..Premiumpress, Fake or Real to Make Money Online?My Profile

  9. Carl

    Well, there are many more things that can monetize blog and again this pretty much depends on the blog niche and which plugins, themes are used. For example WordPress can easily be turned into membership website, social network, real estate, directory or any other kind of website.

  10. shyam jos says:

    Skimlinks is really new to me but sounds like an automatic affiliate linking system ?
    shyam jos recently posted..Fix not working keys in your keyboard with MapKeyboardMy Profile

  11. Thank you so much for this post.I found lots of interesting information here. And thanks for sharing it’s really wonderful and useful =)))

  12. Anna

    Thanks Missy for all the info! Great article. As carly said, I have also seen the Skimlinks but never knew how they work nor thought to put it on my personal blog. As for the self-published eBook, that’s a great idea. I have downloaded so many interesting eBooks and never thought of creating one. Oh, I’m so “smart” sometimes! :) ) Many thanks again! I hope you know I’ll get back to your blog for more great info.

  13. Trung Nguyen

    That’s the first time I hear about Skimlinks. Thanks for the share, I will try Skimlinks to monetize my blog.
    Trung Nguyen recently posted..How I’ve Gotten No.1 Ranking on Google For My Keyword?My Profile

  14. Edward Young from Outsourcing Philippines says:

    Skimlinks is just like another affiliate system. It’s good but I think it’s not the best way to have a passive income. Google Adsense is still the best way. But that is depending on your niche and traffic.

  15. Tan from customer service skills says:

    Never heard about skimlinks, looking like another way to go. I am planning to start working on affiliate program instead of just depend on only one source of income, which is AdSense.
    Tan recently posted..Important Customer Service Skills In BusinessMy Profile

  16. tan from customer service skills says:

    1 question here, what kind of websites are easily get approve into the system?
    tan recently posted..How to Improve Good Customer Service Skills?My Profile

  17. Skimlinks seems like an interesting concept, I’ve tried the others with little success but with more traffic I will trial Skimlinks.
    Maverick from <a href=””> cost of braces </a> recently posted..Cost of bracesMy Profile

  18. Skimlinks seems like an interesting concept, I’ve tried the others with little success but with more traffic I will trial Skimlinks.

  19. riitaa says:

    great information you shared this is really very interesting and useful.

  20. Jean from Used Tires says:

    Passive incomes can definitely be a goldmine with proper strategizing and implementation. I have been in the process of trying to setup and establish a few sources of passive income too so I can dedicate more time and also have funds for my future undertakings.

    Jean recently posted..Things to remember before buying Used TiresMy Profile

  21. Jan says:

    thanks for the information, its for me very useful. Skimlinks is very new for me.

  22. Never heard of skimlinks will try it for my new blog thanks for the info. :)

  23. Becca says:

    As i know you’ll surely earn from adsense. But I haven’t tried it yet,
    Thanks again, I plan on reading, comprehending and wrapping my head around all of this.

  24. Mike Smith says:

    People often don’t even know how to earn money from their blog. Adsense is one of the best ways, and I love it! :)

  25. Alex Braker says:

    You might want to add publishing review of products as efficient money earner. Simlinks and ebook publishing seems to be new one and hence not too much platforms available for the same.

  26. shenoyjoseph says:

    i never heard name of skimlinks. Seems that it would new adversting program to generate extra money. :)
    shenoyjoseph recently posted..Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO 32-Bit/64-BitMy Profile

    • Noah says:

      I too have never heard of skimlinks, I’m glad I’ve found this one, Adsense can be a real pain in the But to get accepted into and selling one’s ebooks is a realy though matter, i guess skimlinks are worth a try.

  27. emma says:

    great comments and hints. going to look out your ebook too.

  28. Sherrie R. Jeter says:

    These are great tips. I Haven’t tried Self-Published eBook because I’m not good at it. But after reading this I think It’s worth a risk.

  29. These are sound advice. I Have not tried Self-Published eBook because I’m not excellent at it. But after examining this I think It’s value a possibility.

  30. Rohan Gupta

    We still prefer using adsense on our tech blog.For in-text advertising infolinks has proved to be successful so far.
    Rohan Gupta recently posted..Apple announces next-gen New iPad,Quad-core,retina display,4G LTEMy Profile

  31. Google Play says:

    Thank you so much for this post as These are great tips.Lots of, lots of interesting information here
    Google Play recently posted..Download Google Play Movies apk fileMy Profile

  32. Maheinfo from Nokia Price

    Hi Messy the appropriate headline would be “generate some rights”. Get your intellectual properties to work for you. I am a screenwriter and always sold all my scripts for a total buy-out, no royalties, nothing more than the usual price they pay in Germany. I knew that writing a novel is hard, but that it could triple my income “on one story”. So I wrote my first one, which was only possible by selling to a publisher based on the story outline and the first three chapters. Now I’m dealing with a film company who’s interested in adapting it for the big screen. And then I’ll write the screenplay. If the novel sells well I’ll even get royalties… It’s not quite passive, but a lot more money for basically the same thing.
    Maheinfo recently posted..The New iPad Review, iPad 3 ReviewMy Profile

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