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3 Reasons Why Quality Content will Be SEO King in the Future

| March 25, 2011 More

Ah, Search Engine Optimization. It conjures so many different images, and many are tainted with the poison of cheating and manipulation. As noted in an earlier NetChunks article, “black hat” SEO became popular about a decade ago, and while Google and other search engines have tried to change things up such that they don’t work as well, shady SEO practices still abound. On the plus side, however, trends indicate that disingenuous SEO practices are out, leaving room for truly quality content to be a big player in SEO in the future. Here’s why.

1. Google alternatives that are human based are gaining ground.

Even though Google’s catchphrase has always been “Don’t be Evil”, many Internet users are beginning to see the limitations of Google’s search that’s based on an impersonal algorithm. As such, alternatives have sprung up, the most noteworthy being Blekko, which enables users to modify their searches in a Wiki-style oversight effort. In this way, shoddy content that’s search engine optimized but does not bring substantive value to the user will quickly become less relevant. Although Blekko and others of its ilk are still very niche, today’s little search-engines-that-could will be tomorrow’s big players.

2. Google responded to user requests to get rid of content farms that dominate the top searches. This is only the beginning.

Only a few months ago, Google took a big leap in response to the domination of content farms like eHow, Livestrong, Mahalo, and others, by tweaking their algorithm such that many of these sites that generate poor but not terrible content were ranked lower than they usually are. While some Google users said that they didn’t change much, this is only the first big step against content that screams for attention but has nothing to say. More will surely follow. In fact, in response to Google’s changes, Blekko went all out and completely banned over a million sites from its search engine.

3. More and more people are realizing the Web’s limitations.

For the past ten years or so, we’ve experienced a Web 2.0 honeymoon stage, in which the exciting new advances on the web, including social media, crowd sourcing, open source, etc., could do no wrong. Now, however, I’ve noticed that many books and articles in the media are becoming more and more critical about many popular Internet tools and applications, and many of these complaints stem from the exploitative qualities of some Internet businesses. While we can argue whether or not this is true, there is a measured amount of discontent brewing, something SEO experts should be aware of.

While of course, engine-focused and user-focused SEO will continue to dominate SEO best practices, there’s much going on out there in the quickly changing world of the Internet that suggests that the scales are tipping toward the user. Seen in this light, SEO practitioners would be well advised to focus more on the true quality of their content in order to reap benefits later.


This is a guest post by Mariana Ashley. Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to


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  1. Carl says:

    Content is King is not just a cliche and it is nothing new. A quality and unique content have always been favored by search engines and especially Google.

  2. Vuong says:

    As a new blogger, I think there is no better way to SEO than building your site by content, as many as possible. You can get a range of loyal readers but as I know, almost blog/site get visitors from search more than any others ways.

    Focus on writing and focus on building your blog content is the true and best way to be a better blogger, I think.
    Vuong recently posted..Google Magazine Named Think Quarterly- Quietly Available in UKMy Profile

  3. Riya from Couponseasy

    It’s always been headache for users when they try to find some specific thing but found something else just because people use black hat seo technique to rank well in search engine.

  4. Anu

    After Google’s Panda update… Everyone saying same thing that only quality content site will get preference and duplicate content site will be penalized. This is great update from Google and it create good competition as well.
    Anu recently posted..Waves are getting bigger as per new researchMy Profile

    • James says:

      Good news from Google as most guys write few sentences in the beginning unique but after that copy the rest of the article from others. This will make the bloggers most smart workers.
      James recently posted..Ideas for Home InteriorsMy Profile

  5. Akhilesh

    Most people think that content is king, I would dare to differ. I have seen many bloggers with exceptional, content rich blogs biting the dust. On the other hand, there are some bloggers with low quality, non unique content getting a lion’s share of traffic and dominating their niches. In my opinion, content is not king, marketing is.
    Akhilesh recently posted..How to Download Youtube Videos in Computers and MobilesMy Profile

  6. Alexis says:

    Internet is made of content published by people so content is the center of what people look for online. Content has always been king. I don’t know why google was given so much priority to some web2.0 websites. The change will make internet a better place.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Content matters, but without some sort of marketing it’s not going to take you very far. Search engines may love content, but you should be looking at more places than just search engines to get visitors to your site. The more you spread your efforts out, the better off you’ll be if one source or another disappears or drops your work.
    Stephanie recently posted..3 Ways to Face the Frustration of Growing Your Home BusinessMy Profile

  8. Salman

    Agree with you that content is the king and marketing also plays a key role
    Salman recently posted..Nokia X2 Review- Xpress MusicMy Profile

  9. Sam says:

    Content is always king and remain king. It’s our turn to work upon it to make our blog useful.
    Sam recently posted..Summer Holiday PackagesMy Profile

  10. Zohan from ScreamingTips says:

    Yep! Content is the real king i am feeling boring by hearing this from every where! ;) Anyway thanks buddy for this post :)

  11. Rolete says:

    my personal belief is that the content is and always be the king. On page seo together with the age of the domain surpasses the linkbuilding efforts. so, yes I am always focussing on content, for both seo purposes and mostly for my readers

  12. Murugappan says:

    Great post Mariana. Btw, I’d like to highlight that the points you provided were just evidences for the fact that content is the mother of SEO. Content “will” not be the king of SEO but will continue being the king of SEO. There I said it! ;)
    Murugappan recently posted..Do’s and Dont’s for making a Blogging comebackMy Profile

  13. Anna says:

    I realized it a few years ago – people are interested in reading your posts and articles and such people can bring much more than just backlinks. I prefer working with good content on the first place and then – on seo.

  14. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Yes Quality is King and it will be forever, but it’s time to choose different niche.

  15. Josh says:

    Latest algorithms are showing exactly this, the so called “Farmer” updates really hit article directories badly as most of the content is duplicate or low quality.

  16. Quality is always the KING, but now a days all the autoblogs are using quality articles produced by new websites and are being a problem to other blogger.

    All the auto blogs which use articles without crediting the original website should be banned by google.
    lcd tv prices in india recently posted..LCD TV Prices In IndiaMy Profile

  17. Nick says:

    I hope this is the case as it’ll make the internet such a better place.

    Not sure if i like the idea of sites like Blekko though. Seems too much hassle for the user and could it be exploited?
    Nick recently posted..Camera 360My Profile

  18. Pricemasterz says:

    Hi..great to know that content will be king…but these days blackhat seo is all over even after google sincere efforts..
    website like techvorm are having 2000 post and 5 lakh pages indexed in google how is that possible..
    Pricemasterz recently posted..HP Unleashed EliteBook 8440p WH258UT Specs- Features- Review- Video and PriceMy Profile

  19. Maggie from Drupal Hosting says:

    Well, no one really wants to read a thousand, “Hi. Nice Post. I like your blog. Good writing.” comments, either. I hope it happens soon, too, because I’m tired of the spam overriding the actual comments that contribute to the post. I’ve always said its quality of content, not the quantity. Although, I will miss some of the ridiculous things said- won’t you?

  20. Anuj

    My personal belief is that the content is and always be the king
    Anuj recently posted..5 Simple Way To Bring Traffic To A Brand New BlogMy Profile

  21. Usman says:

    Right, content will always reming king, because main of google is to provide information and it loves things which provide unique information
    Usman recently posted..Backlinks! How to getMy Profile

  22. TechChunks says:

    Content was always on top of Google’s list. And with the recent Panda update the importance of non-duplicate unique content has even increased multi-fold.

    But if your site or blog was unfairly hit by the Google’s Panda update, you may try some of our tips to get back your search ranking.
    TechChunks recently posted..SEO Guide For Surviving Google Panda UpdateMy Profile

  23. Maria Pavel says:

    Google can say they penalize black hat websites, but the truth is they still work ok as black hatters keep finding new ways to cheat. The outcome is that even those that call themselves white hatters got to actually practicing grey hat. Sure, not all of them, there are a few that do clean white hat and have good results, but that involves a lot more work.
    Maria Pavel recently posted..CNA Training in CaliforniaMy Profile

  24. James Mavros says:

    Even more solid confirmation of the fact that content is king: Google apparently deindexed its own website Google Places because it was too much like a content farm just a few days ago, albeit for only a short period of time. I guess even Google is hard on itself and just wont tolerate regurgitated content.

  25. Bob says:

    I agree, great content is very important for good rankings. But still, the times were content only (without backlinks) was sufficient to get high rankings are long gone. Especially for competitive keywords you will always need tons of high quality authority links in order to get top positions.
    Bob recently posted..Backlink Energizer – Review &amp Backlink Engine BonusMy Profile

  26. seo says:

    Though content can be considered as superior in seo, it is not all that is to build a good ranking. To get good ranking all other requirements of seo should be fulfilled and content of course should be given a major share.


  27. William says:

    We really appreciate your blog post. You’ll find dozens of techniques we could put it to good use by means of minimal effort in time by good quality contents. Thank you really pertaining to helping make the post answer many questions we have come across before now.
    William recently posted..Tips for Sales QuotationsMy Profile

  28. Travis says:

    I agree, but people still figure ways around it to get their site listed first. If someone can’t find your site, how do they know how good your content is? A constant cat and mouse game.
    Travis recently posted..Rumors- White iPhone 4 coming to T-MobileMy Profile

  29. Dubai Tips says:

    Quality of every thing in this world appreciated by everyone. So in the field of blogging quality and unique interested posts are surely like king in regarding SEO work. Thanks for putting light on this issue.
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  30. Orchids says:

    What a excellent site to cease and view by, I admire your blog and loved to depart a comment right here!!! Many thanks for the nice submit about SEO good strategy.
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  31. people out there are using microkeyword seo techniques..
    I have seen websites with just 20 posts started few months ago getting 16k Pageview per day..that is sure blackhat
    Android phone and apps recently posted..ARCHOS 70 Internet Android 22 Froyo Tablet Specs and Features Review and price in IndiaMy Profile

  32. Coming up with a quality content for your page is easy if you know how it’s done. The first thing you need to do is to think about what you want to share to your visitors. When creating content, you need to make sure that it’s short and simple. Too long a text that tends to gear away from your point is quite boring to read. But if you incorporate short paragraphs with descriptive texts, then you can be sure that your visitors will definitely read what you posted online. Also, you need to keep in mind that not all of your visitors will be mature people. Some of them might be on their 4th or 5th grade at school. So you need to use simple words so that everyone will be able to understand what you’re trying to say. The more people who like your text, the more likely your popularity will grow.

  33. Lauren says:

    I found this is a great interesting subject about quality of a blogpost is the main power of our blog. Never looked at this subject in this manner. Hope you should planned to create more articles about this subject, Thanks.
    Lauren recently posted..Dubai BeachesMy Profile

  34. Prince says:

    Actually this is a time of fast moving, no one can engaged in useless events and want to be involved in some useful and interesting jobs. Therefore quality posts cause the users to stay there more and come back again for further interesting, useful and quality contents.
    Prince recently posted..Dubai AirportMy Profile

  35. Jacob says:

    actually readers want good material on any topic……….. but new & unique, attractive and interesting. If they got them then stay more and come back again and ultimately we got high ranking and upgrading of blogs.
    Jacob recently posted..Indian Food MenuMy Profile

  36. Isabella says:

    we know that in the strategy of SEO work there involved so many ways to upgrade our sites or blogs, but the main thing which appeals to the users is quality contents, must be good written, unique, latest and interesting matter which like all over the global world should include in the article.
    Isabella recently posted..Marketing Plan TemplateMy Profile

  37. liyucmh says:

    You write articles, I read the original views of other authors related articles, but feel that you are the best. You know, and comparison of industry comprehensive knowledge very attract me. Hope you to write more and better articles sharing

  38. mahi says:

    Quality of every thing in this world appreciated by everyone. So in the field of blogging quality and unique interested posts are surely like king in regarding SEO work. Thanks for putting light on this issue.

  39. uma says:

    My personal belief is that the content is and always be the king

  40. Steve from Electric Cig says:

    In my opinion, Content is already the King in SEO. Since the Panda update, content plays a major role and Google now favors site that updates fresh and unique content. Content is also the reason that drives traffic to your site. If readers find your site useful and gives out valuable information, there’s no doubt that they will recommend your site to their friends thus driving tons of traffic.

  41. mack says:

    defiantly the modern seo says the same. before year or two, people only on content, not on the keyword density or good keyword research, now they do. Good quality content with SEO friendly defiantly leads the blog ahead.
    mack recently posted..42 Office Assistant – Mewar Aanchalik Gramin BankMy Profile

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